Inside: 50th Birthday Tattoo Ideas.

Turning 50 doesn’t mean that you can’t still rock some ink like those “youngins” Shoot, 50 is basically the new 40! Whether you already have a sleeve full of tattoo stories, or this is your very first, here are 18 50th Birthday Tattoo Ideas to celebrate your big 5-0!

50th Birthday Tattoo Ideas

Nothing say that turning 50 means you can’t get some new ink! I personally think it’s the PERFECT time! You can take a moment to tat something that is important, a life lesson you have learned, or honor someone who meant the world to you.

50th Birthday Tattoo Ideas

1. Special Date: I love date tattoos! They can be used for so many different situations from the date you got married, your birthday, the day you had kids, or the date you lost someone you loved.

2. Blue Vintage Rose: This simple blue rose is perfect for someone who is looking to add a little color to their life!

3. Small Lily Tatoo: There are lots of reasons to love lily tattoos. First of all, they are beautiful. Secondly, they come with HUGE meanings. Great for just about any body part that interests you. This simple design has fine lines, but leaves a big impact.

50th Birthday tattoos

4. Survivor: I am sure in 50 years you have survived some great things! This ribbon tattoo honors your strength.

5. Military Service: Whether you served or know someone who serves this military tattoo is perfect for your 50th birthday tattoo!

6. Honoring Grandkids: Honor your grandchildren with this sweet infinity tattoo idea.

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50th Birthday Tattoo Ideas for Women

7. Cherry Blossom: There is so much beauty in a cherry blossom, whether in a tattoo or in real life. It’s no wonder than stand for beauty. The bright pink coloring looks charming and vibrant.

8. Lily Tattoo: Another spin on the popular lily flower tattoo! The fine lines and whimsical coloring gives it a classic and beautiful look. Add to your arm, shoulder, or back for a brilliant tattoo.

9. Small Lotus: Don’t count out this small lotus flower tattoo. It might be small but it’s brilliantly mighty! Place one on your wrist or anywhere else that you want a tattoo to symbolize strength, an important awakening, or standing firm against temptations.

Tattoo Ideas for Women

10. Butterflies: A butterfly tattoo is a symbol that represents transformation and faith. Like a butterfly, the tattoo represents the freedom of the person.

11. Roses: Roses are a complex flower, and a popular tattoo… The beauty of this flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings. It is contrasted by thorns symbolizing defense, loss, and thoughtlessness.

12. Handmade: If you have lived a life full of DIY, homemade baking, or just love to craft this “Handmade” tattoo is fun for you.

50th Tattoo Ideas for Women

50th Birthday Tattoo Ideas for Men

13. Lion Head: The lion head tattoo is a great representation for strength and power. The lion is the “King of the Jungle”. All the other animals fear the lion because of its amazing strength and agility. When compared to humans, the strength of the lion symbolizes perseverance.

14. Dog Paw: They say that a dog is mans best friend. Get this tattoo for your furry bff or to remember that special playmate you loved so much.

15. Deer Head: If you are an avid hunter then this is perfect for you!

Tattoo for Men

16. Fire Department: Whether it be the Fire Department, Police, or Military a tattoo honoring your service is one of my favorite ideas!

17. Enjoy the Journey: This tattoo is just a reminder to enjoy the journey.

18. Classics: I love these classic looking tattoos. They are great for remembering a character you loved growing up or something that inspired you through the years.

Man Tattoos

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