Inside: Adorable matching puzzle piece tattoo ideas to get with your missing piece.

Tattoos are a wonderful thing. They can be used as a form of self-expression. To make a statement about something you are passionate about, something you love, or just something you thought looked nice.

Tattoos are even more powerful when you get them from a person you love. I have come to look at matching tattoos as one of the most beautiful things you can do to show a person you love them.

They are more permanent than even marriage and it tells that person that you are willing to put your heart on your sleeve and wear your love for them proudly.

Matching Puzzle Piece Tattoo Ideas

Whether it is a family member, a best friend, or a partner, it is a beautiful statement. So, if you have decided on getting a matching tattoo with someone, you may be looking for the perfect subject. Well, have I got the idea for you: a Matching puzzle piece tattoo!

Matching Puzzle Piece Tattoo Cost

Tattoo costs will vary greatly based on what tattoo you get, what size it is, and if it is in color or not. The price can also change from shop to shop, so the only way to get the exact cost amount estimation is by talking to the person who will be doing your tattoos.

The smaller the tattoo, the cheaper it will be. So keep that in mind if you are trying to stay on budget! Also remember that the price of the tattoo will be double since you are getting it with someone else. Decide now if you are paying together or separately!

I have compiled a list of over 80 of the cutest matching puzzle piece tattoo ideas for you to look through to gain some inspiration. There are so many different themes, styles, and techniques on here that I know you will find what you are looking for. So stop dilly-dallying and take a look!

Small Matching Puzzle Tattoo Ideas

Sometimes smaller tattoos are the best idea. Not because they are literally better, but because they work better for you, the person getting the tattoo. Especially when it comes to getting a matching tattoo, you will probably want to get it somewhere where you will be able to see it all the time, and that is easier with small tattoos.

So take a look at these beauties to kick off the list.

1. Van Gogh Small Tattoo

2.  Puzzle Trail

3. Simple Puzzle Outline

4. Cute Center Piece

5. Colorful Hear Puzzle

6. 3 Different Nature Scenes

7. Autism Awareness

8. Letter T Puzzle

9. Back of the Neck Tattoo

10. Abstract Puzzle

11. Small Little Walking Photo

12. Thumbprint Tattoo

13. Little Smiley Puzzle

14. Realistic Puzzle

15. Rainbow Puzzle Outline

Colorful Puzzle Tattoo Ideas

Colorful Puzzle Piece Tattoos

Personally, I love color in tattoos. This seems to draw the tattoo fanbase right in half, but I love them. You have so much more room for fun when you get to add color. Take these matching puzzle piece tattoos, for example. They are so unique, fun, and bright in a way that would be hard (but not impossible) to achieve if they were in just black and white.

16. Bold Puzzles

17. Watercolor Paint Splat

18. RIP Tattoo

19. Mountain Scape

20. Cute Childlike Puzzle

21. Simple Floral Puzzle

22. You and I Set

23.  Green Puzzle

24. 2 Different Types of Puzzles

25. Big Paint Splatter

26. Red and Blue Heart

27. Split Heart

28. Unique Matching Set

29. Primary Color Puzzle

30. Thick Puzzles

Minimalistic Puzzle Designs

I am a big fan of minimalistic tattoos. I think that they are just so clean and clear that they will look brand new for decades to come. We all know that tattoos age right along with us, and sometimes the best way to ensure that they age well (alongside a good moisturizing routine) is by choosing a style that has clear lines, like these ones!

31. Dot Work Tattoo

32. Redwood Tree Silhouette

33. Family Finger Print

34. Dainty Line Work Tattoo

35. Sweet Couple Tattoo

36. Rainbow Outline

37. Group Matching Tattoo

38. Clean Wrist Tattoo

39.  Thin-Lined Puzzle

40.  Puzzle Heart

41. Simple Flower Dot Work

42. Date Tattoo

43. Triangle Matching Tattoo

44.  Hand Tattoos

45. Rainbow Solid Puzzle

Black and White Puzzle Tattoos

Black and White Puzzle Ink for Women

I do love some colored tattoos, but that doesn’t mean that black and white tattoos aren’t just as awesome. There are so many awesome matching puzzle piece tattoo ideas down below that blew my mind.

I especially liked the number 49. Take a look through these to see if black in white is the way to go for you, because ultimately, it is only up to you and what you like!

46. Black and White Landscape Tattoo

47. 2 Tone Plant Puzzle

48. Initials on Puzzle Pieces

49. Sweet Little Tattoo

50. Simple Black and White Tattoo

51. Funny Frowny Face

52. Puzzle Person

53. Sweet Classic Puzzle

54. Simple Ankle Tattoo

55. Matching Arm Puzzles

56. Lock and Key

57. Thin Simple Pieces

58. Heart Shaped Puzzle

59. Tiniest Ankle Tattoo

60. We Don’t Fit In

Unique Puzzle Tattoo Designs

When it comes to getting a tattoo, you want yours to be unique. Most of the time, that is. You want to know that you won’t be out in public and then get caught in line next to someone with the exact same tattoo. However, that might make for a pretty cute meet-cute.

Take a look at this list to find some of the unique tattoos matching puzzle piece tattoo ideas I could find.

61. Van Gogh Tattoo

62. Memory Puzzle Tattoos

63. Almond Blossoms

64. Colored in Puzzles

65. Mechanical Arm

66. Universe Under the Skin

67. Colorful Neck Tattoo

68. Splatter Art

69. Black and White Texture Duo

70. Best Friend Tattoos

71. Daisy Puzzle

Autism Awareness Tattoo Ideas

Autism Awareness Puzzle Tattoos

One of my favorite symbolisms of the puzzle piece is how they are tied to the autism awareness movement. If you have someone in your life who are on the spectrum, then perhaps you would feel called to get a tattoo of something on this list.

These are some of the cutest and sweetest autism awareness ink designs that I could find, and I think you will agree.

72. Colorful Heart Puzzle Tattoo

73.Colorful Heart Balloon

74. Cute Turtle Tattoo

75. Dory Tattoo

76. Sweet Matching Autism Awareness

77. Watercolor Matching Tattoos

78. The Road to Awareness

79. 4 Piece Puzzle

80. Colorful Dog Collar

81. Winnie the Pooh

82. 4 Piece Puzzle with Heart

83. Watercolor Puzzle

Matching Puzzle Piece Tattoos

So, there you have it; over 80 of the cutest matching puzzle piece tattoo ideas that would be perfect for you and a loved one(or loved ones). Remember, if there were any on the list that didn’t show the matching set, you can always just get the same thing tattooed onto both of you. You can make these ideas work whatever way you need.

Tattoos can be a powerful statement of your love and connection to someone. They are one of the most permanent things you can do, so it send quite a message if you decide to get a matching one with someone.

I think this is beautiful. So regardless of whether you are getting it with your sister, your mother, or your lover, I say good for you for being so open to putting your love on your sleeve.

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