Inside: Top Indian tattoo ideas you need to see.

India is such a beautiful place that is full of amazing culture and religious wisdom. Today I wanted to find some of the coolest Indian Tattoo ideas for you to look through so you can see all of the beautiful pieces of body art that come from this place.

There are so many different ideas below, all of which feature some kind of art that comes from India. Whether it be depictions of the god Ganesh or simple henna designs, there are so many things for you to see. Each is rich with beauty and detail. I know you are going to enjoy these ideas.

Coolest Indian Tattoo Ideas

But before we get into that, I thought I would go over some of the important questions that you may have when thinking about getting a tattoo. So let’s just get right into it!

How Much Will an Indian Tattoo Cost?

The answer to this question will vary based on what tattoo you get. If it is something small that takes less than an hour, you can count on it being under $100, depending on what shop you are at. But if it is something that is larger, you should probably save up before going to get it. These tattoos can go over $1000.

Rightfully so, seeing as it takes a lot of time and experience to produce such beautiful pieces of art. One thing you should always remember to do is bring extra money as a tip for your tattoo artist.

Most of the time, these artists are renting a space in the tattoo shop, so anything extra really helps them out and shows them that you appreciate their hard work and cool tattoos.

Will It Hurt?

Most first-time tattoo people will ask me this question, and the look of fear in their eyes when I answer yes is something I try hard not to chuckle about. Tattoos hurt; that is part of the experience. But if you have a low pain threshold, I have a few tips that you can try that will help you to lessen the amount of pain you feel.

  1. First, choose a spot on your body that has fewer nerve endings. I know what you may be thinking, “how the heck am I supposed to know where in my body has more or less nerve endings?” Well, places in your body that have the bones closer to the surface tend to have more nerve endings. Those nerve endings, in turn, will make you feel more pain during your tattoo. They’re touchy areas, so avoid them!
  2. Get some numbing cream. This stuff seriously saves the day! I use this every time I am going in for a long tattoo. You simply spread it or spray it on the area where you are going to get tattooed, and it numbs it, so when the time comes, you don’t feel as much pain!

Now that we have covered that let’s look at the reason why we are here: Indian tattoo ideas!

3rd eye Tattoo Ideas

Indian Tattoo Ideas

I thought that this first list would be a great opportunity for you to see how many styles and options you have for your Indian tattoo. You can pick a top, a style, and whether or not you want it colored. See the ideas below to get a good idea of what you like and what you don’t. I describe these to help you better understand.

1. Beautiful Font idea – This font is associated with Indian culture. I think it is beautiful, and this symbol holds a great deal of meaning. Take a look to see what I mean.

2. Elephant Goddess Idea – You will be seeing the elephant god Ganesh quite a bit throughout this article. They are a big symbol in this culture and are super beautiful to be depicted.

3. Ganesh Tattoo Sleeve Idea – If you want a huge Ganesh tattoo, why not get a sleeve? This sleeve is super cool. For tattoos like this, I would recommend going around and finding a tattoo artist who specializes in art like this.

4. Cute Indian Design – This design shows a parent and their son wearing a traditional Indian head garment. I think this one is super unique and cool!

5. Temporary Hand Designs – This is an example of henna design. Now, henna is temporary, but you can always just use this design and get it tattooed on you permanently. How stately and beautiful!

6. Traditional Durga Profile – Here is a simple example of another Indian god, Durga. This god has very distinct features, so this tattoo does them justice. Take a look!

7. Rose with Indian Design Idea – I love this rose idea because it takes two beautiful things and brings them together to create something even cooler. What do you think?

8. Buddha Tattoo Idea – Naturally, I had to have Buddha on this list. How could I not? This is a beautiful depiction of him, so check it out and see if you like it.

9. Beautiful Elephant Tattoo – Here is another version of the Ganesh tattoo. I told you there would be many, and this is not the last of them!

10. Evil Eye Tattoo – I think the evil eye has got to be one of my favorite symbols to come out of this side of the world. Check out how unique it is!

Lovely Tattoo Ideas

Next up, now that you have a good feel for your style, I thought I would show you some really lovely tattoo ideas. Take a look if you have yet to find the tattoo for you; there are great Ideas here.

11. Unique Fairy Tattoo

12. Elephant Ganesh Idea

13. Ganesh Tattoo with Vivid Details

14. Feather Pen Idea

15. Beautiful Indian Woman Tattoo

16. Hitesh Tattoo Idea

17. Indian Design Idea

18. Mandala Design Idea

19. Traditional Indian Henna

20. Detailed Letter Tattoos

21. Cute Foot Tattoo Idea

Henna looking sleeves

Coolest Indian Tattoo Ideas

I saved the coolest for last. Here you will find my favorite Indian tattoo ideas. I know there have been so many cool ones so far, but it just keeps getting better. I think you will find one here that you’ll fall in love with.

22. Mandala Ankle Design Idea

23. Ganesh Mandala Tattoo Idea

24. Hanuman Tattoo Design

25. Mandala Knee Tattoo

26. Blue Elephant Ganesh Tattoo

27. Blue Elephant Ganesh Tattoo Pt 2

28. Mandala with Flower Idea

29. Natrajar Tattoo Idea

30. Ankle Design Idea

31. Trishula Tattoo Design

Indian Tattoo Ideas


Tattoos can bring people together from around the world. Today I showed you the coolest Indian tattoo ideas, and it made me feel a little closer to their culture. I hope you feel the same.

If you loved these tattoo ideas, then I think you should check out some of my other favorites. I have a lot to share with you! So check these out.

If this is your first tattoo, I am so excited for you. You will soon find out how fun and addicting these little beauties will be. When I got my first, I thought it would be my only. But now I am one sleeve down and the other to go!

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