Inside: Does Lily Collins Have a Tattoo?

Lily Collins got her start in the business at just two years old. She was part of the BBC series Growing Pains. As a teenager, she won a Young Hollywood Award as one to watch. After that, her career started to skyrocket. She starred in The Blind Side, opposite Sandra Bullock, playing her daughter. Roles in Abduction and Mirror Mirror followed. She earned her first Golden Globes nomination in 2016 for her work in the romantic dramedy Rules Don’t Apply, but that wasn’t her biggest role that year.

Collins received rave reviews for her work in the Netflix film To the Bone. She portrayed a woman living with anorexia nervosa. The role wasn’t a stretch for Collins as she lived with an eating disorder for years.

More recently, Collins portrayed Ted Bundy’s longtime girlfriend in the dark drama Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile. She also got her second Golden Globe’s nod for her work in the quirky Netflix series Emily in Paris.

Coming to her inks, she got several tattoos on the different parts of her body. Let’s read further to know more details regarding her tattoos along with their meanings.

Does Lily Collins have a tattoo?

Does Lily Collins Have a Tattoo?

Lily Collins has at least 5 known tattoos:

Lily Collins Tattoos

Back Tattoo

The actress has the words “Love Always and Forever” inked on the upper back, in between her shoulder blades. She added a tattoo of a girl with her hair up in a bun, sitting on the lily pad just below the “Love Always and Forever” artwork she had inked in her own handwriting back in 2012.

Her tattoo was done in Seoul, Korea, by a man who goes by the name of Tattooist Doy, a true artist known for his delicate lines and interesting use of color.

Lily Pad Back Design

The newer lily pad tattoo is just below the saying on her back — emphasizing her journey of self-love. Although each of her tattoos is meaningful and represents part of her journey and truth, that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. Collins was quick to point out that, “No pain, no gain.” While it might have hurt a bit, it doesn’t mean Collins won’t get another one anytime soon. Since she’s an artist and fond of expressing herself, it may be just a matter of time before she’s inked again.

Lily Side Tattoo

Lily has a charming little adorable Disney fairy-tale-inspired tattoo on her left side ribs. It appears to be a tinker bell with the words Fragile Thing inked too.

Lily Wrist Tattoo

Lily Collins got a super cute tattoo of the British Crown along with angel wings on her left wrist. She explains her tattoo saying that since she is British, having a British crown is for that and since her mom has a tattoo of an angel on her, she wanted wings. She also said that she went to get this tattoo along with her mom.

The ink also has her initials “LJ” for her name Lily Jane. She additionally said that she went to get this tattoo along with her mom.

Foot Tattoo

Lily Collins is very proud of her British legacy and along these lines to respect that, she got another tattoo regarding that. She has an English rose tattoo on her right foot.

Tattoo Ideas Inspired by Lily Collins

If you like Lily’s tattoos, then check out a few ideas that are similar to her style!

Tattoo Ideas Inspired by Lily Collins

1. Simple Crown Tattoo Outline

2. Always and Forever Script Font

3. Rose with Quote Tattoo

4. Little Fairy Tattoo Design

5. Unique Crown Tattoo

6. Rose with Roman Numerals

7. Simple Always and Forever Rib Tattoo


Tattoo Ideas We Think Lily Would Love

These Lily collins tattoo ideas inspired up to find more designs that we think she would love and that match her unique style. Check out these other fun tattoo ideas and find more inspiration for your next ink session.

  • Tiny Flower Tattoos – Lily obviously loves flower tattoos, so these tiny flower designs are perfect to match her style. Various flowers and colors will symbolize different things. Red flowers symbolize a burning passion, while white flower design symbolizes purity. Yellow flowers can stand for jealousy while violet rose can mean someone who is shy and timid. There are several different colors and designs available, giving plenty of meaning to those who desire flowers tattoos.
  • Meaningful Tattoo Quotes – Just like her “Forever and Always” quote tattoo, these meaningful tattoo quotes are perfect body ink designs. Each person has his or her own favorite quotes.  For some, they think of it as a memorable part of their lives or a lesson in life that they can learn from. Therefore, if you want to get a new tattoo on your body then be sure that it is exactly what you want. It’s quite amazing to have an inspiring quote that can inspire you every morning and day in your life.
  • Fairy Tattoo Ideas – Lily has a few fairy-inspired tattoos, so these fun designs are perfect for her. Fairies are firmly rooted in our minds as naughty but seemingly innocent characters that we identify with due to their femininity, mischievousness, and connection to nature. Although their meanings are varied they are generally considered to be symbols of beauty, wishes, and freedom, plus more.

Lily Collins Tattoo

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