Inside: Cutest small couple tattoo ideas you and your partner will love.

My partner is my favorite person in the entire world. He is the person that I want to spend both my good and bad days with. The person that I want to be next to as I fall asleep. The person that I want to create new experiences with.

Being a part of a ‘couple’ is such a unique experience for each couple. The one unifying theme that we all have in common is the love and loyalty that acts as the basis for our relationships. One of my favorite way to express that love is through getting matching tattoos!

Unique Small Couple Tattoo Ideas. Photo of 2 sun tattoo ideas.

Don’t worry, I am not talking about the kind of tattoo that makes you want to cringe. You know the one. There will be no cursive names in the center of hearts in this article! Instead, I have found some of the most unique small couple tattoo ideas for you to look through with your partner.

The Price of Matching Tattoos

One thing that I love about getting small matching tattoos is that they are affordable! Most of the time, they are under $150, and that’s including your tip. If you go with a simpler tattoo, that price will be even lower.

Will It Hurt?

Yes, I am sorry to say. But the good news is that you will have your partner there with you as moral support the entire time!

If you are really worried about it, make sure you pack up some numbing cream and bring it to your appointment. You simply apply it to the spot you are getting tatted, and it will be numb.

Small Couple Tattoo Ideas

When picking out your matching tattoos, brainstorm with your partner about something that is meaningful to your relationship. It doesn’t have to be serious, but keep whatever you have in mind as you look through these ideas.

1. 2 Smiley Faces – I love this idea because it’s just so simple. You both can get smiley faces of your choosing. This way, you get to put some of your own personality into it, while also matching with the person you love.

2. Pinkie Promise Tattoo – Most relationships are built upon a promise. I think that these pink promise tattoos are just too cute not to include.

3. King and Queen Tattoos – This is a classic tattoo that I wanted to include because some of you may be looking for one that is just like it.

4. Arm Band Idea – This one is subtle and understated, but I think it is an awesome option for couples who don’t like to put themselves out there too much.

5. Nautical-Themed Boats – If your relationship has anything to do with the sea, then I think this might be the tattoo for you. Take a look!

Small Couple Tattoo Ideas. 3 different matching tattoo designs

6. Finger Tattoo Idea – I love finger tattoos. They are just so cute, how can I not? One thing to keep in mind though is that they are pretty painful.

7. Sun and Moon Tattoos – This theme has such a beautiful symbolic meaning behind it. You may be the sun to their moon! I know me and my partner heavily associate with this.

8. Favorite Character Ideas – Awe! You can pick your favorite characters to get tattooed together. I think this is a great idea for those of you couples out there who love to watch TV together.

9. Walle and Eva – These are some of my favorite characters, so I had to include them. I’m selfish, what can I say? Jokes aside, if you are a Disney fan, perhaps you may want to consider getting your favorite Disney characters instead.

10. Her Guardian, His Angel – Another classic. I think this one is super cute.

11. Black Rose Tattoos – Instead of getting a detailed rose, you can get a silhouette of one instead!

12. Celtic Knot Idea – For those of you who are Irish, this is a wonderful and heartfelt small couple tattoo ideas. I think you should check this out.

13. Couple Elephant Tattoo Idea – If you and your boo love animals, then you need to check out this adorable example of matching elephant tattoos!

14. Matching Bracelet Idea – You can both get a permanent matching bracelet. I think this is s super unique approach, and it looks super cute.

15. Abstract Idea – If you like things that are more artsy and abstract, then I think you can get a lot of inspiration from this idea right here.

16. Always and Forever – This is such a sweet sentiment and idea. What do you think? Sometimes the best tattoos are the simple ones.

3 different matching tattoo ideas for boyfriend and girlfriend

Unique Small Couple Tattoo Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to show you some of my favorite unique small couple tattoo ideas. These are the perfect examples of all of the different directions you and your partner could go.

17. Tiny Tattoo Compilation – I wanted to start this next list with a bit of a compilation. This photo shows a bunch of adorable couple tattoo ideas!

18. Cats Tattoo Idea – My partner and I will probably be getting matching tattoos of all of our cats soon(we have 3). This is a wonderful way to get a tattoo that represents your little family.

19. King and Queen Idea – If she is the queen to your king…you have to get this tattoo. This is a pretty common tattoo, but the art style of these is unique.

20. Mini Moon Tattoo Idea – Mini moon tattoos have a little spot in my heart.

21. Play Station Idea – If you and your partnerr love to play games together, then I think this play station tattoo idea is the perfect one for you.

22. Thumbprint Heart Idea – This one is super cute, I can’t even stand it. The tattoo artist can take your thumbprints and use them to create a heart.

23. Matching Leaves Tattoo – I love all things fall and autumn. If you and your boo got together around that time, then maybe a leaf is a good tattoo idea for you two.

24. Sun and Ocean – If you are the outdoorsy type, I think getting a tattoo of nature-based things is an awesome idea.

25. Lion and Lioness –  I think that getting animal versions of you as matching tattoos is a super cute idea that cannot be ignored!

26. Sun and Moon Idea – The sun and moon are always going to be lovely matching tattoo ideas because they are simple, elegant, and understated.

27. Elk Matching Tattoos – If you live in a rural area then chances are you have gotten close with an elk once or twice. These majestic creatures make for great tattoos.

Small Couple Tattoo Ideas.

I am so fed up with the cringy couple tattoos. I don’t mean to be judgy, I just can’t help it when it comes to tattoos. Sure, some of these on this list might qualify as basic, but they are unique enough in their art style to be taken out of that category completely.

Those of you out there who are on the fence about getting a couple tattoo because you are worried about breaking up in the future…don’t worry. I know that we never fully know what the future holds, but chances are this person means a lot to you.

I mean, you want to get a tattoo with them…they must mean a lot. And even if you do go your separate ways in the future(not that that is going to happen) you will have your tattoo as a reminder that you can love and be loved.

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