Inside: What is a Tattoo Touch Up & When To Get One?

What is a Tattoo Touch Up?

A touch-up essentially means tattooing over your existing tattoo to fix any problems with it. Unlike getting a new tattoo, a touch-up usually involves adding small details or a bit of color to the existing ink.

They’re typically quick jobs that don’t require you to spend much time under the tattoo gun.

Touch Up Tattoo Definition

How long before a tattoo can be touched up?

Ideally, if a touch-up is needed, it is best to get it done 1-6 months after receiving the first tattoo. It can be retouched up to 12 months after, but many artists recommend doing it within the first 6 months.

What to Do if You Think Your Tattoo Needs Touching Up

First and foremost, wait until your tattoo has completely healed before deciding on a touch-up. You should never tattoo your skin while it’s still recovering, even if it is only a small section.

If you notice any imperfections once your tattoo has healed, book an appointment with your artist to get it fixed. Even if you don’t see anything wrong with it, it might be a good idea to get your artist to look it over. They have a trained eye and might be able to spot blemishes that you overlooked (as many of them are perfectionists when it comes to their work).

When To Get A Tattoo Touch Up

Book your touch-up ahead of time, just like you would any tattoo session. Even if it only requires a small amount of work, your tattoo artist is likely to be busy with other clients and might not be ready to do your touch-up if you show up unannounced.

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