Inside: Awesome Star Wars tattoo sleeve ideas that fans will love.

Okay, I am going to be vulnerable and admit something to you but you have to promise not to judge me. I have watched all of the Star Wars movies yet. I just started them a few weeks ago, and let me tell you…I am obsessed!

So obsessed that I now understand by people would want to get a Star Wars tattoo sleeve. These epic action-packed movies made me want to go on an intergalactic adventure, and I am not even a fan of heights. If you are reading this right now and cringing because you have been a fan for decades now…give me a break.

Star Wars Tattoo Sleeve Ideas Dans will approve of

With you in mind, I made a list of the best Star Wars tattoo sleeve ideas that will give you the inspiration to start your own. But first, let’s get into prices.

How Much Will It Cost?

This is a bit of a scary question, because sleeves are going to empty out your wallet quicker than if you were to buy a vintage Star Wars collectible. Getting a sleeve done will take more than one tattoo session. In fact, it could take 3-4. Those sessions could last anywhere from 6-8 hours or more(ouch).

When you take into consideration that most tattoo artists will charge you an hourly rate, you can expect this to be a pricey tat.

So I would say that a Star Wars tattoo sleeve would cost anywhere from $1000-$3000 depending on how long and how detailed you get. But the only way to know for sure is to ask your tattoo artist.

Will It Hurt?

From my experience with tattoos…yes. Especially since you are getting a full sleeve! You are going to experience pain in some areas worse than others, so make sure that you are packing some numbing cream in your bag.

I also recommend making sure you have some snacks, some water, and even a charge with you. You are going to be making that tattoo parlor your home during your sessions.

The good news is that by the end of the process, you are going to have an epic Star Wars sleeve for the rest of your life! I think that is a pretty fair trade.

Star Wars Tattoo Sleeve ideas. 3 different ideas in black and white.

Star Wars Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Most of the time, I will make this first list full of different styles and ideas and then get more specific later on. But for this article, I am going to show you the best of the best. So below you are going to find a mix of some seriously cool tattoo ideas, and then on the next one…you will find even BETTER ideas.

1. Yoda Sleeve Idea – Yoda is perhaps one of the most well known characters in the series. At least from my perspective. Before I watched the series, the only character I knew about was Yoda. So you need to include him!

2. Dark Darth Vader Tattoo Idea – If you are on the Dark Side, then perhaps you may be interested in getting a Darth Vader tattoo. This sleeve has a huge portrait of him.

3. Black and White Sleeve Idea – My current sleeve is black and white, and I love it. If you are on the fence about getting a colored or a B&W tattoo, check out this idea for more context.

4. Feminine Tattoo Idea – If you are a fan of star wars who identifies as female, then you may be looking for some more feminine tattoo ideas. This is the one for you!

5. Star Wards Ships  – Everyone knows that Star Wars spaceships are like the basis for the entire franchise. Don’t get me wrong, the storyline is great, and the sets are awesome…but the scenes that take place on the ships just hit different.

6. Large Darth Tattoo Idea – I could not imagine why one would be a fan of Darth Vader(unless they love him as a villain). This just seems like the biggest red flag to me.

7. Droid Tattoo Sleeve – The droids were some of my favorite characters. I am watching in timeline order, so I got to see how they were created and it just made me appreciate them.

8. Cute Light Saber Tattoo Idea – I think it’s basically impossible to have a Star Wars tattoo sleeve without including at least one light saber. What do you think?

9. Darth Vader with Galaxy – Okay, I am sensing a pattern with these. I also think that Vader is perhaps an easier character to recreate. When it comes to actual human faces, it’s easier to see where someone messed up than it is with a mask.

10. Red Themed Sleeve Idea – This person is obvious a part of the dark side.

11. Mandalorian Star Wars Designs – Pedro Pascal is super popular right now, and I get it. For those of you that are fans of the Mandalorian, I think this is an awesome design for you.

12. Dark Side Tattoo Idea – ANOTHER DARK SIDE TATTOO? I didn’t realize how many people sympathized with the enemy. Can someone explain this to me?

13. Space Themed Tattoo Sleeve – You have to include a little bit of space if you are thinking about getting a Star Wars design.

14. Mandalorian In Color – If you want to get the Mandalorian, you should do so in color. Look at this awesome design!

Star Wars Sleeve ideas. 3 different examples.

Star Wars Tattoo Sleeve Fans Will Approve Of

Here is a list of Star Wars tattoo sleeve ideas that fans will approve of. The Star Wars fan base can be a pretty intense bunch. This is because they are so passionate about the movies that they know every bit of trivia out there. You can’t fool them! Check out the list below to see sleeve designs that are fan approved.

15. Cute Darth Vador Design

16. Star Wars Story Line

17. Princess Laya Idea

18. May the Force Be With You

19. Feminine Star Wars Idea

20. Blue Star Wars Design

21. Epic Star Wars Design

22. Black Darth Vader Tattoo

23. Dark Side Face

24. Intense Darth Vader Tattoo

25. Jaba The Hutt Idea

26. Star Wars Battle Idea

27. Full Star Wars Design

Honestly, by the end of my movie marathon, I could see myself getting a Star Wars tattoo. Perhaps not a Star Wars tattoo sleeve, but a tattoo nonetheless. I wish I would have watched these when I was younger, that way they could hit that nostalgia button in my brain.

Alas, I cannot go back in time, but I know that I can make the most out of the present. Who knows, 40 years from now I could be looking back at these days with nostalgia! See…it’s all about perspective. If I do decide to get a star wars tattoo, I know it will be a good one. This list has inspired me!

If you loved these ideas, then you are going to have to check out some of my other themed sleeves. There are so many to choose from, but I think this is a great place to begin.