Inside: Wildflower tattoo ideas that are as free as you.

The popularity of floral tattoos is seemingly endless, and I understand why. Flower tattoos are a wonderful way to honor the feminine and add a little bit of nature to your body in a dainty and beautiful way. Some of the prettiest flower tattoos are that of the Wildflower variety.

There are hundreds of varieties of flowers that grow in the wild, and each of them holds its own meanings and symbolism that add to its beauty.

As a tattoo, this gives you the opportunity to pick which one best represents you and who you are as a person.

73 Wildflower Tattoos

Tattoos do not always need a deep symbolism behind them to make them worth getting, but it doesn’t hurt! After all, if it’s going to be on your body forever you might as well choose something that inspires you.

Wildflowers can be very inspiring.

The Different Wildflowers & Their Meaning

A wildflower tattoo can have different meanings for each person that gets it. Perhaps they have a personal tie to them, or they are just simply their favorite. Still, wildflowers do each have their own cool symbolism that can add to your tattoo. There are far too many wildflowers to cover in this one article, so today we will just focus on the most common.

  • Lavender: Calming, Tranquility
  • Dandelion: Luck, Youthfulness
  • Poppy: Sleep, Death
  • Pansy: Thoughtfulness
  • Tulips: Love
  • Lily: Pure Love
  • Carnations: yearning
  • Rose: Love

These are just some of the many different meanings that each wildflower can hold. As you could probably guess, this list could go on and on forever, so we shall cut it short now and get on with the tattoo portion of this article, woohoo!

Blackwork flower tattoos

Wildflower Tattoo

This first list is a compilation of a wide variety of styles and flowers for you to look through. My hope is that you will find something that will give you a clue as to what you might be looking for in your own tattoo. Deciding on a tattoo is sometimes the hardest part of the process.

You know you have found the one when you are both inspired and excited about your tattoo to the point where you are literally counting down the days until your appointment. I know that the tattoo that will spark this feeling for you is among the 73 on this list…

1. Beautiful Leg Art

2. Bundle of Black & White Flowers

3. Dainty Little Flower

4. Small Wildflower on Wrist

5. Lavender & Poppies

6. Large Fern on Shoulder

7. Romantic Bouquet

8. Wild & Free Quote

9. Peony Half Sleeve

10. The Bee’s Knees

11. Hand Holding Wildflowers

12. Dandelions

13. Self Love Flowers

14. Flowers & The Moon

15. Simple Flowers with White Detailing

16. Single Flower

17. Detailed Fern

18. Corncockle with Dainty Lines

19. Vine Wrist Wrap

20. Small Bundle

Wildflower Tattoo

Wildflower Tattoo Sleeve

The more the merrier! I mean, is there even such a thing as too many flowers? Below is a list of examples of Wildflower Tattoo sleeves. For those of you who are looking to dedicate a big portion of your canvas(aka body).

This section is for you! Take a look to see if any styles jump out at you.

21. Wildflower Sleeve in Color

22. Black & White Sleeve

23. Peony Quarter Sleeve

24. Lizard Amongst the Flowers

25. Entire Arm Wrap

26. Moth with Wildflowers

27. Abstract Flower Sleeve

28. Black & White Nature Sleeve

29. Verticle Flower Sleeve

30. Hummingbird Flower Quarter Sleeve

Wildflower Sleeve Tattoos

Small Wildflower Tattoo

Something small more your style? I have just one thing. The list below is all smaller examples of wildflower tattoos. Depending on where they are placed, these give you the opportunity to hide them under clothing if you like to keep your tattoos to yourself. One of my favorite spots for a tattoo is behind the ear. It is just hidden enough, while still being visible when wanted.

Take a look below and keep in mind where you might get your tattoo placed!

31. Dainty Little Bundle of Flowers

32. Small Flower Wrap

33. Simple Abstract Flower

34. Daffodils Growing Out Of Heart

35. Single Flower On Back

36. Flower with Butterfly

37. Tulips in Black & White

38. Lavender Going Up Arm

39. Simple Ear Tattoo

40. Triple Flower Combo

41. Flower with Moon

42. Flowers on Ankle

43. Traditional Small Flowers

44. Finger Leaves

45. WildFlower Quote Stem

46. Lotus Outline

47. Little Arm Band

48. Forearm Little Bundle

49. Little Abstract Square

50. Single Flower Outline

Wildflower bouquet tattoo photos

Wildflower Bouquet Tattoo

One flower just not enough for your liking? I have good news. You don’t have to pick just one! In fact, you can choose as many as you like. Below are some tattoos that incorporate bouquets of flowers so you can get the best of whatever flowers you so choose!

51. Full Colored Flowers

52. Tiny Bundle

53. Sunflower Bouquet

54. 3 Tone Flowers in Color

55. Leg Sleeve

56. Flowers with Handwriting

57. Full Nature Bundle

58. Dainty Little Bouquet

59. Vertical Flowers

60. Lavender Bouquet

61. Realistic Sunflowers

62. Bouquet Growing Out Of Skull

63. Flowers with Thick Lines

64. Flower Bouquet Sleeve

65.Minimalist Linework Flowers

66. Simple Flower Bouquet On Arm

67. Flowers with Baby Beetle

68. Crystal Flower Bouquet

69. Wildflowers with Lavender

70. Separate Flower Bouquet

71. Flowers in Color

72. Small Personal Bouquet

73. Simple SunFlowers

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