Inside: Perfectly Balanced Sun and Moon Matching Tattoos.

Looking to get a tattoo that you and your BFF can get together? Maybe even you and your boo are looking to go a little deeper in your relationship and commit to getting matching ink?

You could have any number of reasons why you would want to get a sun and moon tattoo that match up with each other. It might be to honor someone who has passed away, or it might be to symbolize your own personal balance between the light and dark within you (or something else). Or it might be a way to share the experience with your bestie or significant other.

Whatever your reason, finding the perfect matching set of sun and moon tattoos doesn’t have to be a chore. We will help you to get just what you want in a tattoo design! We have gathered the best sun and moon tattoos ever!

Sun and Moon Matching Tattoos

Matching Sun and Moon Tattoo Meaning

Sun and moon tattoos can signify several things. In astrology, it represents masculine and feminine energies. If you are matching your tattoos with your significant other, you’re likely making a commitment to that person as well. They are also a symbol of unity, harmony, and balance.

Perfectly Balance Sun and Moon Matching Tattoos

1. Crying Moon Design

2. Simple Matching Idea

3. Flowery Sun + Moon

Sun and Moon Matching Tattoo ideas

4. Tiny Tattoo Ideas

5. Matching Forearm Sun and Moon

6. Red Ink Tattoo

7. Middle of the Back Moon and Sun

8. Sun and Moon Combo

Small Sun Moon Tattoos

Matching Tattoos for You and Your BFF

These super fun sun and moon matching tattoo ideas are perfect to get with your bff!

9. Matching sister tattoos sun and moon

10. Matching Best Friend Tattoos

11. Live by the sun, love by the moon.

matching best friend tattoo ideas

12. Dot Work Tattoo

13. Sun and moon tattoo matching set

14. Forearm Tattoo Ideas

15.  Matching Wrist Tattoo Idea

Matching Tattoos of sun & moon

Simple Sun and Moon Matching Tattoo Designs

Looking for something simple and small? These sun and moon matching tattoos are perfect for you.

16. Rising Sun, Setting moon

17. I’m the sun, you’re the moon.

18. Simple matching sun and moon couple tattoo

Simple Sun + Moon Tattoos

19. No matter what, no matter where 

20. Simple Matching Moon tattoos

21. Arrow through

Simple Tattoo Designs that match

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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