Inside: Betty Boop Tattoo Ideas & Designs.

As many people already know, Betty Boop was the Cartoon Woman who stole the hearts of the masses. In fact, she is still regarded as one of the most popular cartoon characters to this day! Her iconic round head and large eyes paired with her small figure have made her the sex symbol of a generation.

Though her fan base isn’t as large as it used to be, it’s still alive and well, making Betty Boop tattoos a lovely way to pay homage to the character and what she symbolizes.

Getting a Betty Tattoo has grown in popularity over time. Whether you’re a stone-cold fan or simply love the way this character looks, there is a Boop Design for you.

We’ve included 83 of some of our favorites for you to take a look at. But first, let’s go over a brief history of Betty Boop and the meaning behind a Betty Boop Tattoo.

The History of Betty Boop

The first-ever episode starring Betty Boop came out in august of 1930! That’s right, this makes Ms. Boop a whopping 92 years old.

Created by Max Fleischer and was released by Paramount Pictures, this character has taken a few different forms over the years. Consistently though, she was actually the very first woman cartoon character who was presented as a sex symbol. Her last episode hit the air only 9 years after the show’s first debut, in 1939.

Betty Boop Tattoo Ideas

Still, this character lives in the hearts of many…and we don’t think she’s going anywhere anytime soon.

The Meaning Behind A Betty Boop Tattoo

Though a Betty Boop Tattoo can hold different meanings for the person getting it, one of the overarching concepts it represents is a woman’s right to her own sexuality.  It can symbolize the confidence a woman holds and the power that comes from reclaiming their body. For decades now others have tried either to hide a woman’s body or exploit it, but Betty Boop proudly displays her sensuality in a way that has left women empowered. This tattoo is a symbol for that!

Here are 83 Betty Boop Tattoo Ideas(with angel wings included). Check them out!

Betty Boop Angel Tattoo

1.  Angel Betty Tattoo

2. Classic Angel and Devil Betty Boops

3. Black and White Angel Betty Boop

4. Betty Boop with Halo

5. Angel Betty in Beautiful Gown

6. Betty Boop Angel In Color

7. Detailed Angel Betty in Color

8. Angel Betty Boop in the Clouds

Betty Boop Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to Tattoos of Miss Boop, the possibilities are truly endless! Here are some of the coolest designs that incorporate Betty in unique and creative ways!

What does a Betty Boop Tattoo mean and symbolize

9. Classic Betty Boop Tattoo

10. Betty In Wine Glass

11. Cherry Betty Boop Tattoo

12. Betty Boop with Puppy & Hearts

13. Plus Size Betty Boop Tattoo

14. RockStar Betty Boop

15. Betty in Barb Wire Heart

16. Vibrant Betty & Puppy in Heart

17. Heart-Shaped Betty Boop Head with Tears

18. Winking Betty Boop

19. Betty Boop on Motor Cycle

20. Simple Line Betty Boop with Cassette

21. Betty Boop Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

22. Devil Betty Boop in Color

23. Bunny Boop in Color

24. Betty Boop in Ragdoll Style

25. Betty Boop Boxer Tattoo

26. Clown Betty Boop Tattoo

27. Betty in Modern Clothes

28. Waitress Betty with Rollerskates

29.Betty in Flower Heart

30. Tatted Betty Boop Tattoo

31. Sailor Betty Boop In Color

32. Betty Boop with Little Gun

33. Butterfly Betty Boop In Color

34. Betty Boop Ice Cream Cone Tattoo

35. Cowboy Betty Boop

36. Hula Dancer Betty Boop

37. Betty Boop 4 of Hearts Card

38. Classic Betty Boop in Red Dress

Black & White Betty Boop Tattoo

Since the Betty Boop Show was created in Black & White, this makes it the perfect candidate for a Black & White Tattoo! Take a peek at some of our favorites below.

Black and white Betty Ink

39. Clean Black and White Betty on a Cloud

40. Black and White Betty Boop Flower

41. Detailed Betty Head

42. Betty Boop Dressed as a Devil

43. Mermaid Betty in Black & White 

44. Betty Boop Medium-Sized Tattoo

45. Black & White Betty on Witch’s Broom

46. Betty Boop with Soft Lines

47. Classy Betty Boop

48. Betty as Rosie the Riveter

49. Clown Betty Boop with Bold Line Work

50. Betty Boop Head with Detailed Shading

Small Betty Boop Tattoo

Something smaller more your style? Check these out!

Small tattoo designs of Betty Boop for girls

51. Small Betty in Black and White

52. Tiny Betty Boop Ankle Tattoo

53. Betty Boop on Wrist

54. Iconic Betty Hair Outline

55. Betty Boop Head with Thick Lines

56. Small Betty in Colored Heart

57. Betty Heads as Cherries

58. Betty Boop Wiping Tears

59. Small Betty Boop with Quote

60. Butterfly Betty Ankle Tattoo

61. Betty Boop Head with Devil Horns

Betty Boop Tattoos with Angel Wings

62. Betty with Pink Wings

63. Sassy Angel Betty Boop

64. Black and White Betty with Cute Wings

65. Adorable Betty with Wings on Mushroom

66. Angel Winged Betty with Bold Lines

67. Betty Boop with White Detailing

68. Angel Betty with Thin Lines

69. Betty with Wings & Halo

70. Goth Betty with Wings

71. Black & White Betty with Wings and a Flame Gown

Character Angel Wings Tattoos

Betty Boop Tattoos with Other Cartoon Characters

Lastly, we wanted to include some tattoos that incorporated some of the other iconic characters from the show!

72. Betty with Bimbo on the Moon

73. Betty’s Dress being Pulled on By a Puppy

74. Betty and her Puppy with Green Heart Background

75. Betty & Bimbo

76. Betty Standing on Stool Next to Bimbo

77. Betty Boop with Clown

78. Pudgy & Betty on a Flower

79. Betty with Bimbo & Clown Dancing

80. FrankenBetty with Pudgy

81. Zombie Betty with Undead Pudgy

82. Matching Betty & Pudgy Hearts

83. Betty & Pudgy in Heart with I Love You

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