Inside: Ape tattoos that show the power of this beautiful animal.

I am a big fan of Animal Planet, and I recently stumbled across this documentary about apes. I learned so many things, which got me thinking: Why have I not learned about this stuff sooner? I find apes to be very inspiring, and I know that there is a large group of people who agree with me.

So I wanted to share some ape tattoo ideas with you, fellow ape fans. These tattoos range in style and ideas, so you are bound to find something you love.

Powerful Ape Tattoo ideas. Photo of Black and White Tattoo.

I think that we can learn a lot from nature, starting with this brilliant animal. Take a look below to see which ones inspire you most and which ones match your style and vibe. If you are lucky, those two things may fit hand in hand. If not, you can always personalize your tattoo to make it as inspirational as you like.

How Much Will It Cost?

I know money is a very important factor when you are deciding on your tattoo. As we all know by now, tattoos aren’t the cheapest, but they don’t have a reason to be. In order to be a tattoo artist, you have to go through years of training and licensing. You have to buy all of your spendy equipment and rent out a space; of course, this is spendy work.

I, for one, am happy to pay it as long as I go in with a good understanding of how much it will cost. You always want to talk with your tattoo artist about their pricing and how much they think it will cost you in the end to get the tattoo you want.

Since they mostly charge by the hour, you can count on bigger tattoos being spendier, while smaller ones are easier on your wallets.

Do Ape Tattoos Hurt?

I hate to be that person but, um…yes. Your ape tattoo is going to hurt. I would love nothing more than to be able to tell you no and that you have absolutely nothing to worry about, but that just isn’t the case.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Your ape tattoo is not going to cause you more pain than, say, a unicorn one. But it is going to hurt. Luckily for you, there are some preventative measures that you can take to help alleviate some of that pain when the time comes.

My favorite of which is numbing cream. You just apply it to the spot you’re getting tatted, and you are numb! This is my favorite because the other option is to pick a spot that hurts less. Places that are boney, like your spine, ankles, and ribs, tend to hurt more. But what happens when you really want to get tattooed there? Numbing cream!

Ape tattoo ideas. 3 different tattoos with realistic and traditional styles.

Ape Tattoo Ideas

Okay, now that those boring things are out of the way, the fun can begin. Check out this list of mixed and matched ape tattoos. I thought this way; you could see which ones you like and which you don’t early on. It’s all about getting to know yourself. Check these out.

1. Blue Ape God Tattoo – I think this blue ape god represents Hanuman, the Hindu god. I started out this list with him because I thought we should start out on a powerful note.

2. Ape In B&W Idea – I love the way that apes look in black and white-styled tattoos. It brings out their nobility in a way I have yet to see in color. Take a look to see which way you prefer it. And remember that when you choose one tattoo, you are also choosing something that needs to accentuate your other tattoos as well.

3. Punk Ape Design Tattoo Idea – Yep, this is a punk ape. I wanted to make sure that not every tattoo was serious. You can respect the animal while also having fun with the design. Check this out.

4. Creepy Ape Holding Doll Idea – This one is just weird. But the style was good, and I love the linework, so he made the cut. Why is he holding that doll, though?

5. Traditional Ape Design – Here, I have a traditional style ape. If you weren’t aware, the traditional style of tattooing is one that uses heavy lines and bold colors to create magic. It’s an easy style to identify. I hope you like it!

6. Scary Yelling Ape – I wanted to showcase this one because it just feels so powerful to me and a little scary. But that is what makes this animal so inspiring. It’s their raw power; they must be respected.

7. Sweet and Powerful Ape Design – I think this one has a very resigned power to him. It’s understated but respected. It’s a yes from me. Most of the other ape tattoos that have their mouth open feel very aggressive, but this one looks sweet.

8. Planet of the Apes Idea – Planet of the apes is an iconic movie series that I am sure you have seen. Take a look at this example if you have one.

9. Yelling Realistic Ape Idea – Here is another angry ape. I think you will find that these are the rawest of the ape designs. You can see how strong they are, and you can basically feel how loud that scream was. Take a look to see whether or not this is too freaky for you.

Unique Ape Designs

Next up, I wanted to show you some different takes on the ape tattoo. I went a few different directions with these, from funny to socially commentary, so I think you will enjoy them. Take a look and see if I am right or wrong!

10. Ape Wearing Cowboy Hat

11. Darwin Sleeve Idea

12. Hyper Realistic Ape Idea

13. Ape with Rope

14. Baby Ape Listening to Music

15. Black Ink Ape Idea

16. Sweet Little Ape

17. Space Ape Idea

18. Realistic Ape Angry Face

Powerful Ape Tattoos. Three different examples with various colors.

Powerful Ape Tattoo Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to show you some seriously powerful ape tattoo ideas. These will make you want to sit back and admire. They really have come so far and gone through so much but still persevere. Nothing is more inspiring than that.

19. Ape with Nose Ring

20. Black and White Apes Design

21. Blue Eyed Ape Idea

22. Ape with Flower

23. Ape with Baby Ape

24. Traditional Ape Idea

25. See No Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear No Evil

26. Adorable Baby Ape

27. King Ape Cutie Tattoo

Ape tattoo

I hope you loved this list of ape tattoo ideas. I know there were many to choose from, but my hope is that you took these ideas and created your very own style of tattoo out of them. Not only is that a way to create a connection to your piece, but it also gives me something else to look out for online when I am looking for inspiration!

I am a bit of an animal planet junkie at this point, so yes, before you even ask. I have created more animal-themed tattoo inspiration for you to look through. I really think you will enjoy these, so if you didn’t find anything on this list that you liked, worry not.