Inside: Adorable tweety bird tattoo that will make you nostalgic for your childhood.

Most of my childhood was spent watching cartoons. Don’t get me wrong, I went outside. But I was never as happy as I was sitting in from of the TV when the new episode of the Looney Tunes came on.

Who was my favorite character? You can take one guess…

Yep! Mrs. Tweety Bird was my favorite gal on the entire show, and she remained in that top spot my entire childhood. Now that I am an adult, every time I see her it makes me internally say, “awwww.”

Tweety Bird Tattoo Ideas That'll Make You Looney

You may not be surprised to learn that I am getting my very own tweety bird tattoo! After so many years, I think it’s time. I have gathered some of the best tweety bird tattoo ideas to use as inspiration. I want to share them with you, on the off chance that you feel the same about tweety!

How Much Does A Tattoo Cost?

I love this question, because I get it all the time and I can’t really answer it. In order to give you a specific and trustworthy response, I would need to know two things: One, what tattoo you are getting. Two, what tattoo artist you are going to?

Every artist has a different rate. So I could tell you an exact amount and then be dead wrong. The only way to truly get a clear answer is to have a consultation with your artist and see what they say.

You should bring a few photos of what you want to get as a guide, and tell them the placement and around what size you want the tattoo. Then they can let you know how long it will take them and how expensive it will be. This is good information to know beforehand anyway. That way you can plan accordingly.

Will It Hurt?

This depends on your pain threshold, but chances are you are going to feel some discomfort. It’s actually pretty bearable, so don’t be too nervous. There are places that hurt more than others though, so you should probably check out this pain chart to get a good idea of where to not get yours.

If you are still worried about the pain, I have one other trick up my sleeve. Whenever I go to a super long tattoo session, I always make sure to pack my numbing cream.

That way when I feel like tapping out during my tattoo, I just lather some of it on. The area I add it too becomes numb, and a lot more tolerable.

Tweety Bird tattoo ideas. 3 Different examples, 2 in color and one in black and white

Tweety Bird Tattoos

For this first list, I will explain the different styles and what they each have going for them. I think you are going to love these! Picking out a tattoo can be so much fun. Don’t believe me? Get started and see for yourself!

1. Tweety Bird Outline – If you want to keep it simple, then sticking with an outline is the way to go. Check out this idea and you will understand what I mean.

2. Colorful Tweety Bird Idea – I love the look of cartoon character tattoos when they are in color. Otherwise, my brain is always looking for the staple colors that made that character whole!

3. Abstract Tweety Idea – You can go with an abstract take like this one to make your tattoo more unique and personal.

4. Tweety and Sylvester – This duo takes me right back to those Saturday morning cartoons. Fun fact: I still make a habit of watching cartoons every Saturday. Funny right?

5. NYX Tweety Bird – If you have a certain favorite team, now is your time to dress tweety up as one of its players! This is such a fun idea, what do you think?

6. Traditional Style Tweety – You can get the original tweet like me because I want to be able to see the cartoon right on my skin.

7. Memorial Tweet Idea – If you had a loved one that passed away that loved Tweety bird, then getting this as a memorial tattoo is such a sweet idea.

8. Tweety Gambler Idea – This is a funny idea. I can’t remember if there was a gambling episode of looney tunes or not(it’s always weird growing up and catching all the innuendos you didn’t as a child), but this tattoo or tweety with a gambling chip is cracking me up!

9. Classic Tweety Idea – Here is another classic tweety birth idea. This one looks like they peeled her straight off of the tv and stuff her on this person’s arm! I love it.

10. B&W Tweety Idea – If you wanted this tattoo to go with your black-and-white theme, don’t worry. She is just as cute in black and white as she is in color.

Unique Tweety Designs

If you want something that is a little off the beaten path, then this next list is for you. I have found that people come up with the coolest ideas when you give them the freedom to work a bit. Check out some of these artists and their take on Tweety!

11. Devil Tweety Idea

12. Cute Tweety Skeleton

13. B&W Tweety Making Sweet Face

14. Looney Tunes Cards

15. Simple Outline Idea

16. Thick Lined Tweety Idea

17.  Abstract Tweety Design

18. Trippy Abstract Idea

19. Little Angel Tweety

20. Tweety Bird Idea

21. Tweety as a Bird

Colorful tweety bird tattoo ideas. 3 different colorful examples.

Colorful Tattoo Ideas

I love color in my tattoos, so you know I had to create a section dedicated to it. I have one sleeve that is full of color, and the other that is black and white…I get the best of both worlds. Below you will find some bright designs that will make your other tattoos pop!

22. Cartoon Bird Idea

23. Grumpy Tweety Bird

24. Tweety Holding Flower

25. Love You, Tattoo

26. Tweety Holding Gem

27. Tweety Sketch Idea

28. Tweety Patchwork Tattoo

Tweety Bird Tattoo Ideas That’ll Make You Looney

Lastly, I have some awesome tweety bird tattoo ideas that are so good they’ll make you looney! I had to make a pun somewhere in here, didn’t I? Check out this list!

29. Sailor Tweety Idea

30. Tweety On a Cloud

31. Grumpy Tweety with Rainbow Aura

32. Yellow Tweety Swinging

33. Tweety Riding a Bike

34. Tweety with Flower

35. Tweety Winking Tattoo

36. Tweety Winking in B&W

37. Tweety with Roses

Tweety Bird Tattoo

There you have it, the best tweety bird tattoo ideas that all of the looney tunes fans will go crazy for! I think it’s important to remember that tattoos can be anything you want them to be. They don’t have to be serious, they can be silly!

If you are going back and forth on whether or not to get this design, this is your sign to just go for it. You will not regret it! This is especially true if you love tweety as much as I do. Because now every time I look at my new tattoo, I will get a little bit of dopamine!

If you want to check out some of my other character-themed tattoo ideas, you can do so here. I have so many more tattoo ideas where this came from, so don’t stop here!