Inside: How is Cohesive Wrap Used for Tattoos?

It is standard practice to use cohesive wrap for tattoo healings. Cohesive wraps or bandages are considered multipurpose bandages to secure any wounds. This includes dressing them and compressing them. They are also extra flexible and comfortable to wear.

They can also be used for different joints to reduce pain and they are easily tearable as well. So, the cohesive wrap is a great bandage to use for wounds or aching joints. However, tattoos are a little bit different.

Here is why cohesive wraps are used for tattoo healings.

What Is A Cohesive Wrap

Why Do You Need This Wrap?

A cohesive bandage or wrap can be used to protect new tattoos. Since tattoos are created by literally poking holes into the dermis (the inner skin layer) they need protection. Any outside exposure can result in infections or other more serious problems.

Also, when you get a tattoo, the skin is seriously irritated and vulnerable. Any outside contact or touches can be extremely painful. That’s why the material used in a cohesive wrap can keep out everything from dirt, sweat, gunk, or even sunlight. It will keep the area secure and reduce the pain on the skin.

Cohesive bandages also have the added value of being reusable. You can actually wash them and reapply them to the skin.

This is because the cohesive wrap doesn’t use adhesives for sticking properties like other bandages. This way, it won’t lose its stick. You can wash it, dry it off, and then reapply it.

How to Wrap Your Tattoo with a Cohesive Bandage?

You need to rewrap the tattoo after the first night. That’s why you should be able to reapply the cohesive bandage again.

The first thing is to wear a breathable fabric over the tattoo area. If you wrap it in plastic or bandages, the skin will stop getting air. This will actually slow the healing. That’s why the cohesive wrap is preferred so air exposure is ensured, but exposure to all other things is reduced

This will prevent any bacterial infections from festering or growing.

You will need to keep your tattoo wrapped for about 1-3 days depending on the healing process. Depending on the size of the tattoo, this can take longer.

You should always consult with your tattoo artist regarding the healing process. Most tattoo artists have a personal style. And they will be able to guide you better about which process helps healing the most.

Who is Cohesive Wrap used for tattoos?

What Else Can You Use Cohesive Wraps For?

You can use cohesive wraps for other things besides tattoo healings. It’s a very versatile fabric which can be used to tidy up all sorts of things.


If you’re not prone to embarrassment while working out or running, you can use cohesive wraps as sweatbands. They are breathable fabrics which will protect your skin from intrusive elements like dirt and sun. However, they will also let in air and prevent you from sweating profusely. This will help prevent dehydration.

Pet Injuries

Since the cohesive wrap doesn’t stick to skin or fur, it’s a great bandage for pet injuries. While it will stay secure for as long as needed, it will also not be painful to remove. There is also room for creativity and innovation to make sure that your pet is comfortable and cool in any weather. Since the material is breathable, your pet will feel right as rain. It’s ideal for cats and dogs and can even work for horses.

You should make sure to consult a vet before you apply anything however. Your pet may have a condition that prevents them from enjoying the benefits of cohesive wrap.

Dog Calmer

A cohesive wrap is also a great way to calm your pets or create a calming harness for your pets. If they are very excitable, or nervous around certain areas, you can use cohesive wrap as a dog calmer. The wrapping style hits key pressure points which relieve any anxiety that they may have.

It’s very simple and your pet will likely love you for it.

Shin Guards

You can use cohesive wrap to keep your child’s shin guards up during games. This will keep them from falling down or slipping off and your child can have a safe time playing.

Now you know why cohesive wrap is preferred to treat wounds and thus, so commonly used for tattoo healing. All other materials pale in comparison to it. It is the perfect marriage of breathable material as well as healing material that complements tattoo healing. You won’t get an infection, and your skin will be left with enough air exposure to heal quickly.

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