Inside: Cool dead flower tattoo ideas that you’ll love.

I know how backward it may sound, but dead flowers are prettier than alive ones. I said what I said! Okay, maybe they aren’t AS pretty, but they are beautiful in their own way.

Dead flower tattoos have been around for a long time now. They aren’t as popular as living flower tattoos (obviously) but they are popular nonetheless.

I’ve gone ahead and created an awesome list that includes over 55 of the coolest wilting flower tattoo ideas that will have you rethinking ever owning any fresh flowers.

Wilting Dead Flower Tattoo

These examples will give you an idea of what it that you are looking for in your personal tattoo as well as some inspiration for details, colors, etc. Remember, If you love the art, give the artist a follow. They deserve the world!

Before we get into that portion of the article, let’s get into the nitty gritty. Let’s talk meaning!

Dead Flower Tattoo Meaning

A dead or dying flower that is losing its petals symbolizes the loss of love,

Although this may sound sad, there is a flip side. With the loss of one thing comes the rebirth of another. This is life. One thing must go to make room for the new thing. By allowing the flower to shed, you are allowing it to go. Its time has come and passed, there is no sense in holding it hostage.

You will never have the opportunity to find a new long if you hold on to the one that isn’t serving you that tightly. I find this symbolism to be very powerful and comforting.

In today’s society, we are all taught to fear change like it is the worst thing in the world and yet…change is the only thing we are promised. How backward is that! So getting a tattoo that should a flower die is a great way to remind yourself daily that nothing lasts forever, not beauty, not youth, and that I should appreciate where I am now a little more.

Dying Flower Tattoo Cost

I cannot tell you exactly how much your tattoo is going to cost because that all depends on what kind you get. Will it be big, small, detailed, or simple? Plus every shop does their tattooing at different rates. Overall, remember that the bigger the tattoo is the more expensive it will be.

The same thing goes for the other way around, the smaller it is the cheaper it will be. I’ve found that if you are someone who likes to get a lot of tattoos that are running out of room, or fear running out of room, getting smaller tattoos is a wonderful way to be able to maximize your canvas space.

Will it Hurt?

Similarly to the cost breakdown above, I cannot give you an exact estimate of the pain you will feel when getting this tattoo. Everyone’s pain tolerance is completely unique to themselves, but there are a few things that can help to save you some of those painful feelings.

Things like choosing meatier parts of your body to get tattooed rather than the bonier. This is helpful because the bonier parts actually contain more nerve endings which makes them more susceptible to pain.

Dying Flower Tattoo Ideas

Since we have those topics out of the way now, we can get started on the exciting portion of this article: the tattoo inspiration!

Let’s jump on in, there’s just so much to look through.

1. Single Dying Tulip

2.  Wilting Flower in Black and White

3. Sunflower Tattoo

4. Skeleton Hand with Flower

5. Wilting Flower with Moon

6. Black Heart with Flowers

7. Detailed Dying Flower

8. Human Nature

9. Skeleton Picking a Flower

10.  Cute Little Watering Can

11. Simple Dandelion Tattoo

12. Drooping Flower

13. Simple Flower

14. Fairy with Her Flower

15. Wilted Flower Hand Tattoos

Wilting Rose Tattoo under a glass

Wilted Flower Tattoo Designs

Wilted flowers are beautiful in real life as well as in tattoos. One of the best ways you can dry your own flowers is to make a bouquet that is nearing its expiration date. Spend some time picking off the dying petals and leaves until the healthy ones are left.

Then using a string, tie them upside down and leave them for days until they are dry. Voila! You have your own dried flowers to base your tattoo off.

16. Limp Flower Tattoo

17. Skeleton Flower

18. Cute Flower Sketch

19. Simple Drooping Rose

20. Sweet Sunflower Tattoo

21. Sweet Rib Cage Flowers

22. Little Light Flower

23. Sweet Little Sketches

24. Simple Realistic Flower Drawing

25. One Line Flower Drawing

26. Cute Flower Drawing

27. Wilting Sunflowers

28. Droopy Flower Drawing

Wilting Flower Examples in Black and white

Lovely Wilting Flower Designs

Many people don’t see the romanticism in dying flowers, but they are really quite lovely. They just go to show that live flowers aren’t the only thing with beauty.

It’s everywhere if you know where to look. If you don’t like any of these options, perhaps try your hand at designing your own tattoo!

29. Flower Bouquet with Snake

30. Flowers with a Bird Cage

31. Skeleton Hand Holding a Rose

32. Detailed Rose with Dead Hummingbird

33. Rose Plant Around a Moon

34. Colorful Flowers on Black and White Animal Skull

35. Chrysanthemum Thigh Piece

36. Nothing Lasts Forever

37. Wilting Flower in Skull

38. Wilting Flowers with Animal Skulls

39. Sweet Wilting Flowers

40. Flowers in an Envelope

Falling Rose Petals Tattoo

I like tattoos that show this kind of motion. It’s like you can just feel the wind it took to shake those petals free. It just feels like a very whimsical dead flower tattoo and I love it!

Take a look at these to see what I am talking about.

41. Rose with Spiderweb

42. Flower Bouquet with Petals Falling

43. Dying Rose Tattoo Idea

44. Perfect Rose with Wilted Petals

45. Wilting Rose on Thigh

46. Black and White Rose

47. Beauty and the Beast

48. Black and White Rose Tattoos

49. Sweet Black and White Rose

50. Simple Outlined Rose

51. Simple Rose Losing Petals

52. Wilted Rose on the Hand

SImple wilting flower tattoos

Wilted Rose Tattoo Ideas

For this last little list, I needed to include simple dying roses seeing as these are one of the prettiest flowers when they die. They handle it so well and the end result is just to die for.

53. Simple Wilted Roses

54. Hanging Rose Bouquet

55. Simple Stages of Decomposition

56. Delicate Drooping Rose

57. Dead Rose Bouquet

There you have it, the most whimsical dead flower tattoo ideas. Weren’t they amazing? I thought so! When I am finding so many awesome tattoos on a daily basis it makes it hard for me to not be in the tattoo chair CONSTANTLY.

But that is the fun of finding new tattoo ideas, I get to add them to my little arsenal. I do sometimes wish that I had more canvas because I know I will run out eventually. Scary thoughts but they are the truth.

I found that my favorite dead flower tattoos are the ones with the skeleton hand holding onto them. It reminds me of death and how everything he touches just kills over. For some reason that makes me both happy and sad (which I think is the point of this whole tattoo, it’s happy and sad).

I hope you found something that moved you and got you booking your next appointment because you deserve it!