Inside: 25 Amazing Fishing Tattoos

Fishing isn’t only a hobby; fish is a way of life, and to express that, people often get fishing-themed tattoos to commemorate the fun times spent out on the open water. Fishing tattoos can be simple or elaborate; some people even incorporate their boats or rods into the design to bring their love of fishing full circle. Check out these 25 amazing fishing tattoo ideas to help you get inspired to plan your next fishing-themed tattoo!

Fishing Tattoos

Why a Fishing Tattoo?

A fishing tattoo can symbolize lots of things, such as strength, adaptability, and good luck. If you’re a fan of fishing, then a fish tattoo is a great way to show your passion for the sport. Plus, fish tattoos can be designed in a variety of styles to suit your taste. Whether you want a realistic design or something more abstract, there’s sure to be a fish tattoo that’s perfect for you.

Amazing Fishing Tattoos

1. Fisherman Tattoo: This inner forearm fishing tattoo displays excellent linework and shade technique to create different sets of realistic surfaces.

2. Teach a Man to Fish

Water Ideas

3. Big Mouth Bass: Looking for a big bass catch? This tattoo is one of a kind!

4. Crossed Lines

5. Flyfishing

6. Fish On: The perfect little reminder of why you love the water!

Tattoo Ideas

7. Gone Fishing

8. Fishing View

9. Back of Ankle: This is a fun spot to get a detailed fishing tattoo! It’s simple, small, and a perfect design!

Fly Fishing Tattoos

What Does a Fish Tattoo Mean?

Just like fishing its self, fish tattoos represent persistence, patience, power, luck, prosperity and wisdom depending on the type of fish tattoo.

Forearm Fishing Tattoo

10. Trout View: With the prettiest of views, this trout tattoo is perfect for you!

11. Forearm Fishing

12. Geometric Fish: I love this colorful modern take on a classic fishing tattoo. It’s so fun and unique!

Outdoor Tattoos

13. Mountain View Fish

14. Floral Fish: Add a little feminine flair with its pretty floral fish tattoo!

Forearm Tattoos

15. Black and White Detail

16. Forearm Salmon

17. Colorful Salmon: I love these pretty colors and beautiful designs. It’s perfectly detailed with flawless art!

Fish Tattoo Ideas

Hook, Line, Cast – Fishing Tattoos

18. Fishing Pole: One of my favorite fishing tattoo. So simple and perfect!

19. Tiny Hook

20. Fishing Fly

Fishing Tattoo Ideas

21. Detailed Line: A really good job has been done with this tattoo, due to the very thin line. A fishing rod that look very well if you are lookin for something hidden but beautiful. This is without a doubt one of the best fishing tattoos.

22. Finger Hook: A small but perfect fishing tattoo!

Fishing Art

23.  Colorful Fishing Fly

24. Hooks for Dad

25. Hooked Heart: This fishing tattoo is a perfect reminder for you love of the fish!

Fishing Fly Tattoos

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Let us know in the comments your favorite fishing tattoo design!