Inside: What are Mastectomy Tattoos & Why They Can Help.

Mastectomy tattoos are more than just superficial, fancy body artwork. Every year, hundreds and thousands American women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Many of these women have to make the difficult decision of undergoing some kind of mastectomy – the complete or partial removal of one or both breasts.

In many cases, the surgery can be life-saving but in some instances, it can even lead to huge relief, especially when avoiding a cancer scare. Irrespective of why someone opts for this surgery, we can’t deny the fact that the process of losing a part of one’s body or accepting new scars can often be draining – emotionally, physically, as well as mentally.

Many women depend on cosmetic treatments and solutions to shepherd through these challenging experiences. Getting a mastectomy tattoo is one of the solutions most preferred by these women.

Keep reading to learn what exactly a mastectomy tattoo and how this cosmetic treatment is changing the lives of people suffering from chronic medical conditions like breast cancer.

mastectomy tattoos

What Is A Mastectomy Tattoo?

Scars are an inevitable outcome of a breast removal surgery. Mastectomy tattoos are designed to cover up those scars and make the process of coping to the change easier for patients. Sometimes, only simple areola tattoos are needed. When a surgeon fails to save the nipple during a mastectomy, he/she can rebuild a breast and instruct an expert tattoo artist to ink a natural-looking nipple on it. This will make the breast appear like it hadn’t undergone a major surgery.

But mastectomy tattoos entail more than creating realistic-looking areolas.

Some women may decide to get tattoos that are more decorative and colorful. In addition, the tattoo could even spread to the entire chest area. Feathers, intricate flowers, birds, lace, vines – the design potential of a mastectomy tattoo are infinite.

Apart from breast cancer patients, there are several other types of people who opt for similar body art. For instance, several women who have undergone general breast reconstruction (including a breast lift or any kind of reduction) also get these tattoos. Likewise, non-binary and trans people who have had a top surgery, or people with severe scarring or breast disfiguration (as an outcome of a disease or accident) can also opt for these tattoos.

Now that you know what a mastectomy tattoo is, let’s look at some of the most important things you should know about it before starting the process.

Mastectomy Tattoos

1. Black and White Floral

2. Watercolor Flowers

3. Blue Bird

mastectomy tattoos Ideas & designs

Get Mastectomy Tattoos Only After Your Scars Have Healed Fully

Often patients are in a rush to get a mastectomy tattoo and be done with the reconstruction process. But according to experts, that isn’t the best route to take. Getting a mastectomy tattoo can do more harm than good if you get it while the scars are still maturing. Because the process will cause damage and destroy new tissue. As a general rule of thumb, it is advised to wait at least three months before getting a reconstructive tattoo. But please not that it may take even longer, depending on your unique case.

Keep in mind, everybody’s body is different and heals at a different pace. The best time to get a mastectomy tattoo is when your scars are no longer red.

Find the Right Artist 

Before getting on the seat, be sure to check the tattoo artist’s past work and ensure their drawings are as realistic as possible, especially if you’re going for areola tattoos. In addition to this, make sure that the artist is experienced with creating tattoos around scars.

Although, there are presently no formal medical tattooing standards or regulation, but there are several artists who choose to educate themselves for superior service. Before choosing a tattoo artist, you can check the years of experience they have under their belt and/or whether they’ve taken any trainings on making mastectomy tattoos.

The Process Can Be Triggering

Mastectomy tattoos can definitely be empowering. But it’s worth noting that process of getting once may also bring up difficult and intense emotions. Undergoing a mastectomy surgery isn’t easy and getting a tattoo on the same area can trigger memories of that experience. In some cases, this can result in a significant stress response – including anxiety, accelerated heart rate, breathing, sweating, etc. – from the patient.

Mastectomy Tattoo: Transforming Lives One Tattoo at A Time…

As shared earlier, mastectomy tattoos are empowering but at the same time they can be quite exhaustive. So, make sure you’re well prepared before taking a spot in the tattoo artist’s chair.

So, that’s all for today. We’d love to know if this post helped you in anyway at all. Feel free to reach out if have any questions regarding the mastectomy tattoos. We’ll be more than glad to help.

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