Inside: What is Tattoo Goo?

What is Tattoo Goo?

Tattoo Goo is a natural Olive Oil-, Cocoa Butter- and Wheat Germ-based balm. Petroleum also contains many impurities that can also clog skin pores and prevent the tattoo from breathing. Tattoo Goo® Balm contains no lanolin. Lanolin is highly allergenic. Tattoo Goo® was specifically developed for healing tattoos.
Tattoo Goo

Is it bad for tattoos?

No, it will not cause your ink to fade. Even if you over-apply Tattoo Goo, it won’t damage your tattoo because it does not contain lanolin or petroleum. The Original (ointment) is a bit thick, which means you don’t have to apply too much. 

Top Tattoo Goo Products

Tattoo Goo Products

What is Tattoo Goo salve used for?

As it is extremely important to take care of your tattoo during the healing process,  The Original After Care Salve provides natural healing properties and soothes damaged, chapped, or scraped skin.

When should I use Tattoo Goo?

We recommend starting The Renew product with SPF 30 about eight weeks after getting your tattoo to ensure it’s fully healed as the SPF can cause irritation on healing skin.

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