Inside: Cowboy hat tattoo ideas to try on this summer. 

Cowboy hats make for very popular tattoos, and I see why. They are not only very stylish but can prove to be rich in meaning and inspiration.

There are many different reasons why someone might want to get a cowboy hat tattoo, but you don’t always need a reason. Sometimes you can just get a tattoo for the sake of getting it, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

So if you’re someone who has always liked cowboy hats and has wanted to get one tatted on you for a while now but never have because you didn’t have an excuse, I am your green light telling you to go on and do it!

Cowboy Hat Tattoos Photos

And if you’re curious about what a cowboy hat could possibly represent, then keep reading. Because even if it doesn’t have a personal meaning for you, you may still find some inspiration from the one that the world knows it most for! Let’s discuss…

Cowboy Hat Tattoo Meaning

A cowboy hat tattoo is rich with its own symbolism. The most well-known is that it represents bravado, and one’s ability to carve their own path in life. It means to chart one’s own course and to be self-reliant, even when the odds are stacked against you and it isn’t going to be easy. Very inspiring indeed!

But the meaning behind a cowboy hat tattoo can rely completely on the person getting it. While this person can get one as a remembrance of their father, who always wore cowboy hats, another could get it to represent their favorite western movie.

The beauty of tattoos is how much the meanings can vary. This makes them more personal, and quite a good conversation piece.

Cute outlines of cowboy hats for tattoo inspiration

Cowboy Hat Tattoo Designs

This first list is a broad collection of varying types of Cowboy hat tattoo designs. This way you get a good sense of the different kinds out there and can more accurately choose the style that you’ll be getting. Take a look at these below and pay attention to which ones make your heart happy!

1. Realistic Hanging Hat

2. Simple Outline of Hat

3. Hat with Cigarette

4. Clean Outline of Hat with Strings

5. Cowboy Hat with Flowers

6. Cow Print Cowboy Hat

7. Cowboy Ghost

8. Cowboy Hat in Red

9. Shaded Hat

10. Cute Frog Wearing Hat

11. Pink Princess Hat

12. Sweetheart Hat

13. Dainty Lined Hat

14. Heart Patterned Cowboy Hat

15. Cow Print Hat

16. Black Billed Hat

17. Simple Smiley Cap

18. Black & White Heart Pattern

19. Upside Down Hat being Used for Flowers

20. Soft Ink with Roses

Skull with Cowboy Hat tattoo

The image of a skull with a cowboy hat holds its own special meaning. One of which is that the person getting it is a trailblazer who will go out of their way to get what they are after, and do not fear death in order to obtain it. Though this is a rather intense symbolism, one can refrain it as a symbol of persistence and bravery. If these ideas inspire you, then take a look below.

21. Scull with Cowboy Accessories

22. Traditional Style Skull

23. Simple Skull with Flowers

24. Cool Skeleton in Jacket

25. Gold Toothed Skull

26. Skull In Full Color

27. Skull Cowboy with Flag Bandana

28. Bull Skull

29. Simple Skeleton

30. Red and Black Skull

31. Awesome Skull with White Detailing

32. Realistic Skull Smoking

33. Skull with Red Hat

34. SImple Black & White Skull

35. Bearded Skull

36. Realistic Black & White Skull

37. Skull with Ascot

38. Spooky Skull with Barbed Wire

39. Cartoon Style Skull

40. Guns & Roses

Summer hat and cactus tattoo inspiration

Traditional Cowboy Hat Tattoos

The traditional style is known for its bold line work and vivid colors. It’s been around for just about a hundred years! Since cowboy hats have been around for longer, naturally these old dogs have crossed paths. Take a look to see if the traditional style of tattooing is meant for you!

41. Classic Style Cowboy Hat with Flowers

42. Cowboy Hat with Quote

43. Cow Print Hat

44. Thick Lined Cow Print Hat

45. Bold Colored Cowboy Chicken

46. Decorated Hat

47. Traditional Style Girl

48. 3 Tattoo Stencils

49. Hat with Quote Banner

50. Frog with Manners

51. Eye Ball Wearing Hat

52. 3 Eyed Hat

53. Cowboy Layout in Circle

54. Cowboy with Rope

55. Black & White Tattoo with Single Flower

56. YeeHaw Cowgirl

57. Hot Pink Hat

58. Hat with Cards & Flowers

59. Sea Horse

60. Cowboy Hat with Initials

Cowboy Hat Tattoo

Cowboy Hat and Boots Tattoo

Of course, one cannot have a cowboy hat without boots! It would be like having peanut butter without jelly, bread without butter…the list goes on. Take a look!

61. Simple Hat Resting On Boots

62.  Traditional Cowboy Boots

63. Cool Boots with Quote Written in Ropes

64.  Purple Cowboy Boots with Camo Hat

65. Traditional Style Black Boots

66. Cowboy Boots & Hat with Angel Wings

67. Sunflower with Hat & Boots

68. Simple Boots with Sun Outline

69. Texas Pride

70. Boots & Hat in a Horse Shoe

Small ideas for hat black tattoos

Small Cowboy Hat Tattoo

Smaller tattoos more your style? Then look no further! To finish up this list I’ve made sure to add some simple & small Cowboy Hat tattoos for those of you looking to not use up too much of your Canvas (aka your body), yet at least. If this sounds like something you’d like, check them out!

71. Simple Hat Outline

72. Manatee Wearing Cowboy Hat

73. Jesse from Toy Story’s Hat

74. Clean Outline of Hat

75. Tiny Cowboy Hat

76. Simple Cowboy Hat with Dotted Shading

77. Thick Lined Cowboy Hat

78. Little Hat with Simple Details

79. Red Lined Cowboy Hat

80. Cow Printed Tiny Hat

81. Heart Hat on Ankle

82.Hat in Red Lines

83. Smile with Polkdotted Bill

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