Inside: Amazingly powerful cheetah tattoos to get ASAP

I have always loved and respected cats, big or small, as a powerful species. But it is with the larger end of the cat spectrum that my love lies.

Cheetahs are one of my favorite animals on this earth… let me tell you why.

Cheetahs are not only one of the fasted mammals on earth, with their unique coat and strong jaws, but they also hold their own symbolic meaning that makes me love them even more.

Powerful Cheetah Tattoos with Meaning

According to an article, “The speedy and stealthy Cheetah is a symbol of survival, strength, and persistence. As one of the world’s “big Cats,” the Cheetah also symbolizes the Divine Feminine and arcane mysteries!” Do you resonate with these? Because I do. Because of this, I have gathered together some of the coolest Cheetah Tattoos on the internet.

Take a look at these to get inspiration for your next tattoo!

How much does a Cheetah Tattoo Cost?

A cheetah tattoo will cost anywhere from fifty dollars to upwards of a thousand. Though this may seem like a pretty wide amount, let me explain why.

Tattoos aren’t a singular product. You can’t slap a label on one and declare that they are all that specific amount(though it may be simpler that way). Since tattoos are an art form, you are literally paying someone for their artwork.

The price will vary based on the tattoo artist and their price rate. They typically charge by hourly work, so a good rule of thumb to work with is; that the bigger and more detailed your tattoo is, the more it will cost you.

To get a good estimation of how much your tattoo will cost, you can look at the ideas below to clarify what it is you want. Then show it to your artist and see how much they estimate it will cost. Remember to always save an extra 20% to give them as a tip in the end!

Cheetah Tattoo

Do Tattoos Hurt?

Yep. Tattoos hurt! This may seem a little blunt, but I thought it better not to cushion this answer. In order for tattoos to work, a needle has to pierce you hundreds of times a second. That is going to be painful!

If you want to limit the amount of pain, you can look at this pain chart to find the least painful places to be tattooed. You can also get yourself a tube of numbing cream before your appointment.

Numbing cream numbs the affected area, so you feel the tattoo less. Now that we have covered this let’s get into the best portion of the article: the tattoos!

Simple Cheetah Designs

I like to start things off simply. So take a look at this list and see which simple cheetah tattoos stand out to you. There are some great examples of clean linework and creative ideas here. Take a look!

1. Cheetah Arm Design

2. Cheetah with Hearts for Spots

3. Cute Cheetah Outline

4. Cheetah with Realistic Hair

5. Cute Cheetah Profile

6. Simple Cheetah with Tiny Dots

7. Cheetah with Plant

8. Dainty Lines with Triangle

9. Small Realistic Cheetah

10. Cheetah On Forearm

11. Abstract Cheetah Head

12. Growling with Green Eyes

13. Up Close Eyes

14. Abstract Full Bodied Cheetah

15. Strong Cheetah Design

16. Cute Cheetah Walking Down Tree

17. Pink Spots with Cheetahs

18. Sweetest Cheetah Outline

19. Powerful Heart Cheetah

20. Cheetah with Abstract Ink

Creative large Cat Tattoos

Creative Cheetah Tattoos

These are some of the most creative cheetah tattoos on this whole list. They took the idea of cheetahs and turned the heat up a bit. I am obsessed with cheetahs that have different shaped spots(like hearts or flowers). I think it just looks so unique, I am living for it.

21. Cheetah Mid Run

22. Cheetahs In Love

23. Cute Cheetah with Dainty Lines

24. Perfect Sternum Piece

25. Cheetah with Orange Sun

26. Cute Cheetah Square with Heterochromia

27. Cheetah Skull

28. Angry Cheetah with Heart Spots

29. Cheetah with Lightning Bolts

30. Cheetah On Chest

31. Beautiful Traditional Art

32. Blue-Eyed Cheetah with Black and White Body

33. Thin Cheetah with Flower Spots

34. Abstract Traditional Cheetah

35. Moon Blue Cheetah

36. Cheetah with a Collar

37. Realistic Baby Cheetah

38. Cheetah with Eye Spots

39. Cute Cheetah Sitting Down

40. Adorable Freeform Cheetah

Black and White Designs

Colorful tattoos don’t work for everyone. So far in my tattoo journey, I only have one tattoo that is in color. The rest are black and white. If you are more inclined to get a black and white tattoo, I created this list with you in mind. Below is a good example of how cool a tattoo can still be, even without the presence of color.

41. Up Close Cheetah Ink

42. Jumping Cheetah with Negative Space

43. Cute Cheetah Face

44. Powerful Cheetah Running

45. Angry Cheetah Head

46. Simple Black and White Cheetah

47. Cheetah with Red Eye Spots

48. Dainty Feminine Cheetah

49. Rib Cheetah Tattoo

50. Cheetah Walking Up Terrain

51. Cheetah Cat Profile in Dark Circle

52. Woman with Powerful Creature

53. Sweet Little Cheetah

54. Dark Cheetah with Spots

55. Cheetah with the Setting Sun

56. Small Lined Cheetah with Hearts

57. Cheetah in the Living Room

58. Cute Loving Cat with Nice Face

59. Cheetah Under the Stars

60. Daunting Chest Piece

Realistic Cheetah Eyes Tattoos

Realistic Cheetah Tattoo

Some may be more inclined to get a realistic Cheetah tattoo or even a leopard tattoo to show strength and speed. That is totally understandable. You can really see their beauty and power much more in their real form rather than in a simple drawing (though the simple drawings are so cool). If this is you then you need to look at this list.

61. Realistic Animal with Clock

62. Cheetah Eyes Half Sleeve

63. Full Cheetah Sleeve

64. Cool Shoulder Tattoo

65. Cheetah with Cute Colorful Eyes

66. Colorful Realistic Cheetah

67. Realistic Cheetah Hand Tattoo

68. Cool Cheetah Side Piece

69. Ultra Detailed Cheetah

70. Cute Realistic Cheetah with Swirls

71. Double Cheetah Cubs

72. Cheetah with Sun Circle

73. Crazy Detailed Cheetah

74. Cheetah Cub Tattoos

75. Cute Cheetah with Black and White Details

76. Full Detailed Cheetah Landscape

77. Lion and Cheetah Design

78. Simple Roaring Tattoo

79. Funny Realistic Cheetah

80. Honorable Little Cheetah

Powerful Cheetah Tattoos with example

Powerful Cheetah Tattoos

If you are getting this tattoo to showcase your powerful nature, you will need a powerful cheetah tattoo. This list below has that front covered. There are so many ways to achieve this, but this lot below has gone above and beyond. Take a look.

81. Cheetah on the Prowl

82. Colorful Traditional Cheetah

83. Cheetah with Traditional Colors

84. Cheetah on Ribs

85. Cheetah After the Hunt

86. Cheetah Looking Right

87. Abstract Sun and Plant Surrounding Cheetah

88. Cheetah Dot Work Quarter Sleeve

89. Powerful Cheetah Design

90. Cool Cheetah with Sun and Plants

91. Twinning Cheetah Tat

92. Dark Spot Cheetah with Cool Look

93. Majestic Cheetah with Hearts

94. Cheetah Running Fast

95. Realistic and Detailed Running Cheetah

96. Cartoon Style Pizza

97. Thin Cheetah with Clean Lines

98. Cheetah Walking Down

99. Powerful Creature with Soft Flower

100. Black Lined Cheetah with Red Lined Plants

101. Peaceful Cheetah

I hope you loved this article about cheetah tattoos and that you found some that spoke to you. Who am I kidding…I connected with half of these ideas, so I know you found at least one.

Animal tattoos are a wonderful way to display what you are passionate about. Animals can hold so many hidden symbolisms, so your tattoo is not only cute, but it’s inspirational. If you are looking for more animal tattoo ideas, then your search has come to an end. We have you covered.

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