Inside: Unalome tattoo definition & ideas.

If you’ve ever spotted a Unalome tattoo before, the chances are that you may have mistaken it for nothing more than a cool doodle. However, the truth is far more profound and worth an analysis.

For most people, tattoos serve as a way to symbolize their dedication to a craft, religion, or practice. Sometimes, the symbols they choose to ink on their bodies have histories that go back hundreds of years. The tattoo in question today is also one of those symbols. Here are some of the most interesting facts about it.

Unalome Tattoo Definition

It Represents the Path to Enlightenment

Who would’ve thought a line with a few curves could hold so much value? This simple yet meaningful design goes back thousands of years and holds significance in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. While the underlying beliefs are slightly different, the tattoo ultimately represents the path to enlightenment.

The Third Eye of Lord Shiva

In Hinduism, the symbol represents the third eye of Lord Shiva, whose duties revolve around eliminating obstacles and overseeing life in general. Hence, if you notice the spiral at the end of the symbol, you will realize that it is actually portraying a lack of direction. The same spiral is then followed by a knotted line that is supposed to represent milestones we must achieve to finally reach the stage of enlightenment.

The Seated Buddha

While the meaning is more or less the same in the Buddhist religion, the design slightly differs. A half-moon on top of his head shows Buddha seated on the bottom of the Unalome. Hence, the spiral and knotted lines above this portray life going in an upward direction into the universe.

However, the lotus symbol is unanimously shared by both beliefs with different meanings associated with it. For one, it is considered nirvana in Buddhism but enlightenment in Hinduism.

Where is it Often Designed?

For women, the most popular spot to get this tattoo is between their breasts. Other common locations include the back of the ear or neck, the forearm, and the wrist. Based on what body part they’re designed on, Unalome tattoos can involve greater design work and additional features such as an eye, a moon, and a lotus flower. Interestingly, it is never done on the foot since it can be seen as disrespectful to the sacredness of the symbol.

Symbolic of Masculine and Feminine Energy

Depending on its orientation, it can be symbolic of both masculine and feminine energies. For instance, in the Buddhist school of thought, if the spiral at the bottom of the symbol is facing to the right, then it’s for men. However, if it’s facing towards the left and inwards, then it’s for women.

Unalome Tattoo Ideas

Unalome Tattoo Placement Ideas

The Design of the Unalome Tattoo

The Spiral

One of the most beautiful meanings attached to the symbol is accomplishing your goals. The symbol represents that the path will never be straightforward, but it will still be worth it.

Once you spiral through the twists and turns, the winding road will eventually straighten out and lead you to a place of fulfillment and happiness. Even if you’re unable to see it at the moment, every curve in the symbol and on your road to success will teach you a special lesson and contribute to your spiritual and personal growth.

Hence, even when you experience suffering and go through the hardships of life, the traditional unalome tattoo symbol stands as a reaffirmation that every person’s path is unique and eventually fruitful. In this grand scheme of the world, your journey is certainly valuable and special. Ultimately, everything you go through will lead you to something bigger and better as long as you’re committed to working on yourself.

The Straight Line

Once you’ve finally spiraled enough, the straight line of the symbol will be your higher level of consciousness. Indicating an alignment between the divine purpose of your life and yourself, it shows that you’ve finally separated yourself from your greed, ego, shallow desires, and self-centeredness.

This is where you enjoy the alignment between your inner truth, actions, and thoughts. Standing as a metaphor of celebration and hope, this part of the unalome tattoo is where you ideally want to be. However, is your journey complete here? No.

The dots serving as the final design of the Unalome tattoo is where your journey ends. They embody liberation from all the worldly obstacles and allow you to be one and complete in your existence.

Every tattoo holds significance for the one choosing to get it inked. Most of the lines, spirals, and dots hold a lot more depth than what appears on the surface.

Arming yourself with relevant and necessary knowledge is by far the only way to make a leap when you’re planning on getting a tattoo yourself.