Inside: 73 Simple Dolphin Tattoo Designs for Females.

Dolphins are such magical and mysterious animals.

On the one hand – just the animal inhabitants of the sea, and on the other – being endowed with intelligence, friendliness, playfulness, helping a person in critical situations.

Perhaps that’s why dolphin tattoos are so popular.

The meaning of dolphin tattoos can vary depending on the styling of the image, there are so many different unique and playful meanings to a dolphin, all of which hold a special place.

Check out some of our favorite playful dolphin designs and inspiration.

Ocean Animal Tattoos

Dolphin Tattoo Meaning

A dolphin tattoo idea is a popular choice for lovers of aquatic life and is also associated with playfulness and fun.

The tattoo dolphin is a great choice for those wanting a cheerful symbol of the beach and ocean, while also appealing to people who identify as free spirits.

The dolphin symbol is most often etched for female tattoos lovers, who often choose smaller versions of the animal, often leaping from the water or frolicking in the surf.


Dolphin tattoos are associated with a lot of different meanings. As one of the most intelligent creatures in the world (some people go as far as believing that dolphins are smarter than humans), the dolphins of course has the symbolic meaning of intelligence.


In myths that come from sailors a long time ago, dolphins saved lives of sailors by saving them from drowning and bring them back home. Dolphins’ kindness and peaceful relationship with humans over time make them the symbol of peace.

Closeness to Family

Due to the fact that the dolphins seem to be always swimming together in groups all the time, the dolphins are often used for symbolizing closeness to family.


The cute appearance of dolphins and the impression that they are always playing, jumping in and out of water gives the dolphins a symbolic meaning of playfulness.

Additionally, from ancient Greece stories, the dolphin has the symbolic meaning of god. The solar dolphin, the dolphin that appears with the sun, and the lunar dolphin, one that appears with the moon, are used for representing two Greece gods, namely Apollo and Aphrodite. Apollo, or the sun dolphin, stands for health and rebirth, while Aphrodite, or the moon dolphin, stands for dreams and hidden power.

Simple Dolphin Tattoo Designs

1. Realistic Shaded Dolphin Design

2. Colorful Unique Dolphin Tattoo Idea

3. Single Line Dolphin Art

4. Colorful Blue and Purple Dolphin with Bubbles

5. Dolphin with Beach Scene

6. Outlined Dolphin Wrist Tattoo

7. Small Dolphin Finger Tattoo

Simple Dolphin Tattoo Designs

8. Cute Dotwork Dolphin Design

9. Colorful Blue Dolphin

10. Dolphin Jumping Out of a Wave

11. Butterflies and Dolphins

12. Colorful Dotwork Design

13. Girl Swimming with Dolphin Art

14. Black and White Design

15. Watercolor Background of Dolphin

Small Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

16. Dolphin Heart Tattoo with Waves

17. Outlined Dolphin Ankle Tattoo Design

18. Tribal Dolphin Design Idea

19. Realistic Small Dolphin Tattoo

20. Dolphin Design with Rays

21. Small Realistic Dolphin

22. Simple Dolphin with Sparkles

23. Bright Colored Dolphin Design

24. Detailed Blue Dolphin Idea

25. Geometric Dolphin Outline

26. Dolphin Diving Underwater

27. Dolphin Jumping Out of a Wave

28. Butterflies and Dolphins

29. Colorful Dotwork Design

30. Girl Swimming with Dolphin Art

Dolphin Tattoo Designs for Females

With more women opting for a stronger, bolder, sexy tattoo style of personal body art, tattoos accentuating the curve and flow of skin have been gaining popularity along with more complex creations with layers of symbolic meaning.

31. Realistic Shaded Dolphin Design

32. Colorful Unique Dolphin Tattoo Idea

33. Single Line Dolphin Art

34. Colorful Blue and Purple Dolphin with Bubbles

35. Dolphin with Beach Scene

36. Outlined Dolphin Wrist Tattoo

37. Small Dolphin Finger Tattoo

Dolphin Tattoo Designs for Females

38. Cute Dotwork Dolphin Design

39. Colorful Blue Dolphin

40. Dolphin Jumping Out of a Wave

41. Butterflies and Dolphins

42. Colorful Dotwork Design

43. Girl Swimming with Dolphin Art

44. Black and White Dolphin Design

Unique Dolphin Tattoos

These unique dolphin tattoos are just a few of our favorite fun ways to create a unique design.

45. Dolphin Touching Galaxy Moon

46. Cute Dolphin with Bubble Hearts

47. Dolphin Peeking Out of Water

48. Small Colored Blue Dolphin

49. Dolphin Heart Tattoo with Waves

50. Outlined Dolphin Ankle Tattoo Design

51. Tribal Dolphin Design Idea

52. Realistic Small Dolphin Tattoo

53. Dolphin Design with Rays

54. Happy Realistic Dolphin Design

Dolphin and Flower Tattoos

55. Cute Cartoon Looking Dolphin with Flowers

56. Large Rib Piece of Dolphins and Flowers

57. Watercolor Inspired Flowers and Dolphin

58. Dolphin Jumping Out of Boquet of Flowers

59. Hawaiian Flowers with Crashing Wave

Cute Dolphin Tattoos

60. Realistic Shaded Dolphin Design

61.. Colorful Unique Dolphin Tattoo Idea

64. Single Line Dolphin Art

65. Colorful Blue and Purple Dolphin with Bubbles

Cute Dolphin Tattoos

66. Dolphin with Beach Scene

67. Outlined Dolphin Wrist Tattoo

68. Small Dolphin Finger Tattoo

69. Cute Dotwork Dolphin Design

70. Colorful Blue Dolphin

71. Dolphin Jumping Out of a Wave

72. Butterflies and Dolphins

73. Colorful Dotwork Design

More Cute Animal Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these dolphin tattoo ideas, then check out a few more of our favorite ocean-inspired designs.

  • Coral Reef Tattoo Ideas – Coral reef tattoos link art with ocean conservation and environmentalism. Because our oceans are heating up, many coral reefs are dieing or have become merely a memory. The dying coral reefs indicate the state of our oceans and the state of the world. Reef ink is symbolic of love and compassion for sea life. They reflect depth of character in their depth of artwork. These tattoos are great for divers, beach dwellers, and anyone with a heart for the world’s oceans.
  • Jellyfish Tattoos – Looking for something that is super cool and distinctive? Well, you are going to want to consider a jellyfish tattoo. Having a jellyfish tattoo is symbolic of the protection of loved ones, strength, mystery, peace, and love. You’ll find many of them in black and gray, but there are also options for colored jellyfish too. Don’t miss these creative jellyfish tattoo ideas.
  • Ocean Tattoos – Lots of people in the world don’t think that much about the ocean. They know it’s there, they’re happy when they get to see it and they sometimes they enjoy getting in it and battling with the forces ‚ but its still not a super important factor in their lives. Then there are the water babies among us. If you belong to this group of people, you’ll be in the ocean at every opportunity. Why not express your love of these vast seas through tattoo? Here is a large list of ideas for you to consider.

Dolphin Tattoo