Inside: 47 Bat Tattoo Ideas Full of Meaning and Mystery.

Time to get downright spooky with these creative and unique bat tattoo designs. What’s cooler than a bat? They fly at night, freak people out, and make pretty badass ink!

If you love Batman, Dracula, or all things related to spooky and Halloween, I think you will enjoy these ideas.

Peek at these 47 Bat Tattoo Ideas that range from super cute and adorable all the way to realistic and creepy.

Bat Tattoo Ideas

Bat Tattoo Meaning

You might think it’s interesting to know that bats are symbolic of a new birth, dreams, intuitions, money, happiness, freedom, and visions.

They also can be a symbol of death, fear, darkness in a person, evil, and witchcraft.

Small Bat Tattoo Ideas

1. Small Finger Bat Tattoo

2. Small Bat Outline

3. Think Bat Outline on Back

4. Dot Bat Tattoo

Bat Tattoo Ideas

5. Hand Bat Tatoo

6. Webbed Bat Wings Tattoo

7. Small Bat Behind the Ear

8. Simple Small Bat Tattoo Idea

9. Minimalist Bat Tattoo Back and White

Bat Tattoo Ideas

10. Little Finger Tattoo

11. Small Flying Bats

12. Traditional Bat Tattoo

Small Tattoos

Cute Bat Tattoo Designs

13. Cute Colorful Bat Tattoo

14. Bat Heart

15. Sweet Stary Bats

16. Cute Vampire Bat

17. Sweet Purple Bat Tattoo Idea

Bat Tattoo Ideas

18. Cute Big-Eared Bat

19. Fuzzy Bat

Cute Bat Tattoos

20. Big Winged Bat

21. Prettiest of Bat Tattoos

22. Bat and Jack-O-Lantern

23. Cute Hanging Bat Tattoo

24. Hang in There

Bat Tattoo Ideas

Flying Bat Tattoo Ideas

25. Flying Up the Arm

26. Bats Going Up Ankle

27. Flying Bat Tattoo

28. Back of Shoulder Bat Tattoo

Flying Tattoos

29. Bats Flying Up Back

30. Flying Up Hips

31. Small Flying Across Shoulder

32. Behind the Ear

Bat Tattoo Ideas

33. Small Bats on Wrist

34. Flying Bats and Shadows

35. Bats Going Up Forearm

36. Flying Bat Tattoo Idea

Bat Tattoo Ideas

More Ideas You Might Like

37. Hanging Bat Tattoo

38. Starry Bat Tattoo Idea

39. Covered In Flowers

40. Traditional Bat Tattoo

41. His and Hers

Large Sleve Ideas

42. Detailed Bat Tattoo

43. Back Bat Wing Tattoo

Wing Tattoo Ideas

44. Bat Hip Tattoos

45. Wide Winged Bat

46. Long Hanging Bat

47. Lace Bat

Bat Tattoo Ideas

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