Inside: Amazing Autism Awareness Tattoo Ideas.

Tattoos serve as powerful reminders of important life events, personal interests and loved ones. A growing trend in the tattoo community is the use of these permanent pieces of art as a way to show solidarity with, and inclusion in, the rising number of individuals effected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD.

ASD is a bio-neurological developmental disorder that affects 1 in 59 children in the United States and is generally typified by difficulty in language comprehension and expression, poor eye contact and general trouble with socialization.

The growing number of instances of ASD, as well as the interconnectedness made possible by the internet, has helped people around the world unite and create a support group around ASD.

As we will see, the puzzle piece is an important symbol in the community and represents the complex nature of the disorder and the importance of helping each other to “solve the puzzle.”

Autism Tattoo Ideas

Why is the infinity symbol for autism?

The autism rights movement is a social movement that encourages autistic people, their caregivers and society to accept autism as a variation in functioning rather than a disorder to be cured. The rainbow infinity symbol represents the diversity of the autism spectrum.

What is the puzzle piece for autism?

The puzzle pattern reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition.

Why is autism blue?

It’s all part of Light it Up Blue, a campaign spearheaded by the organization Autism Speaks that aims to foster understanding and acceptance for those with autism. Supporters are encouraged to wear blue clothing and post to social media using the hashtag #LightItUpBlue to raise awareness.

Autism Puzzle Piece Tattoo Ideas

1. Rainbow Autism Puzzle Tattoo Designs

2. Watercolor Splatter Design

3. Puzzle Piece Butterfly

Autism Awareness Tattoo Ideas

4. Balloon Down Back Tattoo

5. Autism Symbol Tattoo

6. Piece Ribbon Idea

7. 3D Puzzle Pieces

Autism Puzzle Tattoos

Amazing Autism Awareness Tattoo Ideas

8. Watercolor Infinity Symbol Designs

9. Color Exploding Tattoo 

10. Matching Autism Tattoo Designs

11. Rainbow Infinity Idea

Colorful Autism Tattoo Designs

12. Lightbulb Outline

13. Colorful Handprints

14. Foot Quote Design

15. Blue Heart Puzzle Piece

Sweet awareness tattoos for autistic families

Unique Autism Tattoo Ideas

16. Autism Tattoo Ideas for Son

17. Micky Head Tattoo

18. Colorful Infinity Design

Kid Friendly Autism Tattoos

19. Love

20. Autism Tattoo Ideas for Moms

21. Flowery Puzzle Piece

Unique Tattoo Ideas For Autistic People

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