Inside: The most awesome tattoo ideas in 2023 that you will be sad to miss when the new year roles around.

I will be the first to admit that I experience a little FOMO from time to time. This is especially true when it comes to tattoos. I mean, come on, a girl only has so much room on her body for ink…eventually, I am going to run out. Then what?

That is why I like to torcher myself with a round-up of the most awesome tattoo ideas of 2023.

I get to see all of the magnificent designs that are out there, but I do not have to get them. Don’t get me wrong; I love the tattoos I have; I just have one of those all-or-nothing personalities. So for those of you who have SPACE for a new tattoo, make this list your oyster.

Most awesome tattoo ideas of 2023. Photo of brown and yellow tattoo sleeve.

Below you will find some of the coolest tattoos that you will ever see. They each range from delicate to straight-up steller, so I know there is something in this list that will satisfy everyone reading it. But first, let me go over some popular questions. I haven’t been this excited since the palm tattoo ideas!

How much does an awesome tattoo idea cost?

Well, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder…an awesome tattoo could hypothetically cost $30 in a flash sale. But realistically, an awesome tattoo can actually cost anywhere from $50-$1000. Big stretch? Let me explain.

Tattoo pricing comes from many different factors and decisions. Typically, a tattoo artist will charge you based on the hour, so of course, tattoos that are super detailed and large are going to be more. If you have a budget that you plan to work with, this is something that you can discuss with the person who will be doing your tattoo.

Your artist will be the only person who can tell you how much they think your tattoo will cost, and even that will be an estimate. So sit down with them to have a consultation and get that number rolling around!

Will it hurt?

I wish I could tell you now because most people that ask this question really want that to be the answer. But the truth is, yes, it hurts. To get a tattoo, you have to have a need to poke you thousands of times per second, so yes, this is going to be painful. Doesn’t this sound like some crazy form of torcher? Who would want that?

Well…lots of people, actually. Many tattoo lovers agree that getting a tattoo can be very therapeutic. And though I recommend pairing your ink with an actual therapist, I have to agree. I always have such a sense of renewal after I get a tattoo. I think you will agree once you get your first one!

Okay, now that we have covered some of the most asked questions, I think it’s safe to say that we can jump into these awesome tattoo ideas. You get an A+ for patience!

3 different tattoos. One with a dragonfly. One with a person hugging themself. And one with realistic flowers.

Awesome Tattoo Ideas

Awesome tattoos are a state of mind. And this first list has the right vibration! Check out some of the ideas below if you want to be totally amazed. Yes, they are that good. I am not just hyping them up like this for no reason. See for yourself.

1. Hyper Realistic Flower Tattoo Idea

2. Glass Dagger Tattoo Idea

3. Unique Tattoo Styles

4. Dragonfly Tattoo Idea

5. Michael Angelo With Chewing Gum Bubble

6. Self Love Tattoo with Watercolor

7. Butterfly with Face Image

8. Skeleton Tree Tattoo Idea

9. Floral Spine Tattoo Ideas

Must See Awesome Tattoo Ideas

Okay, these are some must see awesome tattoo ideas that are going to have you booking multiple tattoo appointments at once. The more, the merrier when it comes to tattoos! I can’t believe that I haven’t gotten a tattoo for over a year. This needs to change, stat!

10. Fruit Themed Butterfly

11. Floral Hand Tattoo

12. Hyper Realistic Spider Tattoo

13. Chic Beetle Tattoo Idea

14. Creepy and Cool Voodoo Doll

15. Metal Arm Idea

16. Mulan Tattoo Idea

17. Dark Snake with Sun Tattoo

18. Mini Heart Spotted Cheetah

3 different tattoo examples: one frog tattoo on knee. One bird tattoo with spots. And one with a black and white shark.

Most Awesome Tattoo Ideas of 2023

Yep, you read that right. These are the most awesome tattoo ideas of 2023. I really think these are some designs that deserve some recognition, so I put them here for you to see. Remember that you can take these ideas and run with them, don’t be afraid to make them your own!

19. Awesome Tattoo Ideas – Frog Knee Tattoo Idea

I am such a sucker for a good frog tattoo. Not only are they super cute, but they just make you laugh. Depending on the artist, you can really get some depth with this theme. You can go with a cartoon frog, which I love, or you can go for a more realistic frog. I think either option is great.

20. Shark Swimming Idea

How cool is this? When I was a kid, I used to love sharks. I think this is up there on my TBT list(to be tatted). I think it has such a mysterious and whimsical feel.

21. Spotted Bird Tattoo Idea

Recently, I have been really appreciating birds and wildlife in my neighborhood. So with that being said, I think it’s pretty obvious that I am absolutely in love with this tattoo.

22. Crying Eye Tattoo In Square

I love this style of tattoo because it adds art with geometry, which was the only form of math that I understood. It reminds me of the anime tattoo ideas I found!

23. Awesome Tattoo Ideas – Cute Cat Tattoo

I think this tattoo is super unique because of the shading that was used on this cute kitty. Check it out and see if this is a style you like!

24. Orange and Brown Toned Tattoo Sleeve

I don’t think I have ever seen a sleeve that was a color theme in the same way that this one is. They went for browns and yellows, it reminds me of fall in the best way possible. I need to add this to my half-sleeve tattoo ideas for women!

25. Hyperrealistic Moth Tattoo Idea

Okay, this literally looks like this moth is just sitting on this person. Sometimes I am truly amazed by the talent that goes into tattooing. What do you think?

26. Dottwork Epic Tattoo Idea

Have you ever heard of dotwork tattoos? If not, you need to see this example like yesterday.

27. Sharp Sewing Scissors

First of all, the style of this tattoo is amazing. Second of all, it reminds me of my grandma and that makes me too happy to keep writing. So I am going to end the list here.

awesome tattoo ideas

There you have it. I really hope you thought that these were as awesome as I did. As always, remember that you should never just copy-paste these designs, but rather you should use them as the foundation to build your own unique tattoo. This way, you don’t steal the artist’s work, and you don’t have a tattoo twinsie out there.

If these tattoos just gave you an itch for more, then you are in the right place. Great minds think alike because I have some tattoo filler ideas that seriously deserve to be seen.

At the end of the day, every tattoo is awesome except the really bad ones, of course. As long as you are proud of it, it doesn’t matter what list it’s on.