Inside: The best tattoo shops in every state for women, as I see it! Whether you’re new to living in the state or visiting, here’s the tattoo location I suggest you try first.

When you’re new to a city or a state as a whole, it’s a process to get acclimated and start figuring out the best coffee shops around you, grocery stores, Chinese take out spots, you name it. Finding all of the new favorites and go-to’s is a tricky game.

Especially if you’re a fan of piercings and tattoos, this is a whole other ball game. You’ve got to not only find a shop that you like in general as far as cleanliness, female friendly vibes, and location goes, but you’ve got to find one with an artist that you love and trust.

So I’ve compiled a list just for you to figure out where the best shops are for each state.

States are huge of course, so just because it’s in your state may not mean it’s in close distance to you, but it may mean that you’re going to find a reason to take a road trip to the nearest big city or one that you’ve never been to. Worth it for a piece you’ve been wanting!

Either way, here’s the best tattoo shops that cater well to women in every state.

Would you add any? Let me know if you have a suggestion via email and I’d love to hear about it.

Best tattoo shops in every state


Art-I-Facts: Huntsville
If you’re unfamiliar, Huntsville is one of the larger cities in the northern area of Alabama, and that’s just where Art-I-Facts is located, one of the best spots to get some ink in the state. As with most high end tattoo shops, there are only a few artists that work out of this shop, so getting an appointment is going to take a lot of planning and flexibility.

If you’re wanting to scope them out first, there’s plenty of opportunities if you go and visit the expos at which they tattoo at and show off their work. Check out their website for more information and details about their artists.


Southside: Anchorage
Five artists take on the work to really make this place a great spot to get a new tattoo if you live in or are visiting the beautiful state of Alaska. Even all the way out there you have options, but this is one of the best.
There are stunning shops all around this part of town, but I did the digging work for you and found the best testimonials and the most beautiful galleries by each artist. You can’t go wrong here.

There’s nothing better than a good shop with phenomenal artists, so book your appointment now!


Golden Rule: Phoenix
Golden rule is more than just a well known and well liked or popular tattoo shop, it has several awards to back up this fact too. There are plenty of tattoo shops around the state of Arizona, but this is clearly the best. While it might seem super mainstream or like a lot of people are going to be trying to fight you for an appointment, there’s always the fact that you know you can trust these artists to rely on.

They have a stacked team over at Golden Rule in Phoenix, so go and find the artist that has the best style for you!


Diamond State: Sherwood
In the heart of Sherwood, just outside of Little Rock, there’s Diamond State Tattoo, one of the best, if not the best in Arkansas.

The shop itself hasn’t been around a terribly long time to rank the shop in comparison to others, but it does come with incredible reviews and highly recommended artists, and that’s what makes it the best in the state of Arkansas. Artists that you can surely trust. Check them out and book a consultation today.


Six Feet Under: Upland
A little East of Los Angeles you find Upland, the home of the best tattoo shop in California. Being such an artistic and tattooed state, this is a hard crown to win, but they’ve done it in my book.

The ratings and reviews are phenomenal, the gallery is stunning, and the list of artists and their personal testimonials are impressive. If you’re looking for somewhere in the LA area or are open to a little bit of a trip out of town for some good ink, I highly recommend that you check out Six Feet Under!


Certified Tattoo: Colorado Springs
Certified Tattoo has locations all over the state of Colorado, so truly wherever you’re located in the state, you’re going to find a great shop under the Certified Tattoo name.

The story behind this shop too is inspiring and has a huge heart behind it. The founder, Nando Mandragon, tells his story of being a delinquent and an underdog, and we love the comeback story he has to tell about how he became an entrepreneur and a real estate agent among many other things. A real life turned around– how inspiring.

Read the full story on their website and find the best location for you!


Darkside Tattoo: East Haven
This East Haven tattoo shop has a gothic aesthetic to it, like what you would expect from any tattoo shop, really, but it’s really known for the beautiful work done by its artists and the lovely people that own the place.
Read the reviews and check out the gallery for yourself– This is where you want to head for some new ink in Connecticut!


Poppycock Tattoo: Wilmington
This shop specializes in traditional tattoos, as you can probably tell from the aesthetic and vibe of their website. Each of their three artists are incredible and have beautiful portfolios, and of course all have their own personal styles too when tattooing, but when it comes down to it, they’re really a traditional spot.

If that’s your jam then this is your spot. Check it out.


Fallen Sparrow Tattoo: Kissimmee
Just south of Orlando, Kissimmee might feel a little out there, but it will be worth it for the quality and beautiful piece you’re going to end up with after a visit to Fallen Sparrow. They’ve got more than just a few artists, so finding the right one for you will be easy.

Not to mention, being out of the city a little bit eliminates the tourists that are trying to grab a quick ink while on vacation, so you won’t have to battle them TOO much.

Fallen Sparrow is my pick for the state of Florida, even given how big the state is. Worth the trip.


Iron Palm: Atlanta
Do you want some amazing and unique tattoo pieces while hanging in Atlanta? This is the place to go.
They flaunt having the most ratings, and while that doesn’t say they’re all good ratings, it means that there are enough happy customers to keep people pouring in when reading said reviews. And that’s what matters to me!

They do take walk-ins and late nights, which we all know sometimes turn into the best tattoo pieces anyway.


Dragon Tattoo: Wahiawa
Not only is this the best tattoo shop in Hawaii, it might just be the one with the coolest and richest history. Read up on the story of the owner and founder of Dragon Tattoo and be ready to read a cool story.

Tattoo work is an art, hence why we refer to them as artists, so finding a depth and a history behind a shop and an artist makes the piece that much cooler, even if it’s not relevant to them at all. Just knowing who’s done it and their story is cool enough.


Devotion: Boise
An award winning tattoo shop in the capital of Idaho is the perfect spot to get your tattoo in this state.
Each of the artists have a unique look and portfolio and while they can cover any style you require or request, they have an interesting range that you really hope to find in any tattoo shop.

If you’re getting inked there in Idaho, check out Devotion in Boise.


Redbird Electric: Springfield
Redbird Electric is a really cool shop that is dedicated to their customers. Like most of these shops are, but Redbird has made it a point to be wonderfully hospitable and lovely to each of their clients regardless of their requested piece and of their tattoo history– and this takes a lot of pressure off of first timers!

Their three artists have impressive portfolios that you’re going to love– check it out and make an appointment if you’re in Illinois.


Left Realm Tattoo Company: Kokomo
Left Realm is a one man shop, and he does incredible work. He will be well worth the wait!
Something that Joshua James, the one designer of the shop does well is designing each tattoo with his client in mind and helps them to design a one-of-a-kind piece. This is a beautiful connection to have with your artist! To know that you’re going to leave with something that no one else is a unique experience and makes the artist worth any price or wait time for an appointment.


Lucky Gal: Des Moines
Lucky Gal has three different locations around Iowa, so you likely have one within a reasonable distance to you.
They offer a range of services aside from just a classic tattoo, so anything you need in this realm, you know that you can make Lucky Gal a go to!

The portfolios of the artists here at these shops are different from just your standard book of pieces that could have come off of the internet… These pieces and artists are unique and they create wonderful tattoos. These guys are definitely worth looking into.


Syndicate: Manhattan
The front page of their website says it all: voted best tattoo shop in Manhattan, Kansas, so you know this place is going to be good. They’re in a prime location for tattoo shops and finding a great clientele, so jump on it! If you live in the area or are going to be traveling to the shop, it will be well worth it with their stunning books of work.


Dancing Dragon: Oak Grove
Ran by some tattoo artist veterans, these guys are who I would trust my tattoo with if I was in the Kentucky area. They go to conventions and have showcased their work all over the world.

Each artists at Dancing Dragon has their own favorite styles and kinds of pieces to work on, so whatever you’re looking for you’re going to find here.


Burning Lotus: Denham Springs
What I love most about this tattoo shop is the community that they have with their clients. Instead of running a typical website front, they utilize a Facebook page as a landing page and point of contact, and they update their followers in real time when their artists are in the shop and available and when they have cancellations and time slots up for grabs. I love this kind of connection!

Check out Burning Lotus out there in Denham Springs for a great experience.


Tsunami Tattoo: Portland
Tsunami Tattoo is noted as the best tattoo shop in Maine by several researchers and list makers, along with tattoo enthusiasts that live in the area. This is the spot you want to head to in this state.

They’re incredible working with first timers as well as those that are well educated in the terms of tattooing processes.

You can feel comfortable here as they guide you through the overall process as well as the journey of finding the right artist for you, which you will find as they have plenty to choose from!


DeVille Ink – Baltimore
Baltimore has plenty of tattoo shops and artists around town, but this family owned establishment is the perfect spot for you. They offer a wide range of different kinds of tattooing like your standard tattoo practice as well as permanent cosmetic tattoos. Anything you’re looking for, you will find here.

They appear at events and conventions, so if you want to meet them and talk to them first, book a consultation or find them out and about.


Salem Ink: Salem
This tattoo shop isn’t just your next needle appointment, this is where you’re going to a lovely art gallery to observe before or after your appointment. Combining the two? Amazing concept!

They’re very knowledgeable and are committed to educating their clients, and are looking forward to helping you through your first tattoo process if needed.

The artist portfolios are as beautiful as you would hope, and have a unique side to them too.


Eternal Tattoos: Eastpointe
Eternal Tattoos is considered to be a veteran shop near Detroit, and this is a title that you can be confident in.
Their tattoo artists provide a variety of styles that are sure to cater to what you’re looking for. As you hunt through their portfolios, find the right one for you and get on that consultation. You won’t regret heading to this well known and well loved spot for your next ink.


Jackalope: Minneapolis
Jackalope is a really great shop for anyone, but especially those that are looking to invest in a business that is run by underrepresented people groups. The owners of the shop are trans and POC, and the artists fall into similar categories. The mission statement of the shop is a wonderful one, looking to remove prejudices that are rampant in the tattooing community.

More about this can be found on their website. Read up and book an appointment today.


Electric Dagger: Jackson
Electric Dagger in Jackson is a very art heavy tattoo shop, and that’s something that I look for when trying to find a new shop. I personally love when artists have some of the greatest passion for art in addition to creating tattoo art.

They also market themselves as the “friendly neighborhood tattoo shop” which is a fun energy to have when finding a shop! I love getting tattooed by people that are cool to connect with and can become tight and a consistent appointment.

If you’re in Mississippi, Electric Dagger in Jackson is your spot!


Steel & Ink: St. Louis
Obviously specializing in both tattoos and piercings, this is your one stop shop here in St. Louis!

A huge and incredibly talented staff and list of artists is what makes this place what it is. There’s so much to be said about the different works that they each produce and you’re going to love each one of them.

They create an amazing amount of content regarding after care for those newer to the piercing and tattooing world.
This is a shop that cares about their clients, and that’s a shop you want to invest in!


Cin City: Billings
Montana’s best tattoos come from Cin City, in Billings. Not only do they produce wonderful art over there, they curate a wonderful community between artists, piercers, and customers. Their main landing page is a Facebook page which allows them to keep everyone updated and in the know, and they throw in discounts and deals just for fun if you’re following them!

Check it out.


Liquid Courage: Omaha
These shops run by Liquid Courage will cover anything you need from this tattooing experience. If you’re looking to book a consultation and an appointment to get the best service that you can get, they have a standard and phenomenal shop for it. If you need some work done last minute, you’ve got their other location, Sailor’s Grave that services people as walk-ins only! Whatever you need, they’ve got you.

They’ve been around Omaha for over 20 years, and that’s a feat for any tattoo shop, really. If you want to go to a local icon, this is your spot.


Skin Design: Las Vegas
This is not just Nevada’s best tattoo shop– they have locations in California, New York, and Hawaii. But having two Nevada locations, we’ll leave it as Nevada’s best for sure.

Not only are they servicing clients in these areas with beautiful and phenomenal tattoos, they’re running a blog to give you meanings behind cool and popular tattoo ideas as well.

Their artists are the real deal with stunning portfolios, you won’t be disappointed with the work you find here at Skin Design.

New Hampshire

Mayhem Ink: Nashua
Don’t just take my word for it, they’ve been voted the best tattoo shop in New Hampshire! What an accomplishment, and they have all of the portfolios to back it up.

While they can get booked up, they do tend to always have an artists with a availability, so while they’re the best around, you won’t have to battle the masses to get in.

New Jersey

7 Souls: Englewood
7 Souls has plenty of locations to service you throughout the state of New Jersey, and that’s part of what makes them the best of Jersey. Anywhere you go, you’re going to find a quality tattoo shop with artists that are ready to work with you.

Not only do they do tattoos, they do piercings and tooth gems as well, and the portfolios for each is great. They’re definitely worth the hype and the hike if you have to make one.

New Mexico

Next Chapter: Clovis
Some of the most incredibly unique work I have seen are some of the pieces from Next Chapter in Clovis. Just outside of Albuquerque, the artists at this shop are wonderful and ready to give you exactly what you’re looking for and more.

Follow their Facebook page for openings and notices about artist availability.

New York

East Side Ink: New York City
There’s no playing around at East Side Ink in New York City! There are hundreds of amazing shops in the city, but there’s only one East Side Ink that offers a roster of artists, none of which you can go wrong with. All the reviews of the shop talk about the wonderful staff and how talented each of them are.

The press coverage of this shop is impressive, and the “wall of fame” if you will is so fun.
You’re going to love your visit at East Side Ink!

North Carolina

Canvas: Charlotte
Voted the best in Charlotte, it’s also my vote that it’s the best shop in the whole state of North Carolina.
They’re not just dedicated to incredible ink, they’re passionate about the art of the whole process of designing a concept and having their clients leave with a beautiful piece of art on their body. How much more authentic does it get? It doesn’t.

With multiple locations of this shop, you’re going to find one across Charlotte that makes sense for you. Get on it and get your new tattoo here!

North Dakota

No Coast: Fargo
A traditional shop that values walk-ins and appointments alike, this is the ideal shop for any tattoo lover. There’s nothing better than having the option to be able to book a consultation with your dream artist in your favorite style, but also being able to walk in and grab something cool and small on a whim. I’m very much a spontaneous tattoo kind of person, so I love this aspect of such a well known shop.

Six artists and each one shows a wonderful portfolio.


Tattoo Tech: Moraine
Moraine is home to Tattoo Tech, Ohio’s best tattoo shop. They’ve got some phenomenal artists that do beautiful work (with wide varieties of styles too, which is always a plus!) and they also have a super informative FAQ page that allows you to find the answers to almost any question you may have about your next tattoo.

If your questions go beyond what this page can answer, book a consultation with an artist there today and get all of it sorted away. They’d love to service you!


Mind Bender: Oklahoma City
Not only do they create beautiful art, they love to display it too.

Visit the shop for a lovely art gallery beyond just their portfolios, which are all stunning of course.
Mind Bender Tattoo covers the walls of their gallery that’s always open to the public with art completed by various artists that will inspire your creative side.

They’ve been around the Oklahoma City area for about a decade now, and that says a lot about how loved they are by the community and how they carry a business. And these factors are what makes them Oklahoma’s best!


Atlas: Portland
Now, servicing the city for ten years is impressive and definitely builds a reputation with the area, but Atlas Tattoo in Portland takes the crown for a long standing tattoo shop by being in the city and working with clients since 1998. Over two decades and they’re still going strong.

Visit Atlas for the best tattoo you’ll find in Oregon. Confident and trustworthy artists are all they know, so you’ll be in good hands no matter who you choose.


Gypsy: Pittsburgh
A beautiful shop owned by Romani gypsies makes it all the better. Supporting businesses that are run by small people groups is so important in life, and the talent is abundant in this shop so it’s a no brainer that you would stop into Gypsy Tattoo Parlor here in Pennsylvania.

With their client books building, you’ll have to make an appointment when an artist’s book opens up, but it will be worth the wait and the process of getting in here. It’s a gem in PA!

Rhode Island

Unicorn Ink: Lincoln
Unicorn Ink has a huge fan following– you might be the next big fan of theirs!
The reviews are raving, the merch store is amazing, and the aesthetic of the whole shop is a total vibe. You don’t want to miss out on visiting Unicorn Ink wherever you’re at in the state of Rhode Island.

The quality reviews and awards that the shop has received has be pretty convinced that this is Rhode Island’s best tattoo shop.

South Carolina

Mystic Tiki: Summerville
Mystic Tiki has a large collection of wonderful awards and are widely acknowledged as the best of South Carolina. And they hold the title for several years running.

The work is unique, artistic, beautiful, clean, and professional. This is a shop you don’t want to skip over in your search for the best in SC! If you can make it into Mystic Tiki, and get a consultation with an artist that fits your needs, you’re in good hands and will leave your tattoo appointment with a work of art.

South Dakota

Ink & Iron: Sioux Falls
Their goal here is to turn your tattoo dream into a reality, and they really are the ones to do it. If you’re looking for a great duo of tattoo artists that have curated a perfect shop for your dreams to come to life, you’ve found it.

They both come from artistic backgrounds and they both have many years of tattooing under their belts. Chad and Nathan both are wonderful artists that have stunning portfolios to prove it. Chad has tattooed many other places as well as right here in Sioux Falls, and Nathan, being a former graphic designer, has a passion for creating an artistic image that you’re going to love.

Stop in and see these guys for your next tattoo in the state of South Dakota!


Nashville Ink: Nashville
In a city with thousands of tattoo shops like Nashville, you’re going to have to dig to find the best one. Especially in a city with heavy tourist flow, there’s always a shop out there that’s going to play games with you.

I personally would trust Nashville Ink with my tattoo and my vision. These guys aren’t trying to win over every bachelorette party that comes through, they just make great art and great tattoos and you can see it all for yourself on their website. The portfolios are impressive and you’re going to love your visit to Nashville Ink.


Lamar Street Tattoo Club: Dallas
They’re not just self proclaimed, they really are the best tattoo shop in Dallas. These artists are driven and dedicated to making this the number one spot, and they’re doing just that. With three artists in house, there’s only so many appointments to go around, so you’ll want to start booking that consultation ASAP!

And check out their blog to read up on all the tips you need to plan your next tattoo, too. They don’t withhold their knowledge to just give to you in consultations, come with a plan based on their website.


Mercy: Salt Lake City
Mercy is the place to get your next tattoo around Salt Lake City. They’ve been in the area for 70 years, and plan to keep going strong. They have a unique emphasis, and they specialize in different traditional and cultural styles, as well as the trendy looks that we see a lot of today.

Not only do they have a whole roster of amazing and professional tattoo artists, they also host traveling guest tattoo artists that come through the city. How cool is that?

Walk-ins welcome on a first come first serve basis. You’re going to find something that you love here.


Yankee: Burlington
Vermont’s very best is right there in Burlington. Here is where you’re going to find Yankee Tattoo, where versatility and quality is the name of the game. The three in house artists are incredible at delivering exactly what you’re looking for and in any style that you could imagine. And that’s a talented artist!

The owner, Bald Bill brought Yankee to life in ‘96, and he’s been tattooing in the shop since. He’s been around the world learning different styles and cultural tattooing, and it shows in his work today.

Get in an appointment here, you won’t be disappointed.


Loose Screw: Richmond
With a large team of artists, you’re sure to find something or someone that you love here at Loose Screw in Richmond, Virginia.

Not only do they have a roster of wonderful artists, they also invite in guest artists frequently, which is always a fun novelty to take part in. Find your ideal artist here or have fun with a guest artist coming through the shop! Either way, Loose Screw is the place for you.


Exile: Olympia
This is a shop that is proven to be quality with their reviews and artist portfolios, and they also value the experience of the first time tattooer. If you’re looking for somewhere to be comfortable with your first tattoo needle or if you’re looking for somewhere to give you some fresh ink among your collection, this is the spot for you. Head to Exile in Olympia for the best tattoo shop in Washington state.

West Virginia

Stick: Morgantown
This one is booked and busy, which only means one thing. They’re popular for a reason. They don’t just do tattoos and piercings, they’re committed to being a part of their community and work with several local charities and organizations… This is a shop I would want to support! Not only are you then also supporting these organizations, you’re getting one of the best tattoos in the state. Win win if you ask me.


Blue Lotus: Madison
Several awards are really what set this place apart from the rest of the tattoo shops available to you in Wisconsin. They’re voted the best in Madison on several counts, and in my book they’re also simply the best in the state overall.

The cleanliness of the place is really what makes it stand out from competitors, and the people notice.
Jump on over to their website for a full review of their artists and their work.


Twisted Delusions: Rawlins
There are two artists working out of this shop, but they do some of the best work I’ve seen. Their tattoo pieces are to die for. The owner, Candice, traveled the country working with different artists to learn from them to make her career and shop what it is today. This is someone I would trust to take my tattooing experience above and beyond.
Check out Twisted Delusions for the best tattooing in the state of Wyoming!

Each state has their own growing industries, and some of them heavily focus on arts and practices like tattooing and piercing, and some aren’t as much. But no matter where you end up finding yourself, you’re going to have a phenomenal artist near you ready to make your dream tattoo come to life in a beautiful way.

If you’re looking for a new artist that you can trust, these are some shops that you can start with to get a good idea of where to head to start getting some consultations and quotes.

Unfortunately, any shop labeled the “best,” is going to have one of the higher price tags. But if you’re going to invest that dime into anything, a tattoo that’s going to be a piece of art on your body forever is well worth it.

So good luck on your hunt for your next tattoo shop in your state… You’re in good hands with these!