Inside: 25 Cute Couples Tattoo Ideas. 

You know what they say, “couple who tattoo together, stays together.” Okay, maybe they don’t say that, but they should!

I know, I know, it can be a little cliche to get matching tattoos with your significant other, but it’s 2021 and there are no rules. I believe that if you have someone or something so important to you that you want to tattoo it on your body, then it is worth it forever.

Can I get an amen?

So, if you’re feeling wild, in love, or just crazy about one another, here are 25 cute couples tattoo ideas to show just how much you two mean to one another.

Cute Couples Tattoo Ideas To Gush Over

Should I get a Matching Couples Tattoo?

If you have already made up your mind, you are welcome to skip to the cute couples tattoo designs. But if you are still considering whether or not to get matching tattoos, here are 5 things to know before getting inked with your Significant Other:

  • Couple tattoos don’t turn a bad relationship around.
  • Choose tattoo designs that mean something to you already. – Even if you break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, the tattoo will still be meaningful to you.
  • Getting couples tattoos is a relationship ritual. So make sure both of you are willing to carry it for the rest of your lives.
  • Name tattoos are believed to bring back luck to relationships. So if you can, avoid them.
  • If you treat tattoos as a timeline of life, and the person you tattoo with is a big part of it, go for it.

Cute Couples Tattoo Ideas

1. Tiny Little Hearts

2. Handwritten “I Love You”

3. Matching Wedding Bands

4. Mr. + Mrs.

Cute Couples Tattoos

5. Lock and Key Tattoo

6. Ying + Yang

7. X’s and O’s

8. Sunflower and Bee Tattoo Idea

Relationship Tattoo Ideas For Valentines Day

Small Cute Couple Tattoos

9. Hearts with Initials

10. Matching Butterflies 

11. Lion + Lioness

12. Matching Roman Numeral Finger Tattoo

13. King + Queen

Matching Couples Tattoos

14. Sun and Moon Tattoo Idea

15. Pinky Promise

16. Unique Ying and Yang Scene

Cute Couples Tattoo Designs To Show Love

Matching Tattoo Designs for Couples

17. I love him, I love her

18. Soul Mate

Relationship Text Quote Tattoos

19. No Matter Where

20. Lightning Bolt

21. I love you sign

22. Matching Avocados

Unique Ideas For Cute Couples Tattoo

23. Rose Stems

24. Sun + Moon Tattoo Design

25. Outerspace

Matching Love Tattoo Designs

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

  • Small Heart Tattoo Ideas – All of you out there that want something small and dainty should consider one of these super cute small heart tattoos. They would be perfect for someone who doesn’t have any tattoos yet but is sort of scared to get their first one. Or if you want to get a matching tattoo with a friend or family member. Check out these adorable small heart tattoo designs.
  • Dainty Hibiscus Tattoos – Hibiscus tattoos are often big and bold with vibrant colors. However, there are also many dainty hibiscus tattoo designs to choose from. Many believe that the hibiscus flower means good fortune, joy, hope, and happiness. These beautiful flowers will be a masterpiece no matter where you have it placed. Take a look at these dainty hibiscus flower tattoo designs.
  • Vine Tattoos – When looking for a tattoo, people with an appreciation of nature can go a lot of different ways but one tattoo that screams “nature” is the vine tattoo. The vine has a wonderful flow and can be incorporated into many tattoos. The vine tattoo can be the focus of your tattoo or can simply be used as filler around other tattoos. In addition, the vine tattoo can be put anywhere on the body as it can flow and fill in any spot. Whether they cover your whole back or run up and down your fingers, the vine tattoo is one of the most versatile subjects of tattoos that we have seen.