Inside: 27 Gorgeous Gypsy Tattoo Ideas.

Gypsy tattoos are a true old school tattoo and a perfect choice for any traditional sleeve or design. Inspired by the gypsy way of life and culture, gypsy tattoos have traditionally honored the traveling lifestyle of gypsy life and taken the form of a woman’s head.

Perhaps due to the strong will and nature female gypsy’s hold. Gypsy tattoos are quite simply one of the most captivating old school tattoos you can get. They can have deep meaning and symbolism or simply just pay respect to traditional tattooing.

Aside from representing the gypsy way of life and the freedom of traveling gypsy tattoos also symbolize; luck, independence, good fortune, desire, and living life. So embrace your inner gypsy and enjoy these gorgeous gypsy tattoo ideas!

Gypsy Tattoo Ideas

What is a Gypsy

Well, over the past 600 years or so, the definition has varied. The original gypsies came from northern India and Egypt. They were a nomadic group who lived on and worked the land to make a living on only what was available to them.

This nomadic life required extraordinary creativity and intelligence in order to survive. It is believed that they traveled to Europe somewhere around the 14th century, and over the next six centuries, they would migrate all over the world.

Today, the term often refers to a member of an itinerant people in Europe, North Africa, and America, with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and make a living with seasonal work, trade, and fortune-telling.

In a larger sense, the word “gypsy” can describe any nomadic, untethered, wandering, self-sufficient, off-the-grid, free-spirited traveler.

Gypsy Portrait Tattoos

1. Gypsy Portrait

2. Outline Beauty

3. Card Reader

Gypsy Tattoo Ideas

4. Bearded Lady Gypsy

5. Gypsy Sugar Skull

6. Pretty Peacock Gypsy

7. Snake Gypsy

Gypsy Tattoo Ideas

8. Blue Eyed Beauty

9. Classic Gypsy Portrait

10. Glass Eyed Gypsy

Gypsy Tattoo Ideas

Crystals, Ball, and Cards

11. “I want to show you how it ends”

12. Wicked Crystal Ball: This is hands down my all-time favorite gypsy tattoo ideas. It’s just perfect.

13. Sun and Moon

Gypsy Tattoo Ideas

14. Colorful Crystals

15. Lavender Crystals

16. Crystal Ball Eye

17. Tarot Card

Crystal Tattoo

18. Small Crystal Ball

19. “My dear you have the Grim”

20. Colorful Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Tattoo

More Great Gypsy Tattoo Ideas

21. The Future is Bright

22. Holding Crystal Ball

23. Third Eye Crystal

24. Gypsy Card

Hand Tattoos

25. Cat Gypsy

26. Tattooed. Hand

27. Dancing Gypsy

Girl Tatoos

Gypsy Tattoo Design Details

Gypsy tattoos usually portray a beautiful female with traditional details associated with her origins. Some designs depict gypsies as they looked many centuries ago, in traditional garb. They’re often portrayed with black hair, dark skin, jewelry, flowers, and heavy make-up. They may also be designed with large feathers and scarves covering their long black hair. You’ll see some with only head and shoulders shown while others portray her entire body.

Often, she is shown looking off into the distance, usually in profile, with a star-gazing look on her face. This look holds symbolic importance because it represents the idea that she can see into the future. Some portray the gypsy with a crystal ball for the same reason. If you are looking toward the future or feel that you possess a special ability of foresight, this design may be perfect for you.

Another popular variation portrays her in a pin-up style popular in the mid-1900s. We’ve seen a resurgence of interest that has created a new school pinup style. Other variations include realistic or cartoon styles. All these options make it a fun tattoo to work with. Remember, you should always consider adding your own personal interpretation of any style.

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