Inside: Blooming Shoulder Flower Tattoo Ideas. 

The shoulder is one of the best body parts of the tattoo. We usually think of the shoulders as including these two parts, from the part below the front collar bone to the back shoulder blades to the upper half of both arms.

Shoulder Flower tattoo Ideas

The shoulder is a relatively large part of the body, which makes the shoulder tattoo more space to design. At the same time, The shoulders of women are relatively more powerful and sexy place. It’s a space large enough for the big flowers, fun gypsy-inspired tattoos, but it is also suitable for some tiny sexy tattoos.

All those make the shoulder an optimal place for a tattoo for women. Today we are checking out some of our favorite shoulder flower tattoo ideas, from big blooms to detailed petals these are the best!

Shoulder Flower Tattoo Ideas – Pretty Outlines

These shoulder flower tattoo ideas are made up of pretty detailed outlines, they are a pretty way to show off your favorite flowers in a simple way.

1. Dripping Shoulder Flower Tattoo

2. Bold Statement

3. Butterflies and Roses

Shoulder Flower tattoo Ideas

4. Pretty Lillies Tattoos

5. Shoulder Wrap Down

6. Small Flower Spring Shoulder Tattoo

7. Pretty Poppy

Shoulder Flower tattoo Ideas

8. Flower and Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo Idea

9. Large Peony Tattoo

10. Whispy Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder Flower tattoo Ideas

Colorful Shoulder Flower Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for something a little bolder, these bright shoulder flower tattoo ideas are packed full of color.

11. Bright Colored Shoulder Tattoo

12. Big and Bold Flower Statement

13. Yellow Flower Shoulder Tattoo 

Shoulder Flower tattoo Ideas

14. Pretty Flower Bouquet

15. Berry Shoulder Branch

16. Pretty Shoulder Flower Tattoo Idea

17. Wrapped Rose Tattoo

Shoulder Flower tattoo Ideas

18. Deep Red Rose Shoulder Tattoo

19. Pretty White Flowers

20. Wild Flower Shoulder Tattoos

Colorful Flowers

Lovely Flower Tattoo Ideas

There are just so many pretty shoulder flower tattoo ideas, here are a few more of our favorites.

21. Perfectly Placed Shoulder Flower Tattoo

22. Pretty Peony Shoulder Tattoo

23. Wrapped Ivy Shoulder Piece

Colorful Tattoo

24. Dragonfly Accent

25. Pretty Pink Flowers

26. Single Bold Flower Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas

27. Tiny Shoulder Flower Tattoo

28. Purple Bundle Tattoo

29. Large Detailed Shoulder Piece

Girly Tattoo

More Fun Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these shoulder flower tattoo ideas, then you will these other creative ideas.

  • The Prettiest Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas: Hummingbirds are a popular choice for tattoo designs since they are very detailed and delicate looking birds. Many tattoo lovers are opting for the hummingbird tattoo given the bird’s unique capabilities and beauty. Tattoos that utilize birds of any type at the center of their design have gained a lot of preference because they incorporate color, creativity, and a natural image.
  • Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women – Tattoos have grown in popularity over the last decade but the half sleeve tattoos for women, in particular, have been growing rapidly. This tattoo begins either above the elbow to the shoulder or below the elbow to the wrist. This type of tattoo takes thought in creation, but it also takes thought in whether it works for each person, as it’s not as easy to cover up. Many questions arise and endless hours of research occur when looking for that perfect look. What is the statement I am trying to make? What will these tattoos represent? And the list could go on, and on, and on…
  • Semicolon Tattoo Ideas – Every tattoo has a story that’s meant to be told, shared, celebrated and experienced. One particular design that’s making waves across the Internet is that of a semicolon tattoo. They aren’t just a trend, they’re a symbol of a silent fight. Here are 89 of the most inspiring Semicolon Tattoo ideas!

Let us know in the comments your favorite.