Inside: The yummiest pie tattoo ideas that dessert lovers will die for.

Everyone has a pie lover in their life. If you aren’t one, then you know one. These are just statistics. For me growing up, it was my eldest brother. He was a lover of pie rather than cake(gasp, I know. What a shocker). He was also a math nerd, so it had a double meaning for him. You know, 3.14 and all that.

So today, I wanted to find some tattoos in honor of him and his dorky self. I have found some of the coolest pie tattoo ideas on the internet.

These designs vary between styles, colors, and types of pie. So there is something for everyone.

Pie tattoo ideas for dessert lovers

Honestly, these were a lot cooler than I ever thought possible. Now that I am older, I am a pretty big fan of pie myself. So I may just have to get one! Take a look at these ideas and be amazed by the coolness that a pie tattoo offers. But before we get into that, we should talk about the important things, such as cost, pain, and where to get your tattoo.

Pie Tattoo Cost

As it is with all tattoos, the cost of your design is going to vary. The only solid way to know what your price is going to be is to go to the tattoo shop that you will be getting it done at and ask them what their estimate is.

Remember that you need to factor in about 20% of that price to give as a tip. Yep, tips are also expected in tattoo shops as well! This is because most tattoo artists have to rent their station, so a portion of their money goes to the shop itself unless they own it. So that tip helps!

Will getting a pie tattoo hurt?

To be curt, yes. Yes, it will. The tattooing process involves having a needle poke your skin 100 times a second to inject ink to you. So of course, there will be some pain that comes with that. But if you want to limit it, you can always order some numbing spray or cream before your appointment.

Some shops even carry it on hand, so ask them what they have and then plan accordingly. Another good way to limit pain is to pick a less painful place to get the artwork done. We have information on that here.

Now that we have covered the boring stuff, now we can get into the best part of this article…the pie tattoo ideas! Click through the ideas down below to get some inspiration for your next dessert-themed tattoo!

Simple Pie Designs

I figured we could start out with some of the simpler designs and slowly work our way up to some of the more detailed ones. This first list is full out delicate outlines, simple ideas, and really clean linework. I think you will appreciate these in their simplicity. I think that simple tattoos are one of the best kinds to get because they age beautifully! Check these out.

1. Full Berry Pie

2. Pie Outline

3. Funny Racoon Pie In Black & White

4. Simple Key Lime Pie

5. Pi Pie Ink Design

6. Cute Blueberry Pie in Black and White

7. Cream Pie with Cherry

8. Uncolored Pie with Colored Flowers

9. Black and White Key Lime

10. Pie Outline with a Dollop of Cream

Traditional Pie Tattoo Ideas

If you are a fan of the traditional style of tattooing, then you will freak out when you see this list. These are some of the best traditional dessert pieces I have seen in a while…and I look up random tattoos for a living, so I know what I am talking about.

I would recommend having a snack while looking at these; they’ll make you hungry.

11. Blackberry Pie Design

12. Lemon Meringue Slice

13. Blueberry Pie Slice Tattoo

14. Red Berry Pie with Cross Hatching

Piece of Pie Tattoo Ideas

15. Woman Baking Pie

16. Bug and Mud Pie

17. Strawberry Pie

18. Lemon Marshmallow Pie

19. Cherry Bloom Pie Design

20. Blueberry Pigeon Pie

Pie Slice Tattoo Designs

If you don’t need the full pie in your tattoo, then you should check out this list. Each of these tattoos features either a single slice or a pie with a slice taken out. There is a lot of variety here, so any way you slice it…you’ll come out with a cherry on top.

Okay, that was a terrible pun, and I apologize. I couldn’t help myself!

21. Red Robin Pie

22. Pie Dagger Ink Design

23. Realistic Cherry Pie

24. Cute Black and White Pie Slice

25. Blueberry Pie with Slice Out

26. Moon Pie in Black and White

27. Peach Pie with Ice Cream

28. Simplistic Pie Tattoo

29. Big Blueberry Pie Hand Ink

30. Key Lime Pie

Cherry Pie Tattoo Ideas

Cherry on top…how about cherries in the middle? Cherry pie is one of the most popular kinds out there, so naturally, it deserves its own section. Down below are some of the cutest designs that you will ever see. Think I am being dramatic? Take a look.

31. Traditional Cherry Pie

32. Love Pie Slice

33. Cherry Crosshatch Pie

34. Pie with Traditional Flower

Cherry Pie Tattoos

35. Cherry Pie Slice with Crosshatch

36. Heart Cherry Pie Slice

37. Dude…Where is the Pie?

38. Dark Cherry Pie Ink

39. Pie is for Lovers

40. Traditional Style Cherry Pie

Black and White Dessert Tattoos

Not everyone is a fan of colorful tattoos. Some think they look better in general or with clothing, and others believe they age better in black and white. If you fall into this category, then I think you will love this list.

It is filled with great black and white options in various styles. Too cool!

41. I hope your apple pie was worth it

42. Pie Moon Phase Tattoo

43. Fresh Steaming Pie

44. Pie Astronaut Tattoo

45. Cute Black and White Crosshatch Outline

46. Black Pie Slice

47. Clean Black and White Outline

48. Abstract Black and White Striped Slice

49. Pie Flower Ink on Neck

50. Pie Design with Cherry on Top

Pie Tattoo Ideas for Dessert Lovers

This last list is filled with some of the most delicious and off-the-cuff tattoo ideas for dessert lovers. I think that number 51 is especially hilarious! Take a look.

51. Girl with Pie Body

52. Matching Pie Designs

53. Cute Little Blueberry Pie

54. Blueberry Slice with Decorative Dots

55. Universal Pie

56. Deadly Blueberry Pie with Ice Cream

57. Apple Pie Slice on Bull Dog

58. Apple Pie Ala Mode

59. Cute Baked Pie

60. Pecan Pie

61. Peach Pie Ala Mode

Pie tattoo

So…what do you think? Are you a pie lover yet? I would bet that you are! Even the most dedicated cake lovers would switch after seeing these tattoos. They represent not only the beauty of this dessert but the deliciousness of it as well. As I said, it was shocking.

Who knew that a pie could look so awesome? The way the colors and different styles come together to create the image is just epic.

Food tattoos are some of my favorite ideas to see. Food connects us all. It gives us something to look forward to, create, and salivate over. There are many other foods to tattoo; if you are interested, you can take a look!

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