Inside: Powerfully majestic tiger tattoos that you need to see.

Tigers are my favorite animal, and they have been since I was just a kid. I feel like it’s kind of a basic animal to have as a favorite, but they’ve held the top spot nonetheless. There are so many different ways that artists try to capture this beautiful creature, but my favorite thus far has to be tattoos.

That may sound funny, but it’s true. There is something about the way that such a powerful creature can be reflected on our skin. It’s such a contrast. Sure, humans are powerful, but put them in an enclosure with a tiger? They’d be done for.

Powerful Tiger Tattoos That Are On Trend. Light pink flower ideas.

I’ve been yearning to get a tiger tattoo myself lately, and I am finally going to do it. I have my appointment booked and everything! So now I just have to find inspiration to bring with me. That is where the lists below come in handy!

I’ve found some of the fiercest tiger tattoos that you will ever see.

How Much Will A Tattoo Hurt?

Oh boy, I wish I could tell you that they don’t hurt at all. But if I did that, I would be lying and I am not a liar. Of course, getting a tattoo hurts. The process involves being stabbed thousands of times by a needle! Naturally, that is going to cause a little bit of discomfort.

But I will say, from my experience it’s not as terrible as some people make it out to be. That is of course unless you are getting it on your ribs or your spine. Those are some pretty hurtful areas.

If you want to learn more about the pain chart, check this out. But if you are still worried about the pain, I think you should probably invest in some numbing cream. You can get it on amazon and bring it to your appointment.

How Much Will It Cost?

In terms of tattoos, Tiger ones aren’t the simplest. This means they are going to cost more than your average tattoo, but not by much. Let me explain: Say you wanted to get a simple smiley face…that will take probably 30 minutes.

But if you wanted to get a simple tiger outline with stripes, that is going to take at least an hour. Most tattoo artists charge you an hourly rate, so the longer it takes the more you pay.

You can work with your artist to come up with a tattoo that is within your price range, or you can save up to get the one you want. Now that that has been settled, let’s get into the fun part.

Tiger Tattoos. 3 black and white realistic tiger tattoo idea.

Tiger Tattoos That You’ll Love

Below you will find a list of tiger tattoos that I think you are going to love. You might be surprised by all of the ways that this animal can be represented with a tattoo. Each artist is a little different, so find the one that speaks to you! For this first list, I will talk you through all of the styles.

1. Angry Tattoo Idea – Some of the power that a tiger holds is in its ability to be angry and protect itself. If this is what you find inspiring about the tiger, then this is a great tattoo idea for you!

2. Classic B&W Tattoo Idea – If you want a classic black and white tiger tattoo, start with something like this. It has fine lines and awesome details.

3. Tiger with 2 Different Colored Eyes – Fun fact, did you know that animals with 2 different colored eyes have a condition called heterochromia? I always said that if I ever got an animal with this, I would name it Mia.

4. Cat Themed Idea – If cats of all kinds inspire you, why stop at just the tiger? This person got a whole back full of different cats. Super cute!

5. Tiger Cub Idea – Awwww! It’s a baby tiger cub. I think this is probably the cutest idea that I have ever seen in my entire life.

6. Traditional Tiger Hand Tattoo – Here is a traditional tiger hand tattoo for those of you who like the traditional style. I think this tattoo is epic because of the little details.

7. 2 Tigers On Shoulders – This is an awesome idea. I love the simple style of tigers and the fact that they are so symmetrical. It’s very on-trend.

8. Flaming Tiger Idea – If you are on the hunt for something so epic that you won’t even be able to wrap your brain around it…this is the idea for you.

9. Tiger with Blue Eyes – I think choosing a tiger with blue eyes is a lovely way to bring some color to your tattoo. Not to mention, it brings the whole thing together and makes it POP.

10. Tiger in Detail Idea – This tiger is hyper-realistic and so cute that my eyeballs basically melted. Okay,  sure…that was a tad bit dramatic but I really felt it.

11. B&W Tiger Full Body – If you wanted to get a tiger tattoo that has the full body in view, then I think that this should be the example you show your tattoo artist.

12. B&W Tiger with Colorful Flowers – Remember that you don’t have to keep your tiger tattoo simple…you can add any number of things! This person added flowers.

13. Large Tiger Sleeve – I am OBSESSED with this large tiger sleeve. If you were planning on going big, I think this is the way to do it.

14. Black and White Tiger Idea – When it comes to tigers, you really can’t go wrong with choosing black and white ink. I think there is an added fierceness that comes when you trip back the tiger to powerful stripes. What do you think?

Powerful Tiger Tattoos That Are On Trend. 3 examples, one with orange fur and yellow eyes.

Powerful Tiger Tattoos That Are On Trend

This last list is one that I think you will find inspiring. I know I am not the only one that is inspired by tigers. The fact that this many examples exist is proof of that! So take a look and see which ones spark your creative inspiration.

15. Tiger with Yellow Eye

16. Tiger Growling Idea

17. Adorable Cub Over Moon

18. Tiger Outline

19. Unique Tiger Art Idea

20. Tiger Upper Sleeve Idea

21. Tiger with Bright Blue Eyes

22. Traditional Tiger with 3 Eyes

23. Tiger Swimming Idea

24. Tiger Profile Idea

25. Tiger Covered in Flames

26. Abstract Tiger Idea

27. Red-Inked Tiger

28. Tiger Running Idea

29. Honey Comb Tiger Idea

30. Angry Colorful Tiger Idea

31. Traditional Tiger with Flowers

This list just re-solidified my love for this creature. They are just so powerful, and yet graceful at the same time. It’s a balancing act that only a feline can do.

I think getting tattoos of something that makes us happy is always a good idea. Big cats make me happy!  They are a reminder that we can be feminine and strong at the same time. If you loved these ideas, you will also enjoy some of my other favorite big cat tattoo ideas!