Inside: Coolest first tattoo ideas for men who don’t know what they want, but are ready to make a statement.

Getting your first tattoo is a big deal. It can be overwhelming to have to comb through the internet in search of ideas, so I wanted to make it easier for you.

I gathered some of the best starter tattoo ideas for you to look through to start getting ideas for your first session. This is so exciting! I remember my first session, I was so nervous walking in…but I left with a skip in my step.

First Tattoo Ideas for Men That Don't Suck

My hope is that you have a similar experience. When you are looking at the list below, screenshot or save the photos you want to use as inspiration! Before we get into those, I want to cover some basic questions that you might back.

Will It Hurt?

Since this is your first tattoo, I know this question has crossed your mind. Let me put you at ease: Yes, your tattoo is going to hurt. I know what you may be thinking, “Uhm…that did not put me at ease.”

Well, what did you want me to do…lie to you? Everyone knows that tattoos hurt. But you have nothing to worry about because tattoos are not as painful as they sound.

Everyone has seen the video of the tattoo gun going in slow motion. Admittedly the small needly piercing skin 1000 times a second makes me uneasy, but it’s a different experience when you are in that chair. You totally got this!

How Much Will It Cost?

This is a question that I can’t really answer unless I knew what tattoo you were getting, and what your tattoo artists’ rates are. But you can follow this cost guide here to try and figure it out.

The best way to know is to speak with your tattoo parlor.

First Tattoo Ideas for Men

First up, I have some great ideas to get you started. Think of this article like a meal. This is the appetizer, and the ideas in the next list are the main course. What are you waiting for? Check it out.

1. Classic Statue Idea – I think this is a truly epic tattoo idea because it’s so classy. You can get any classic stature of your choosing!

2. Bonsai Tree Tattoo Idea – If you love bonsai trees(or plants in general) then I think this is a wonderful first tattoo for you. They symbolize patience, which is a lovely thing to be reminded of.

3. Important Date Tattoo – If you have an important date that you want to immortalize on your skin, then you need to see how this person did it.

4. Favorite Snack – You can get your favorite snack tattooed onto you as this person did. There are so many different ways you can do this.

3 different examples of black and white tattoos.

5. Cool Sword idea – This is a broken sword that is a reference to something in pop culture. If you have a favorite sword, you can include that instead.

6. Butterfly Idea – It is the 21st century, there isn’t really a difference between girly and manly tattoos anymore. So if you love butterflies, get one!

7. Favorite Anime Character – I love anime, so this idea spoke to my soul. If you are an anime dweeb like I am, I bet this will be a great idea for you.

8. Buffalo Traditional Tattoo  – If you love wildlife and nature, consider getting your favorite wild animal tattooed onto you. They are timeless!

9. Snake In B&W – Snakes are a super tough first tattoo to get. I know they may seem scary, but they symbolize starting over and rebirth. This is due to the fact that they shed their skin as they grow into their new body.

10. Skull with Horns – Pretty epic if you ask me.

11. Lion Arm Band – If you like the idea of getting an animal tattoo but feel like it’s just missing something, then look at this idea. It’s an armband with a lion’s head!

12. Kiss Mark In Color – This is a fun one, and a classic too. You can get your wife’s kiss mark tattooed onto it.

13. Compass Idea – This way you always have a good sense of direction in your life. Just make sure that you get it facing a way that you will be able to read.

14. Little Sun – A sun is a wonderful tattoo idea. There are so many different styles that you can do, but I like this tattoo.

Awesome First Tattoo Ideas for Men

Lastly, I wanted to share with you some of the most awesome first tattoo ideas for men. Not only are these aesthetically pleasing, but they are the perfect starter for your tattooing journey.

15. Interesting Lion Tattoo – I think this take on a classic tattoo is super interesting. I wanted to show you this to drive home the point that you can make your tattoo into whatever you desire.

16. Mandala Tattoo Idea – A mandala is a super beautiful design that you can get.

17. Scorpion Idea in B&W – For those of you looking for a hard-core tattoo, maybe a scorpion is just the thing you need.

18. Spiderweb Idea On Elbow – I love when I see someone with an elbow tattoo, because most of the time you won’t see that space being used.

19. Black Panther Idea – I love this tattoo of a black panther. I think the art style is really cool, and this would make a wonderful first tattoo.

20. Egyptian Eye Tattoo – If you have Egyptian heritage, or you are a history buff who loves Egypt, consider getting yourself an Egyptian eye tattoo!

21. Unalome Ink Design – You can use different symbols that may have important meanings to you or your family. These will always be great tattoos.

3 different first tattoo ideas in black and white

22. Photography Tattoo Idea – If you love to take photos, then you need to check out the photography tattoo ideas. It’s super cool!

23. Favorite Animal Idea – If you liked the favorite animal tattoo idea from earlier but want something that is more realistic, I think this is the example that will give you inspiration.

24. Modern Spin on Classic Art –  I love when I see such unique tattoos because it really says a lot about the person who got it.

25. Puma Tattoo Idea – Here is a traditional style puma tattoo. I like traditional tattoos because they have a thicker line and a bolder shading style.

26. Dog Tattoo Idea – If you have a dog that you love, they deserve to be remembered forever. What better way to do that than by getting a tattoo of them?

27. Tiger Idea in B&W – And of course, I had to finish off this list with a tiger. How could I not? This example is super cool.

First Tattoo Ideas for Men That Don't Suck

There you have it, the most awesome first tattoo ideas for men. I hope that looking through these got you excited to book your first appointment.

Don’t let any fears stop you from getting the tattoo of your dreams. I promise, you are going to walk in scared, but leave ready to set your next appointment. Pretty soon you are going to have a sleeve. That’s what happened to me!

This list of ideas is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to keep on finding inspiration, you are in the right place. Check out some of my other ideas, I have plenty to share.

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