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When it comes to delicate and detailed tattoos, flowers are one of the more popular designs. Are we surprised? Floral arrangements have long been sacred and special symbols of a myriad of emotions. From an expression of grief and mourning to a token of budding love–and everything in between–flowers have long held a history of rich and multi-layered meaning.

Lest you think a floral tributary tattoo is just for women, don’t forget that many flowers hold distinctly masculine and powerful energy. Like the bird of paradise or the scentless alstromeria. In classical Japanese tattooing, flower designs are robust, dark, and powerful and would look good on either a male bicep or a female forearm. The great thing about floral tattoos is that they can easily be incorporated with other designs. A skull and crossbones, an American traditional anchor, an open book–flowers are great way to showcase an already existing piece.

They can, of course, stand on their own and hold their own as a piece all by itself. If you’re someone who’s long be interested in the language of flowers, a floral tattoo would be more than right for you.

Amaryllis flowers make for stunning floral designs. Read on to find out the meaning behind this bold and beautiful bloom.


Amaryllis Tattoo Ideas

Meaning of the Amaryllis Flower

The Greek word amarullis means to sparkle, sparkling, or splendor. Perhaps the most fascinating part of the amaryllis flower is the myth tied to it. In an ancient poem by the revered poet Virgil, we meet a beautiful nymph named Amaryllis. The nymph falls in love with a gardener, a gardener who does not return her feelings of love and adoration. Sigh–such is the way with many myths. Not to be put off easily, Amaryllis take a golden arrow and pierces her heart every day for days on end on the gardener’s doorstep to prove her undying devotion. Dramatic? You bet. But out of it we supposedly got the lovely red amaryllis flower.

Few flowers represent strength or spirit, pride, and determination like the amaryllis flower. After all, its namesake was certainly all of those things. Not every flower comes in the arresting ruby-blood shade, however. The amaryllis ranges in shades of ivory, violets, and even soft pinks. Each color holds a very specific meaning:

  • Pink–Is there a more feminine shade thank pink? This soft color represents love and friendship.
  • Purple–Unsurprisingly given its Greco-Roman origins, a purple amaryllis represents royalty, a color that has long been associated with royal blood the world over. Purple also symbolizes a spiritual nature, making a great tattoo choice for anyone who considers themselves to be particularly in tune with their inner self.
  • White–As is the custom in many cultures around the world, white is the color of mourning. A white amaryllis is a great idea for a tributary tattoo dedicated to a lost loved one.
  • Orange–Happiness and health!
  • Yellow–A yellow amaryllis represents good luck and good fortune.

Amaryllis Tattoo Meaning

Another name for the amaryllis flower is the naked lady. As its meaning in Victorian times was tied to strong, robust, beautiful women, this nickname for the amaryllis flower is more than apt. I don’t know about you, but I think of a great many tattoo designs that play on this rather risque nickname–wink, wink.

Amaryllis Tattoo Ideas

1. Amaryllis + Quote Tattoo Design

2. Hand Poked Amaryllis 3 Flower Tattoo

3. Amaryllis Outline Design

4. Dainty Amaryllis Chest Piece

Amaryllis Tattoo Female

5. Simple Amaryllis Outline

6. Three Amaryllis Chest Piece

7. Translucent Amaryllis Thigh Design

Cool Floral Ideas

Red Amaryllis Flower Tattoo Designs

8. Detailed Single Amaryllis

9. Large Red Amaryllis Back Design

10. Bold Amaryllis Shoulder Tattoo Idea

11. Fun Red Flower Hand Tattoo

12. Red Amaryllis Rib Design

Red Flower Tattoo

13. Full Flower Bundle with Amaryllis Design

14. Soft Shaded Red Amaryllis Idea

15. Small Red Amaryllis Behind the Ear

16. Realistic Replication of Amaryllis Flower

Amaryllis bouquet Flower Tattoos

17.  Large Watercolored Shoulder Design

18. Red Amaryllis Flower Bundle

19. Amaryllis Tattoo Padiham

20. Soft Designed Amaryllis Flower

21. Three Flower Shoulder Design

22. Large Detailed Amaryllis Idea

Amaryllis Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

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Amaryllis Tattoo Flower

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