Inside: Coolest popular tattoos with meaning explained so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

Have you ever been walking down the street and seen someone with an obscure tattoo and wondered the meaning behind it? Today is the day that we find that out.

It is one of my many passions in life to learn about the hidden meanings behind people’s tattoos. Though there are many that I still do not know about, I am slowly gaining more of an understanding of the more popular tattoos.

It makes me able to connect with strangers more when I understand what their tattoos might mean. It also helps me to learn more about tattoos that I may want to possibly get in the future. I love having tattoos that hold deep meaning because it will be on my body for the rest of my life; I might as well get something inspiring.

What Does It Mean? 83 Tattoos with Their Meaning Explained

So without further ado, let’s jump into these meanings. I have included 8 of the most popular tattoos with their meanings for you to look at. Each has around ten examples of different ways these tattoos can be done. Take a look!

Semi Colon Tattoos

I wanted to start out with one of my favorite hidden-meaning tattoos; the semi-colon. You may have seen these around, but do you know the meaning behind them?

Meaning: The semi-colon tattoo is used as a way to remember those who have passed away from or have struggled with suicide. In grammar, this punctuation mark represents a sentence continuing. So the message here is that you can still choose to continue your life; it doesn’t have to end.

See my favorite 89 Semicolon tattoo Ideas here.

This tattoo deeply resonates with me because I had a family member who committed suicide. I have seen the pain that ripples across the people who were left behind. If you or someone you know struggles with suicidal thoughts, you can find help here. Know that you are not alone, and people love you.

1. With Butterfly Wing

2. Semi-Colon Paw Print

3. Done As A Butterfly Body

4. Heart

5. Tiny Face Tattoo

6. Semi-Colon with Heart Top

7. Watercolor Tattoo

8. Little Ear Tattoo

9. Sun

10. Studio Ghibli Colon

11. Semi Colon with Birds

Plant Person Tattoo Examples

Plant Person Tattoos with Meaning

Next up, we have another one of my favorite tattoos. I actually have one of these that I drew myself, so I am very excited to explain this. Let’s discuss plant person tattoos!

Meaning: A plant person tattoo (aka a tattoo of a person with plants growing out of them) can have a few meanings. The most popular of which is the idea of personal growth. If you are someone who wants to dedicate your life to the pursuit of bettering yourself and growing into the person that you always wanted to be, then this is the tattoo for you.

Here are the BEST half flower half face tattoo ideas to get this look done right.

This is something that I am very passionate about.

12. Woman’s Body with Plants

13. Abstract Face with Flowers

14. Flowers Sprouting From Woman

15. Tree Growing Out Of Magical Lady

16. Woman with Plants Growing from Her Head

17. Woman’s Flowers

18. Cute Floral Crown for Woman

19. Simple Loving Embrace Plants

20. Heart with Growing Flowers

21. My Best Is Enough

Eye Tattoos

Meaning: Eyes hold heavy spiritual meaning. They are how you see them, so they are generally regarded as a symbol of knowledge, clearness, protection, and wisdom. 

These are so awesome. Take a look at the examples below.

22. Delicate Strong Line work

23. Simple Little Eye Tattoo

24. Eye Triangle Tattoo

25. Blue Hyper Realistic Eye

26. Cute Realistic Eye

27. Triangle with Eye in Center

28. Eye Palm Tattoo

29. Cute Eye Moon Phase

30. Simple Eye with Cute Rays

31. Eye Rib Tattoo

Hamsa Hand Tattoo

Meaning: The Hamsa Hand is popular throughout North Africa and the Middle East. It is said that this symbol means you are spiritually devoted. It is also a sign of good luck and prosperity. 

Here’s a collection of side hand tattoos for inspiration.

32. Detailed Sun Tattoo Hamsa Hand

33. Hamsa Hand with Flowers

34. Watercolor Hamsa Hand with Eye

35. Sunflower with Hamsa Hand

36. Cute Hamsa Hand with Cool Details

37. Black Lined Hamsa Hand Tattoo

38. Hamsa Hand with Lotus Flower

39. Lion Mandala Hamsa Hand

40. Simple Hamsa Hand

41. Hamsa Hand with Blue Eye

Lotus Tattoo Examples

Lotus Flower Tattoo with Meaning

Meaning: The lotus flower in tattoo form holds many different meanings. The most common of which is the idea of choosing your betterment over temptation and working towards personal growth.

I have a whole article about the Lotus flower tattoo meaning, design inspiration and ideas right here.

42. Watercolor

43. Moon Flower Tattoo

44. Abstract Lotus

45. Lotus with Quote

46. Simple One on Back

47. Done with Mandala

48. Simplistic Lotus in Black and White

49. Lovely Lotus

50. Mandala Style

51. Done with Moons and Stars

Medusa Tattoos with Meaning

This one may be a trigger warning for those of you who have struggled with sexual abuse.

Meaning: Medusa is the symbol of female power, often being used by women who have survived sexual assault. If you or someone you know needs help, click here.

The ancient story of medusa has, in the past, made her appear in a bad light. But recently, people have been revisiting this story and seeing her in a different way.

According to an article about the true story of medusa, “When Athena discovered the sea god had ravaged Medusa in her shrine, she sought vengeance by transforming Medusa’s hair into snakes so that anyone who gazed at her directly would be turned into stone.”

Medusa’s beauty did not warrant the sea god to take what he wanted. She was given her snakes and cast outside of social circles. Today, sexual assault is something that many women have to carry as their own burdens. So by getting this tattoo, they are taking their power back. It was not their choice. It is not their burden to bear.

Here are the most epic Medusa tattoo ideas you’ll find online.

52. Cute Version of This Tattoo

53. Medusa with Flowers

54. Powerful with Circle

55. Realistic One

56. Medusa Sternum

57. Beautiful Medusa

58. Medusa with White Eyes

59. Dark and Detailed Snakes

60. Epic Medusa Design

61. Done with Cracks

Snake Tattoos

Meaning: Snakes shed their skin when it is time for them to grow. Because of this, this tattoo is seen as a symbol of the changing cycles of life.

I’ve rounded up the most 97+ most striking snakes tattoo ideas on the internet right here.

62. Snake with Rose on Arm

63. Snake in a Twirl

64. Sweet and Simple

65. Negative Space Tattoo

Snake tattoos with examples

66. Dark Snake

67. Snake + Flower

68. Red Ink Snakes

69. Beautiful Long Snake

70. Angry Snake Wrapped in Flowers

71. Snake Sleeve Wrapped Around Arm

72. Floral Snake with Moon

Butterfly Tattoos with Meaning

Meaning: Butterfly tattoos have many meanings. Of which is the idea of life being a cycle of metamorphosis. They are also a sign of feminine beauty. 

73. Simple Butterfly Tattoos

74. Pointy Butterfly with Delicate Ink

75. Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoos

76. Soft Abstract Blue and Pink Butterfly

77. Butterfly With Stars Tattoos

78. Realistic Butterfly Flapping

79. Butterfly With Skull Tattoo Ideas

80. Deeply Detailed Design

81. Matching Butterfly Tattoos on Hands

82. Delicate Butterfly

83. Ultra Realistic Butterfly

Tattoos with meaning

So what tattoo resonates most with you? Perhaps multiple do. That is the beauty of tattoos; you can get as many as you want. I like to remind everyone that tattoos don’t need meaning to be worthwhile. If you like the way something looks, then get it. It doesn’t have to be deeper than that.

I do prefer my tattoos to have some meaning. I like to think of them as my life story, which is why I gather them slowly whenever I go through big changes.

We have more tattoos with meanings for you to look at here.

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