The Sweetest Pawprint Tattoo Ideas

Inside: The Sweetest Pawprint Tattoo Ideas.

Honestly, dogs and cats are superior to humans. Why not memorialize the memory of our beloved pets with a piece of art that will survive for a long time?

Here are 31 possibilities for pawprint tattoos! Celebrate your love for your animal buddy and acquire a beautiful ink tattoo at the same time!

pawprint tattoo ideas

Getting the Perfect Pawprint

To get the best results when making a dog paw print, it takes more than just grabbing an ink pad and a piece of paper. If you’re memorializing your dog in the form of a real paw print tattoo, you want to prepare her paw to give you the best possible result when printing.

You should start by wiping the sole of her foot clean using either a washcloth. Make sure she doesn’t have any lint in her pads or on her claws from the cloth. Because the print will be on the undersides of her paw pads, make sure to clean between her pads to remove any debris.

Paint and brush can be used to gently paint his pads, or you can use a non-harmful ink pad. To use the ink pad, either dip his paw into the ink or roll it onto his pads on apply the ink to his skin. In order to make this step easier, you may choose to have a friend or family member accompany you.

Cute Pawprint Tattoo Ideas

Our hearts melt at the sight of these adorable pawprint tattoo ideas.

1. Upper Back Paw Print

2. Across your foot

3.  Paw Print Lover

4. Mini Prints

Paw Print Tattoo

5. Nose Print Paw

6. Little Heart Paw Print

Cute Pawprint Tattoo Ideas

7. Holding Paws

8. Back of Leg

9. Up the Arm

10. Pretty Paw Heart

Paw Tattoo Ideas

Pawprint Tattoo Ideas

11. Flower Print Paw

12. Watercolor Pawprint

13. Colorful Sketched Paw

Colorful Ink Ideas

14. Paw Imprint

15. Flowery Print

16. White Ink Print

17. Tiny Paw

Pawprint Tattoos

18. Finger Tattoo

19. Behind the Ear

Small Tattoos

For Your Fur Babe

Here are the perfect pawprint tattoo ideas for your fur babe!

20. For sweet Lola

21. Infinity Paws

22. Colorful Paw Print

23. Angel Pup

Dog Tattoos

24. Dotted Prints

25. Titan

26. Realistic Paw

27. Kitty Paw

Cat Tattoos

28. Shoulder Paw Print

29. Ariel

30. Sunflower Paw Print

31. Sweet Paw Print

ink art

More Tattoo Ideas

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Let us know in the comment your furry friend’s name! We love making new animal friends especially cute furry ones!