Inside: Unique Half Face Half Flower Tattoo Ideas.

The half face half flower tattoo trend has taken over and rightfully so. There is so much beauty and meaning wrapped into these detailed designs. From outlined portraits to fierce animal faces each face side of the tattoo can take on its own meaning.

Add in the different flower elements and you can create a one-of-a-kind design that represents everything you ever wanted.

There are so many different meanings associated with flowers, which makes this tattoo design even more special. Check out our favorite half face half flower tattoo ideas and let us know in the comments your favorite.

Half Face Half Flower Tattoo Design

Flower Ideas for Tattoos and Their Meaning

Cherry Blossom Flower: Common in Japanese style tattoos, the cherry blossom symbolizes empathy and an appreciation for the ephemeral. Since these flowers possess a delicate beauty that fades rapidly, they also serve as a reminder of one’s mortality.

Chrysanthemum Flower: This flower, which blooms in autumn, has come to symbolize the transition from life to death. It also represents royalty and perfection.

Daffodil Flower: A mellow yellow flower, the daffodil represents virtues such as honesty, truth, faith, and forgiveness.

Dahlia Flower: A colorful and spicy flower, the dahlia is a symbol of change, and it can also represent looming betrayal.

Daisy Flower: Opening and closing with the sun’s rise and fall, the daisy was named after the expression, “day’s eye,” and has long been associated with modesty and simplicity. Daisies, like several other flower breeds, have different meanings depending on the color of the flower petals.

Different Meanings of Flowers

Hibiscus Flower: In Japan, the hibiscus represents gentleness, while in Hawaii, it represents royalty, power, and respect.

Iris Flower: The iris’s three petals symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom.

Lily Flower: This tattoo design is a classic symbol of femininity and purity.

Lotus Flower: The lotus flower also has color-specific meanings, which we’ve highlighted below:

Magnolia Flower: An elegant and distinctive-looking flower, the magnolia is a popular symbol for the love of nature, beauty, and life.

Orchid Flower: In Japan, the orchid is a common symbol of bravery, while, in China, it represents prosperity and fertility.

Peony Flower: Known as the King of Flowers in Japan, the peony symbolizes elegance and wealth.

Poppy Flower: This red flower is in remembrance of those who have died in war and represents eternal sleep.

Sunflower: The sunflower was originally honored by the ancient Incas civilization as a symbol of the sun god, due to its resemblance to the sun. This tattoo design is a common symbol for warmth, happiness, and creation.

Tulip Flower: Vibrantly colored and delicate, the tulip is symbolic of prosperity and guilty pleasures.

Carnation Flower: Carnations, with their lovely colors and soft, crepey petals, are known to symbolize admiration, fascination, distinction, and love.

Half Face Half Flower Tattoo

1. Black and White Rose and Face Tattoo 

2. Full Flower Bundle Outline

3. Wild Flowers Growing

4. Stunning half Face and Flower Design

Flowers coming out of a face tattoo ideas

5. Bold Half Face with Flowers Idea

6. Beautiful Half Flower and Head Tattoo 

7. Half Flower Half Skull Design

Flower Face Tattoo

Half Flower Half Animal Tattoo Designs

8. Half Flower Half Horse Tattoo

9. Half Flower Half Wolf Design

10. Dog Face Tattoo Half Face Flower Design

11. Half Cat Half Flower Tattoo

Dog face tattoo half face flower

12. Half Flower Half Lioness Idea

13. Flower and Elephant Face Tatoo

14. Half Tiger Half Flower Design

15.Wolf and Wild Flower Tattoos

Animal Flower Tattoos

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