Inside: Stunning Amaryllis Tattoo Designs + Ideas.

Flower tattoos are some of the most popular and meaningful tattoos for women. Whether expressing yourself or paying tribute to loved ones, a flower tattoo can say more than words. Right now, delicate floral designs are trending – and these beautiful blooms are not only pretty and feminine, but they also have a symbolic side.

Flowers are also a very versatile design element. Obviously, they can be very feminine, with fine line and delicate colors, but they can also be masculine and powerful. The bold outline and rich vibrancy of traditional Japanese flower designs can make quite a statement. And no one can argue with the power and beauty of the classic rose.

The benefit of flowers is that they look just as natural and interesting woven through a skull as they do in a bouquet. Floral tattoos can also incorporate fun accents like honey bees, butterflies, and dragonflies, details that add interest and whimsy.

Amaryllis flowers are among one of our favorite floral designs, check out a few of our favorites and their special meaning.

Amaryllis Tattoo Ideas

Meaning of the Amaryllis Flower

These stunning flowers are believed to mean pride, strength, and determination as they stand tall above all other winter blooms. Amaryllis is also a Greek name which means ‘to sparkle’. Very in keeping with the festive season when we throw glitter at literally everything.

This flower doesn’t just bloom in bold shades of red – although that’s definitely our favorite. You can also find amaryllis in cool white hues, vivid purples and bubblegum pinks.

  • Pink Amaryllis – The flowers that grow in this feminine shade are believed to symbolize love and friendship. The perfect choice as a gift for a close friend at Christmas then.
  • Purple Amaryllis – Amaryllis flowers in deep shades of purple are associated with royalty and spirituality. Great for that pal who is all about aligning chakras and reading tarot cards.
  • White Amaryllis – In some cases, this colour amaryllis is chosen to represent sympathy flowers when mourning a loved one. Send white amaryllis to someone who has lost someone close to them to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  • Orange Amaryllis – The fiery orange shades of this flower symbolise happiness and good health. It’s a great choice for someone who you want to send get well wishes to.
  • Yellow Amaryllis – If you want to wish a loved one good luck then give them an amaryllis flower, whether it be for an exam they’re prepping or if they’re waiting for some big news.

Amaryllis Tattoo Meaning

The amaryllis symbolizes pastoral poetry. Its deep colors of red, white, and pink emerging from the center of the amaryllis flower have the common meaning of pride.

Amaryllis Tattoo Ideas

1. Amaryllis + Quote Tattoo Design

2. Hand Poked Amaryllis 3 Flower Tattoo

3. Amaryllis Outline Design

4. Dainty Amaryllis Chest Piece

Amaryllis Tattoo Female

5. Simple Amaryllis Outline

6. Three Amaryllis Chest Piece

7. Translucent Amaryllis Thigh Design

Cool Floral Ideas

Red Amaryllis Flower Tattoo Designs

8. Detailed Single Amaryllis

9. Large Red Amaryllis Back Design

10. Bold Amaryllis Shoulder Tattoo Idea

11. Fun Red Flower Hand Tattoo

12. Red Amaryllis Rib Design

Red Flower Tattoo

13. Full Flower Bundle with Amaryllis Design

14. Soft Shaded Red Amaryllis Idea

15. Small Red Amaryllis Behind the Ear

16. Realistic Replication of Amaryllis Flower

Amaryllis bouquet Flower Tattoos

17.  Large Watercolored Shoulder Design

18. Red Amaryllis Flower Bundle

19. Amaryllis Tattoo Padiham

20. Soft Designed Amaryllis Flower

21. Three Flower Shoulder Design

22. Large Detailed Amaryllis Idea

Amaryllis Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

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Amaryllis Tattoo Flower