Inside: Epically delicious cake tattoo ideas for dessert lovers and partiers of all types.

I feel like people are either cake lovers or they are cake haters. There isn’t very much in between. So, if you clicked on this article, I am guessing you are the latter. Welcome in, cake lovers.

If you are looking for a new way to show your appreciation for this amazing dessert, then look no further. I have compiled a list of over 100 of the cutest cake tattoo ideas and designs for you to look through.

Epic Cake Tattoos

Before we get into the good stuff, though, I thought we should go over some of the more important questions and information that you must know before getting your tattoo.

Cake Tattoo Cost

The cool thing about cake tattoos is they are cheaper than a lot of the tattoos out there. Mainly because I don’t see anyone getting a whole huge back piece dedicated to cake, but I suppose the idea isn’t possible, so I should probably just treat it like any other tattoo.

Your cake tattoo will cost anywhere from $50 dollars(for tiny simple tattoos) to $1000(for huge full sleeves or big detailed pieces). You need to speak with your artist to see how much it will be.

Do Tattoos Hurt?

The tattooing process involves a needle injecting ink into your skin more than one hundred times a second. So yes…it is going to hurt. The good news for you is that there are certain places you can choose that hurt less than others. See this pain chart to learn more.

You can also invest in some numbing cream that you can put on before and throughout your appointment. This cream will numb the area that it is applied to, so you won’t feel as much pain. Amazon has it, and most tattoo shops too. So just ask your shop if they do before you invest in it yourself.

We can get into the cake tattoo ideas now that we have covered that stuff. Take a look through these ideas below to get a good feel for your tattoo style and preferences. You are more likely to get a tattoo you love if you get clear on what you like!

Cake Tattoos

Simple Cake Tattoo Ideas

Starting with simple tattoos is the best route. This way, you can slowly build your preferences as you go throughout the article. Take a look at these ideas and be aware of the ideas you like and the ones you don’t.

1. Heart-Shaped Cake

2. Black and White Cake with Red Cherry

3. Rainbow Heart Slice

4. Cute Strawberry Slice Dessert

5. Purple Frosting with White Cake

6. Tiny Little Cake Slice

7. Tiny Little Cupcake

8. Whole Cake with Wine

9. Cute Strawberry Cake Slice

10. Simple Chocolate Cake

11. Matching Cake Ink Design

12. Fancy 2 Tone Cake

13. Tiny Bite-Sized Cake

14. Tiny Little Cupcake

15. Raspberry Cupcake with Chocolate

16. Monster Cake

17. Fancy Black and White Cake

18. Classic Birthday Bundt Cake

Cute Cupcake Tattoos

If cupcakes are more your style, this list is for you. These come in so many different styles, from cartoonish to hyper-realistic. I am confident with all of these options; you will find something that you will absolutely love. I have never wanted a cupcake so badly in my life.

19. Vanilla and Pink Frosting

20. Artisan Cupcake in Black and White

21. Octopus Cupcake Design

22. Unique Green Cupcake

23. Realistic Cupcake Tattoo

24. Dark Chocolate Cherry Cupcake

25. Cute Pink Frosting Cupcake with Raspberries

26. Halloween Cupcake Design

27. Blueberry Cupcake Design

28. Vanilla Cupcake with Sprinkles

29. Cute Pink Sprinkles

30. Blue Cupcake Liner

31. Avant Garde Cupcake

32. Angel Cupcake

33. 2 Dessert Tattoos

34. Pink Swirl with Blue Cupcake

35. Adorable Swirled Cupcake

36. Lovely Cherry Cupcake

37. Pink Vanilla Cupcake with Flowers

38. Perfect Cupcake

39. Bright Pink Frosting with Sprinkles

40. Angel Cupcake Drawing

Yummiest Cake Designs

This list will make you hungry, so I suggest that you stop reading right now, get up, and get yourself something to snack on. Otherwise, you may end up doing what I did…I had to go to the store to get some cake. They only had whole ones, no single slices. So yeah…I am eating a whole cake right now.

41. Lemon Cake Slice

42. Pink Strawberry Cake

43. Forearm Cake Ink

44. Eat Cake, Die Young

45. Deadly Cake Design

46. Funny Cake with Face

47. 3 Tier Cake Design

48. Pink Frosting Swirled Cake

49. Polkadot Decorated Cake

50. Delicious Dessert Sleeve

51. Abstract Cake Design

52. Delicious Strawberry Desserts

53. Perfect Birthday Cake

54. Piece of Cake

55. Tiny Hand Cupcake

56. Cute Vanilla and Chocolate Cake

57. Cute and Colorful Cake

58. Delicate Little Slice

59. Glazed Little Chocolate Cake

60. Perfect Heart Cupcake

New School Style Designs

Have you ever heard of the new school tattoo design style? It’s actually based on the traditional style but with more flare. You will see in the examples below New School makes use of bold colors and linework; it reminds me of a Japanese cartoon. I am obsessed!

61. Colorful Vanilla Cake with Frosting

62. New School Colorful Sleeve

63. Chocolate Cherry Cake

64. Cute Vanilla Cake with Face

65. Eat the Rich Pink Cake

66. Black and Rainbow Slice

67. Vanilla Peach Slice

68. 3 Layered Vanilla Cake

69. Strawberry Shortcake

70. Simple Cake Slice with Pink

71. Cute Styled Cake

72. Bright Blue Cake with Sprinkles

73. 3 Tier Decorated Cake

74. Sliced Cake Sleeve

75. Chocolate Drizzle Cake

76. Strawberry Chocolate Vanilla Cake

77. Bite Me

78. Strawberry Chocolate with Frosting

79. Dainty Cupcake with Cherry Raspberry

80. Chocolate Black Cake with Strawberries

Eye Catching Cake Tattoos

This next list is full of some of the most eye-catching unique cake designs that I have ever seen if you are looking for a tattoo that isn’t a classic representation of this delectable dessert, then this is the route that you need to take.

81. Crepe Cake Design

82. Dark Quote Black and White Cake

83. Skull Cake Maker

84. Detailed with Vanilla Cake

85. Food Thigh Tattoos

86. Blue Frosting with Berry Center

87. Realistic Chocolate Cake

88. Tiny Birthday Slice

89. Purple Bundt Cake

90. Blue Frosting with a Cherry on Top

91. Dainty Heart Cake

92. Pink Heart Cake with Berries

93. Black and White Thigh Piece

94. Yummy Piece of Cake

Cake Designs for Bakers

Everyone knows someone who loves to bake. The love that bakers have for the sweet treats they make is unrivaled. So I just had to make a whole section dedicated to their cause. Take a look at this list to get some inspiration for baker tattoos that include cake as the dessert!

95. Colorful Baker Tattoo

96. Cake Sleeve Design

97. Cake with Stand Mixer

98. Cute Cake Decorating Tattoo

99. Adorable Baking Kit

100. Classic Cake Arm Ink

101. Realistic Blue Cake

102. Perfect Apple Cake

103. Pink Frosting Center

104. Coraline Cake

105. Orange Cake with Banner

106. Tiny Little Chocolate Slice

107. Perfect Berry Cake

108. Dainty Little Heart Cake

109. Black and White Chocolate Cupcake

110. Cake Mixer and Cake Design

111. Lover Cake with Berries

112. Cute Classic Cake

113. Cake Ingredients

And there you have it, friends, over 100 of the coolest cake tattoos that will leave you craving this epic sweet treat. I hope that you enjoyed this article and the tattoo ideas that I have shared with you today.

Cake has been around for hundreds of years. It has been at the forefront of political issues(Marie Antoinette) and presents at every party and celebration(birthdays, weddings, you name it). So it only makes sense that this dessert is popular enough to be tattooed.

If you are interested in adding other foods to your tattoo collection, we have you covered on that front. There are so many different food tattoo options out there…you may be surprised!

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