Inside: 25 Lighthouse Tattoo Ideas + Meaning.

Lighthouses have always been associated with safety and guidance, so it’s no surprise that the idea of lighthouses makes for some great tattoos. Whether you have your own lighthouse tattoo or are looking to get one, there are tons of lighthouse-inspired designs to pick from, each with its own unique meaning behind it. Here are 25 great examples of lighthouse tattoos. Enjoy!

Lighthouse Tattoo

What does a Lighthouse Tattoo Mean?

In symbolism, a lighthouse tattoo stands for guidance, hope and finding your way. The lighthouse also symbolizes protection. A light is always on in a lighthouse so that travelers can find their way even in foggy conditions or at night. Also known as a beacon of light or protecting beacon, lighthouses represent safety and security for its people—those who live nearby as well as those passing by on boats or ships.
A lighthouse represents having a strong moral compass that guides you through life and helps find your way back home when you get lost along your journey. It’s also a symbol of strength in the face of difficult situations, withstanding storms and trauma, but never letting it damage its foundation.
As you can see getting a lighthouse tattoo has strong symbolism and can mean many things to the individual getting one.

Small Lighthouse Tattoo Idea

1. Small Lighthouse Wrist Tattoo

2. Sketched Lighthouse Design

3. Watercolor + Waves Crashing

4. Modern Small Lighthouse

5. Crashing Waves

Lighthouse Tattoo

6. Light in a Diamond

7. Looking into the Galaxy

8. Waves and Lighthouse Tattoo Design

9. Lighthouse in a circle

Small Tattoos

Shining Lighthouse Tattoo Designs

These bigger and bolder lighthouse tattoo ideas are full of bright and bold colors, intricate detail, and stunning designs.

10. Bold and Colorful Lighthouse 

11. Watercolor Traditional Lighthouse Tattoo Design

12. Realistic Lighthouse Design

13. Black and White Lighthouse

Lighthouse Tattoo

14.  Painted Lighthouse Tattoo Drawing

15. Red Glowing Design

16. Sunrays on Lighthouse

17. Simple Lighthouse and Compass Tattoo

18. Black Outline Idea

Lighthouse Tattoo

Lighthouse & Ship Designs

You may be asking yourself… “are ship and lighthouse tattoos cliche?” The answer is no. These tattoos how such a great meaning and done right look totally rad. The important thing to remember is if you like a certain design and meaning, then go for it.

19. Black and White Lighthouse and Ship Design

20. Matching Tattoo Set

21. Classic Red and White Lighthouse

Ship Tattoos

22. Small Ship Hand Tattoo

23. Flowery Ship in the Night

24. Black and White Half Sleeve Idea

25. Sketched Lighthouse Tattoo

Ship and Lighthouse Tattoos

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