Inside: Duck tattoo ideas that will leave you quacking up.

Everyone has a favorite animal. Naturally, when someone has something that they love very dearly, they will get a tattoo of it. You may be imagining tattoos of dogs, cats, tigers…or any other commonly popular favorite animal. But what about ducks?

Ducks are surprisingly cool creatures whose fanbase stretches wide. People can love ducks for many different reasons. Perhaps they are hunters and have been up and close to these majestic animals. Maybe they have a fun memory of them from when they were young and it just stuck.

Or maybe, they are simply a fan of Donald Duck from Disney. All are great reasons!

Cute quack Tattoo Designs

So today I have a treat for all you duck lovers out there. I have created a list of over 50 of the best duck tattoos that live on the internet. I made sure to include everything from rubber ducks to Mallards, so have no fear: your spirit duck is here.

But Before we get into that, let’s go over some important information that you’ll need to know before calling your local tattoo shop to make your appointment.

How much does a duck tattoo cost?

Great questions that I am pretending you asked. The thing about duck tattoo costs is that they can change based on many factors. Is your tattoo going to be in full color or black and white? Will it be the size of a nickel or of a frisbee? I know a frisbee is an odd choice for size comparison. But it gave you a good mental image, right?

My point is that you can never know how much your tattoo is going to cost unless you talk to the people who will be doing the work because cost can even vary between tattoo shops.

That is the best and only way to truly know how much dough you are working with here. I cannot give you a specific answer, as much as I love being helpful when it comes to all things tattoos.

So book your consultation and find out!

Does a duck tattoo hurt?

I’m going to be brutally honest with you; yes, a duck tattoo is going to hurt. But that is because all tattoos hurt. How can they not? It’s literally a needle puncturing your skin like ten times a second.

This should not dismay you from getting a tattoo. The pain you will feel is actually very tolerable, and by the end, you will be so proud that you did it, and you’ll love your new ink so much that you won’t care. You may even book another appointment on the way out.

Tattoos can be so addicting!

That is the beauty of them. Well, that and the art. The art is also the beauty of them.

There are places on the body that are known to hurt more than others. Those places are typically where most of the nerves are. Think about the places in your body where the bones sit closer to the skin. I am taking hands, ribs, spine, etc. The least painful places are the meatier ones, like your forearms and thighs.

So go with those if you are worried. Let’s shift our focus from pain to pleasure: here are some of the cutest duck tattoo ideas that will make you forget all about the pain!

Duck Tattoo

Rubber Duck Tattoo Ideas

I wanted to kick it off with a super cute list, and what better way to achieve that than with literal rubber duckies? There are tons of different styles for ducks here, from military ducks to soft and sweet ones that will make you ache for a bath. Take a look through these and see if any of these float your boat.

Or better yet, float your duck.

1. Hair Style Duck

2. Funny Water Duck

3.  Simple Rubber Duck

4. Sgt. Ducky

5. Donut Ducky

6. Lily Pad Rubber Duck

7. Black and White Money Ducky

8. Bubble Bath Duck

9. Tough Rubber Duck

10. Rubber Duck

11. Sad Ducky

Donald Duck Designs

Triple D! And no I am not talking about Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. However, those would be great topics for tattoos as well. I am talking about Donald Duck. Did you really think I could get away with making an article about duck tattoos and not include the most famous duck of them all?

I don’t think so. If you are a Disney fan, this is the list for you.

12. Patchwork Donald Duck

13. New School Style Donald

14. Watercolor Donald Duck

15. Gangster Donald

16. Classic Donald Duck

17. Donald Duck Cartoon

18. Colorful Donald Duck

19. Angry Donald with Three Little Ducks

20. Black and White Duck

realistic looking duck tattoos 3 examples for Hunters

Realistic Duck Tattoo Designs

Next up, we have some of the most realistic duck tattoos that you will ever see. You’ll take one look at these and question whether or not there is a duck sitting on this person’s skin. Okay, maybe not that serious, but still, these are super impressive.

If you are looking for more of a realistic look rather than a cartoon one, then you will find what you are looking for amongst these.

21. Dapper Duck

22. Beautiful Art Duck

23. Abstract Realistic Duck

24. Picture Perfect Duck

25. Light Handed Duck

26. Duck Head Profile

27. Sweet Duck on a Skateboard

28. Duck Flying High

29. Three Different Ducks

30. Sweet Duck Flying

31. Mother Duck

32. Duck with a Flower Hat

33. Hand Duck

Cute Ducky Tattoos

I like to always include a list of must haves. These are the tattoos that I found along the way that I just couldn’t leave out. Some of them are funny, others adorable. And some of them are even downright newsworthy. The only way that you will know what I am talking about is if you look through them.

34. Minimalistic Duck

35. Party Ducks

36. Flower Ducks

37. Rubber Ducky

38. Funny Rubber Duck

39. Bottle Full of Duck

40. Duck with a Mushroom Hat

41. Nervous Ducky

42. Duck Flash

43. Black and White Mommy Duck

44. Sweet Traditional Duck

Colorful mallard tattoos for ponds

Mallard Duck Tattoo Inspiration

And lastly, if you are smarty pants with a very specific duck affliction, then this is the list for you. Only if the duck in question is a Mallard of course, you may have seen one or two of this kind scattered throughout the lists above, but these are a compilation of all of the best ones.

Take a look to see what I mean. Even non-duck lovers will be considering these.

45. Traditionalist Duck

46. Hilarious Mallard Duck

47. Solid Colored Duck

48. Duck Going Fishing

49. Solid Colored Duck

50. Black and White Mallard

51. Vibrant Mallard

52. Black and White Duck with Green Head

53. Pixelated Duck

And there you have it, over 50 of the cutest duck tattoos that you will ever see. Even if you are not a fan of ducks, these tattoos will still make you think about calling your local shop to book an appointment. They are just that good!

Tattoos are a beautiful thing because they are an expression of who we are as people. There are so many awesome ideas on how you can express yourself that you can fill your whole body with ink and still have more. That is the beauty of it.

You get to decide. I hope you loved these tattoos and are headed to the phone to book a consultation with your local tattoo artist.