Inside: 63 Out of this World Galaxy Tattoo Ideas.

Since galaxies come in numerous shapes and sizes, these tattoo designs can be very compliant and can fit right in with any body part you want to have it. Most people, nevertheless, like to place their galaxy tattoo on the limbs (sleeve, arms, legs, thighs, shoulders) to show off the elaborate detailing and colors of the tattoo.

Others also ink their galaxy tattoos on the chest and back because it extends a bigger space to work with than the limbs. No matter the placement these galaxy tattoo ideas are out of this world.

Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

What is a Galaxy Tattoo Meaning?

A galaxy tattoo offers a lot of significance to distinctive people. Each application depends on the acumen of the people who viewed it but usually, this tattoo expresses three things.

  • The first one is life and aspirations. Ever fantasized of something that you really want and looked up the stars? That is the idea behind why it describes life and dreams. People tend to look up to the night sky when pondering over something deep or dreaming something.
  • The second meaning of a galaxy tattoo is optimism. This definition is actually quite related to the first one but the discrepancy is that some people do not assume something to happen but rather wish to have a positive life that is liberated from problems.
  • Lastly, galaxy tattoo designs can also mean admiration and commitment. Having a galaxy or cosmic tattoo anticipates that your love for a person is like a universe. From the beginning to the end of life, he or she is your one and only. Despite the copious stars out in the universe, you picked him or her as your partner for life.

Small Galaxy Tattoo

1. Small Galaxy Tattoo 

2. Simple Plant & Star Galaxy

3. Galaxy Sky Scene

4. Heart Filled Galaxy

5. Starry Scene

Small galaxy tattoos

6. Planets and Stars

7. Galaxy Moon Scene

8. Out of this World

9. Colorful Galaxy

10. Matching Galaxy Tattoo

small tattoo

11. Small Outerspace Tattoo

12. Colorful Planet

13. Galaxy Shaded Moon

14. Galaxy Diamond

15. Galaxy Bolt

Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

Steller Galaxy Tattoo Sleeve Designs

16. Arm Filled Galaxy

17. Detailed Galaxy Scene

18. Outerspace Half Sleeve

19. Planet Filled Sleeve

20. Outerspace Half Sleeve

Sleeve tattoos

21. Half Sleeve Galaxy

22. Full Galaxy Tattoo

23. Outerspace Half Sleeve

24. Detailed Planets

25. Outerspace Full Sleeve

Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

26. Look Up Sleeve

27. Shoulder to Wrist Galaxy Tattoo

28. Woodsy Galaxy Scene

29. Galaxy Half Sleeve Tattoo Idea

30. Dark Galaxy Sleeve

Big tattoos

Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo Inspiration

31. Stary Watercolor Scene

32. Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo

33. Plant Scene

34. Explosion of Watercolor

35. Watercolor Galaxy Scene

Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

36. Full Moon

37. Geometric Shapes

38. Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo

39. Watercolor Constellation 

40. Watercolor Moon

Watercolor tattoo

41. Constellation Tattoo

42. When the Stars Align

43. Watercolored Stars

44. Galaxy Astronaut

45. Watercolor Dreams

Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

Out of this World Galaxy Tattoo Design

46. Meet Me in the Sky

47. Stellar Solar System Tattoo

48. Galaxy Kitty

49. Triangle Scene

50. Cool Galaxy Tattoo

Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

51. All The Planet Align

52. Galaxy Filled Heart

53. Galaxy in a Bottle

54.  Galaxy Hair

55. Unicorn Galaxy

Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo

56. Milky Way Scene

57. Small Milky Way Tattoo

58. Milky Way in Your Hands

59. Colorful Milky Way Tattoo

Milky Way Tattoo

60. Milky Way Shoulder Piece

61. Forearm Tattoo

62. Purple Filled Milky Way Tattoo

63. Milky Way Tattoo Idea

Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

More Inspiration You Will Love

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