Inside: Top Jurassic Park tattoo ideas that movie lovers need.

I don’t know about you, but I have such a soft spot for movies made in the 1990s. There is just something about them! Sure, maybe they hit my nostalgia button, but they hold a special place in my heart.

The 90s was the decade for many great films, but one stands out. And that is, drum roll… Jurassic Park!

I am not sure there has ever been a movie that has sparked as much creative imagination as this movie did for me when I first saw it. It has everything you’d want: Action, Comedy, suspense, and romance. So it’s not very surprising that it is still a favorite around the world.

Cool Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas

As you can imagine, this much love for a movie has to find ways to be expressed, and one of my favorite ways to see it is through tattoos! I have gathered some of the cutest Jurassic Park tattoo ideas for you to look through.

But first, let’s go over the basics.

Will it hurt?

I am going to rip this off like a bandaid, yes. Getting a tattoo does hurt. But the good news is that it is a manageable pain that a lot of people actually enjoy. I know that sounds weird, but it has something to do with the adrenaline and endorphins and whatnot. Many people use tattoos as a form of therapy.

If you are still worried about how badly it will hurt, you can take some precautions to help it hurt less when the day comes. I have two main pieces of advice for you:

  1. Don’t Choose a Boney Area – There are natural boney areas on our bodies where our bones sit closer to the surface. These areas tend to have many more nerve endings, which causes them to be more painful. So I hope you weren’t looking to get a rib tattoo!
  2. Use Numbing Cream – Numbing cream is my saving grace when I am getting a tattoo in a rough spot. You can order it online and bring it with you to your appointment; some tattoo shops even carry it there. You put some on, and it numbs the area. I love this stuff and it is one of my biggest tips to help with the pain.

How Much Will a Jurassic Park Tattoo Cost?

This is a great question, but I cannot give you an exact answer seeing as tattoos will vary in price depending on a whole slew of factors. Things such as detail, time, size, and which shop you go to all play a part in the end price.

You can count on this, though: The smaller the tattoo, the smaller the hole in your pocket. Many people complain that tattoos are too expensive, but in reality, it is a pieces of art that will be on your body forever; I would pay good money to make sure that it is done right.

Now, are you ready to look at these Jurassic park tattoo ideas? Because I am! I know you are going to love these because they are all just so cool; it’s kind of hard not to love them.

Simple Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas

Simple Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas

First up, I thought it would be nice to start with the simpler tattoo ideas. This way, we can slowly build up to the really cool ones. Honestly, the world of tattoos is very overwhelming, so I try and do my part to simplify it the best I can. Take a look.

1. Cute T Rex Tattoo Idea

2.  Black and White T-Rex

3. Different Dino Tattoo

4. Sweet Dinosaur Idea

5. Colorful Dino Idea

6. Dinosaur Skeleton Idea

7. Modern T Rex Idea

8. Jurassic Park Mosquito

9. T-Rex Skull

10. Cleaver Girl in Black and White

11. Cool Skeleton

Traditional Tattoo Ideas

For those of you who don’t know, traditional tattoos are a style or technique of tattooing that relies on thick lines and bold colors. Most people who have this style of tattoo like to keep their other tattoos on a theme by only getting traditional. So it might be a bit of a commitment, but hey…tattoos are a commitment in and of themselves anyways.

12. Classic Jurassic Park Gate

13. Jurassic Park Emblem

14. Jurassic Park Jeep

15. Mosquito In Tradition Ink

16. Traditional Ink in Black and White

17. Little Dino Egg Idea

18. T-Rex with 10,000 Bolt Sign

19. Pterodactyl Tattoo Idea

20. Colorful New School Tattoo

21. Dino with Ombre Background

Cool dinosaur cartoon Tattoos

Cool Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas

Lastly, I have some super cool Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas that I know you are going to go crazy for. I am serious, if you are a movie lover, you might as well call your tattoo shop for an appointment now because it is a done deal. For this list, I went ahead and explained some of the styles and details too. Check these out!

22. Large Forearm Dinosaur Idea – The details on this one are insane. It’s the size of this person’s forearm and has a very abstract feel.

23. Clean T-Rex in Color – If you like your tattoos to be in color then this colorful tattoo is the one for you. How cute!

24. Mr. DNA Tattoo Idea – Mr. DNA is the entire backbone of this whole movie. You cannot prove me otherwise. This is a super clean tattoo, take a look!

25. Clever Girl Rugrats-Themed Dino – This is a very new school style, meaning they used cartoon-like animation and bold colors. They even made it look like Reptar from the rugrats! How cool.

26. Dino in Jar – This is a super small tattoo but it is still very cute. This little Dinosaur is in a jar!

27. Cute Floral Dino Idea – This dino has some floral aspects that I think you would enjoy if you are going for a more delicate style of tattoo.

28. Yellow and Green Dino – This has a bright yellow background that I think would look so bold and beautiful. Take a look!

29. Black and White Velociraptor – The Velociraptor is one of the most known dinos in the movie and one of the most feared. I know the T-Rex has its size, but these can move FAST.

30. Dino Skull with Flowers – Here is a very adorable and dainty tattoo!

31. Life Finds A Way – Inspirational and cute; I think you need this one.

Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas


What did I tell you? These were amazing! I know that it may seem silly to get a tattoo of an old movie, but this movie has left an imprint on an entire generation, and that imprint was in the shape and size of a T-Rex foot!

I think that, as tattoo lovers, we should never discriminate against or judge someone’s tattoos. You don’t need some deep philosophical reason to get inked, and I think many more people would feel more comfortable getting tattoos if this were widely accepted. It’s funny because, just a decade or two ago, tattoos were so taboo that it would be hard for tattooed people to find jobs!

Luckily, that is not the case anymore, so I think it is our job to drop any further hate against tattoos in any form! If you loved these ideas, why not check out some other tattoo ideas? I think you will love these!

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