Inside: What is a Tattoo Touch Up & When To Get One?

Just because your tattoo is fresh doesn’t mean it won’t fade. While it will not disappear completely, the design can lose vibrancy and color with time and specific practices.

A touchup can breathe new life into it, whether you got a tattoo a couple of weeks ago or it’s decades old.

Touch Up Tattoo Definition

Top Signs Your Tattoo Needs a Touch Up

Here are some of the top reasons why you should seriously consider a touchup

It’s Fading

If your tattoo has seen better days, you can breathe new life into it with a touchup. You also need to go in for one after a few weeks of getting inked, or it may fade prematurely. In fact, your design may wash out if it is not cared for properly. An old design can look unattractive and washed out as well.

Try to visit the same tattoo artist who made the original design. Some artists do not like touching up work that isn’t theirs. But if your OG artist is unavailable, find someone who does not have an issue with it. They may provide several touchup options you never considered.

Older tattoos take longer to refresh than newer ones since the ink is faded and blurred. The process can take the same amount of time it took when you first got it, and the price will reflect. But the results will be worth it.

Tattoo Touchup

It’s On a Specific Body Part

A tattoo placed on the part of the body that is exposed to the elements experiences a lot of friction or sweats a lot and loses its shape and color with time. This includes tattooing designs on the foot, ankle, thigh, hands, and other hidden areas.

Excess moisture, stretching, and friction can alter the look of the design, as can the bodily changes you undergo as you age or if you get into an accident. A touchup can make the tattoo vibrant once again. Just make sure you follow the aftercare instructions. Otherwise, the touchup will start to lose its brightness and colors prematurely. Sunscreen and moisturizer can work wonders. Plus, make sure your clothing is loose around the fresh tattoo.

It Doesn’t Heal Right

Accidents can ruin fresh tattoos. A scratch, scar, and even coarse clothing can rub the design raw, leading to scabs. In severe cases, you may only be left with spots of ink. If you think the tattoo isn’t healing well enough or the design is wonky, reach out to the tattooist again.

They can give you tips on the healing process (like recommending products for optimal healing) or even book a touchup session if they think the design needs it.

When To Get A Tattoo Touch Up

Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo Touchups

Do tattoo touch ups hurt?

That depends on the extent of the process. Most touchups take the same time and process as a regular tattoo, so the pain may be the same. The pain can increase slightly if it is in a sensitive area (such as tattoos on the knees, ribcage, feet, head, and face) or requires several sessions.

No touchup is entirely painless, but the threshold differs from one person to the next. Some people can feel less pain than others, but even they can experience significant discomfort for touchups on areas with thin skin and nerve endings.

How do tattoo touchups heal?

These heal the same way a new tattoo does and thus need the same aftercare. The tattooist uses the same needles to retrace and recolor the design, so there is skin trauma that needs to be treated.

In some cases, artists touch up a small portion of a tattoo at a time in multiple sessions, so it heals faster.

Top Tattoo Ideas That Are Easier To Touchup Than Others

Flower tattoos – A small flower tattoo that fades with time and circumstances can bloom again with a re-tattoo. Here are some great ideas you can look into.

Minimalist tattoos – As is apparent from the name, minimalist tattoos are simple and have clean lines that can be touched up without much effort, time or pain. Here are some ideas you can look into.

A tattoo is a great way to express your ideas, passions, thoughts, and feelings to the world. If it fades, it sends the wrong message. A touch up can do wonders for its look and your confidence. Just make sure you follow the same aftercare instructions as you would with a new tattoo, and all will be well.

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