Inside: Beautiful Flower Tattoos (Over 200+ Designs).

Flower tattoos are some of the most popular and meaningful tattoos. Whether expressing yourself or paying tribute to loved ones, a flower tattoo can say more than words. Right now, delicate floral designs are trending – and these beautiful blooms are not only pretty and feminine, but they also have a symbolic side.

Check out over 200+ beautiful flower tattoo designs that are full of color, beauty, and wonderful meaning!

Flower Tattoos Beauty

Pretty Peony Tattoo Ideas

Like a flower with strong oriental cultural significance, peony flowers often appear in the tattoo designs of Chinese style and Japanese tattoos. In modern designs, peony tattoos are mostly portrayed in beautiful styles and popular in women’s tattoos. The peony is such an amazing flower in the culture of Japan and China, peony tattoos, and are always meaningful in their designs.

Common Peony meanings include romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion — but Peonies can also mean bashfulness. Peony is a strong symbol of beauty, fragility, and transitory nature of existence. Furthermore, they depict that getting great rewards is only possible by taking great risks.

Pink Flower tattoos & Designs

Cactus Tattoo Ideas

There are people who tattoo cacti to show their strength and that nothing can make them quit in their lives. It is mostly tattooed by women because it also represents maternal love and can be designed in many colorful variations. Another interesting meaning is the “Don’t Touch Me” meaning which is kind of fun. Also, people tattoo a part of a desert with a cactus in it to express their loneliness or that they are true survivors in this world.

In all the cactus represents protection, strength, consistency, adaptability, also tenderness, love, endurance. If you found yourself in one or maybe all of these characteristics and you really like it’s look, you should definitely consider getting a cactus tattoo

Flowering cactus tattoo ideas

Blooming Shoulder Flower Tattoos

The shoulder is a relatively large part of the body, which makes the shoulder tattoo more space to design. At the same time, The shoulders of women are relatively more powerful and sexy place. It’s a space large enough for the big flowers, fun gypsy-inspired tattoos, but it is also suitable for some tiny sexy tattoos.

All those make the shoulder an optimal place for a tattoo for women. We are checking out some of our favorite shoulder flower tattoo ideas, from big blooms to detailed petals these are the best!

Flower tattoos For shoulder tattoo inspiration

Flower Ankle Tattoo Ideas

I love the different variations of flowers you can use for these cute ankle tattoos. From simply outlined flower bundles to colorful detailed blooms each of these stunning flower ankle tattoo ideas are full of fun designs and feminine appeal. I love the idea of using your favorite flower, or birth month flower. The look of one simple detailed stem is so pretty.

But there is something also so charming about a bundle of beautiful flowers that makes any decision hard to choose! Let us know in the comments your favorite flower ankle tattoo idea.

Ankle Flower tattoos

Daisy Tattoo Ideas + Meaning

While these tattoos can have a lot of different meanings, most people choose to find their own significance that relates to their own life story and personality.

Daisy tattoos are a symbol of all of the following:

  • Happiness
  • Sunshine
  • Joy
  • Light
  • Cheer
  • Femininity
  • Beauty
  • Emotion
  • Love

With symbolism like these powerful words above, it’s no wonder this is such a popular tattoo design. Daisies bring the wearer luck and honor, marking upon their brightness and strength of character. In addition, daisy tattoos are perfect for pairing with other designs like quotes, scripture, other flowers, or names.

Daisy Flower Designs

Half Butterfly, Half Flower Tattoos

One wing is a collection of flowers growing and blossoming from the body of a beautiful butterfly. Isn’t it a wonderful metaphor? Butterflies spend most of their lives helping flowers grow and flourish, so they’re literally a part of their lives as well. This message is simple to comprehend, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. It seems like as long as we have such unique butterflies tattoos at hand, we will never have a lack of inspiration in our lives. Check out our favorite half butterfly half flower tattoo ideas to show your creativity and growth in life.

butterfly flower designs for tattoos

Flower Wrist Tattoos

When you combine the beauty of a flower with the edginess of a wrist tattoo you have a winning combination for a feminine and unique design. Flower wrist tattoos remain a popular choice for many reasons. Adding to their obvious beauty is the individual meanings of the flowers.

Some flowers represent love and friendship, while others have associations of new life and peace. While their personal significance may remain a secret, their beauty can be shared with others.

Whether you adore a certain blossom for its true beauty or appreciate the sentiment behind it, these flower wrist tattoo ideas are the perfect inspiration for your next tattoo.

Flower wrist tattoos

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs


lotus flower tattoo designs

Beautiful Flower Thigh Tattoos

While the thighs aren’t a traditional tattoo placement for women, their ability to flatter feminine curves has made them incredibly popular over the last few years. Thigh tattoos draw attention to the legs and lower body and can be subtly seductive or bold and beautiful. Not only do your thighs provide one of the best areas for larger designs, but tattoos in this area are also low on the pain scale, and easily covered by clothes if needed. If you’re looking for some flower thigh tattoo inspiration, check out these beautiful ideas.

Flower hip tattoos designs

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Ideas

The most popular Hawaiian flower tattoo is the hibiscus and is the Hawaii state flower. Hibiscus flowers bloom in a variety of colors from pink, red, white, yellow, lavender, green, blue, orange, and purple. This flower design today symbolizes delicate beauty and being consumed by love.

The anthurium is another popular choice for a Hawaiian flower tattoo. This unique bright red flower has a heart shape. These are the popular flower designs that symbolize hospitality, kindness, and friendship. One other popular flower choice for the Hawaiian design is the orchids. These flowers are symbolic of being free-spirited, mysterious, and unique.

Hawaiian Flower tattoos & Meaning

Meaningful Leaf Tattoos

Symbols can range from good and bad. Since each specific leaf has a meaning attached to it, the meanings can very between specific types. However, overall, it can represent any of the meanings listed below.

  • Life
  • Death
  • Life’s cycle
  • Change
  • Rebirth
  • New beginnings
  • Ending
  • Happiness
  • Struggles
  • Trial

Remember, in the end, it represents what you want it to.

Palm Leaf Designs and Inspiration

Simple Tulip Tattoos

You should also know what these tattoos mean: first of all, they are symbols of beauty and a fragrance; secondly, tulip tattoos mean a passion and a perfect love, and, thirdly, they symbolize an opportunity.

Check out our favorite tulip ideas and find out their perfect meaning.

Colorful Tulip Ideas

  • Of course, you should know the meanings of the main colors for your new tulip tattoo. For example, purple tulip tattoos mean a nobility, a spring, and a rebirth; an orange one is for active and energy ladies; yellow tattoos symbolize friendship and a smile; it’s easy to guess that red ones mean true love and a passion.

Black Tulip Tattoo Ideas

Simple Flower tattoos

Lily Flower Tattoo Ideas





Flower tattoos Beautiful with meaning

Delicate + Stunning Orchid Flower Tattoos

Over time, the orchid flowers have symbolized fertility and virility. In ancient Greece, it was believed that people who eat orchid tubers can influence the sex of the baby in the womb. Because of their symmetry, orchid flowers are associated with perfection and beauty. In ancient China, the flowers of orchids were considered the epitome of human perfection.

The Victorian era, the British considered the orchids to be symbols of luxury and opulence, because they could be found only in the tropics and just wealthy people could afford to buy them. In ancient Japan, orchids were considered popular symbols of royalty and wealth. Although orchids have a reputation for being symbols of fertility, wealth, and elegance, their different colors transmit a diverse range of symbolisms.

orchid tattoo ideas

Side Boob Flower Tattoos

The side boob is an interesting spot to get inked on. With full clothes on, no one else will see it.. unless you wanna show it to someone? Know what I mean? *wink* Side boob tattoos are growing in popularity and when combined with another one of our favorite tattoo ideas, flowers, we have a whole list of our faves. From unique designs with quotes and pretty fonts, black and white sexy designs, and playful pops of color, this list is full of tattoo inspiration for all. So which are you? Sexy, sweet, or playful? Let us know in the comments your favorite floral design.

Flower tattoos For Side body Designs

Marigold Flower Tattoos

The flowers are open when the sun is out. The marigold is also called the “herb of the sun”, representing passion and even creativity. It is also said that marigolds symbolize cruelty, grief, and jealousy. It can mean to show strong passion, being associated with the legendary brave and courageous lion.

Marigold tattoo ideas Flowers

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas


Cherry Blossom Japanese Flower Ideas

Carnation Tattoo Ideas

Easily the most common meaning attached to people’s carnation tattoos is love. Sure, the rose is still at the top of the charts when it comes to love tattoos, but the carnation allows people to get something a little bit different while also being able to attach this classic meaning. On top of that, some people simply like the look of the carnation tattoo over the other “love” flowers, so it just makes sense for them to get one of these designs.

Flower carnation tattoos

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

  • Cute Little Tattoos – Little tattoos can be personal and discreet, but they can also have a giant meaning and connection for the wearer. Smaller tattoos can be good for those just starting with tattoos…you know…see if you like it before committing to a large image. If you are just starting, or looking to add something small to your existing collection, check our our list of Cute Little Tattoos.
  • Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women – Tattoos have grown in popularity over the last decade but the half sleeve tattoos for women in particular have been growing rapidly. This tattoo begins either above the elbow to the shoulder or below the elbow to the wrist. This type of tattoo takes thought in creation, but it also takes thought in whether it works for each person, as it’s not as easy to cover up. Many questions arise and endless hours of research occur when looking for that perfect look. What is the statement I am trying to make? What will these tattoos represent? And the list could go on, and on, and on…
  • Eye Catching Aesthetic Tattoo Ideas – Aesthetic is concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty, and what better way to show off what you think is beautiful than some stunning tattoos. From ocean waves, soaring butterflies, to pretty flowers, and colorful designs these eye-catching aesthetic tattoo ideas are perfect for your next ink session. Some of our favorite tattooed areas for these are small but fun places like behind the ear, forearm, collarbone, or finger. You can create a beautiful story with these simple works of art, let us know in the comments your favorite.