Inside: Best petunia tattoo ideas & the meaning behind them.

I don’t think I need to persuade anyone that flower tattoos are the foundation of this genre of art. Flowers are everlasting beauty; they are grace, and they will never go out of style. 100 year from now, people will still be getting flower tattoos; I can basically guarantee that.

And why shouldn’t they? There are so many different ones to choose from…they will never run out or get bored. I am making it my mission to cover as many flower tattoo types as I can, and this is no small goal. Each flower comes with its own style and meaning. So today, I will be discussing one of my favorites: petunia tattoo ideas and their meaning.

Petunia Tattoo Ideas & Their Meaning

This flower is one of my favorites because it is so delicate and powerful at the same time. It once had been correlated to one concept but has changed over time. I love this because it spreads the message that even when we are one thing, we have the ability to change. Before we look at the ideas, let’s take a deeper look at this flower’s meaning.

Petunia Tattoo Meaning

According to petal republic, “For years, petunias symbolized anger and resentment, but that has changed as these beautiful flowers have earned a home in flowerbeds and containers across the USA. A more popular meaning for petunia flowers is more uplifting as they represent desire, hope, and calmness.”

Though this might feel like it has a double meaning, I think the overarching message that this flower displays is that you don’t have to be what people think you are.

You can change and become who you are meant to be, and you should do so unapologetically. If you have been bitter about something in the past but are working through it, this is a lovely flower to get tattooed onto you.

How Much Does a Petunia Tattoo Cost?

This tattoo can be anywhere from $75 dollars to upwards up $1000 dollars depending on the size, how long it takes, and what your artist charges. Different tattoo shops have different prices, so you will really only know how much your tattoo will cost when you sit down for your consultation with your artist.

They will let you know how spendy your tattoo will be. But if you are still in the planning stages, a good rule of thumb to remember is the bigger the tattoo, the bigger the budget. Meaning it will cost more the longer it takes to get done.

If you have a smaller budget, perhaps a smaller flower tattoo is more in your price range. Or if you have your heart set on a big one, you can save up leading up to your appointment.

How much will it hurt?

A petunia tattoo is not a tattoo that hurts more than others. It all depends on where you are getting it, how detailed it is, and how large the art will be. For the most part, you can expect tattoos that are done on areas where the bones are closer to the surface to be the ones that hurt the most.

This is because in those areas, there are more nerve endings, which makes you more receptive to pain there. But that does come with getting tattoos. It’s the name of the game! Many people actually consider this type of pain to be therapeutic. So I promise you that it is endurable. You got this!

But if you are still worried about the pain, that I have one less thing to recommend. Numbing spray and numbing creams are my saving grace when I’m going in to get a huge tattoo. I can handle the first one to two hours, but after that, I am done, and these products really help.

Black and white sketch floral Tattoos

Petunia Tattoo Ideas

Okay, now is the time we have all been waiting for. You just have to go through the informational side of tattooing before you get to the fun stuff; I don’t make the rules. Take a look at this list below to begin getting a feel for your tattoo style. Everyone is different, so I made sure to include different styles and ideas.

1. Abstract Idea with Whale and Flowers

2. Black Petunia Flower Ideas

3. Black and White Flower Pot

4. White Ink Idea

5. Pink Ankle Tattoo Idea

6. Petunia Bouquet Idea

7. Black and White Flower Idea

8. Simple Black and White Floral

9. Thin Lined Flowers

10. Hyper Realistic Flower Idea

11. Petunia and Whale Arm Tattoo

Unique Tattoo Ideas

These are some of my favorites on this list. Though they aren’t the craziest in the world, there is something unique in each of them. Whether it be their line work or maybe just their coloring, each has something brilliant to bring to the table, and I think you would be happy with any of them. Check it out.

12. B & W Arm Tattoo – If you are hoping for a black-and-white look, this is for you.

13. Adorable Big Flower – The more tattoo there is, the more you have to love.

14. Dark Black and White Flower – Who said tattoos needed to be bright? Look at this idea.

15. Big Half Sleeve Idea – I love the idea of a petunia sleeve.

16. Floral Sleeve Idea – Here is another great example. Sleeves are breathtaking, especially when they have a theme.

17. Geometric Flower Idea – Adding geometric shapes can bring depth and flair to your ink.

18. Black and White Flower with Bee – I think adding bees to flower tattoos is a must.

19. Simple Floral Sleeve – Here is a super simple sleeve.

20. Half Sleeve with Honey Comb – The honeycomb helps to fill in the gaps and make it appear fuller.

21. Petunia with Moon Idea – If you love the moon, this tattoo is for you.

Lovely Petunia Tattoo Ideas

Lovely Petunia Tattoo Ideas

And lastly, I thought we could end this list on a lovely note. Here I have some of the cutest petunia tattoo ideas. These will make you go, ‘aweee’ before you can even help it. They are beautiful flowers, after all. So look at these ideas and get yourself excited about your next floral tattoo.

22. Colorful Flower Ideas

23. Light Pink Petunia Idea

24. Purple Flower Idea

25. Soft Half Sleeve Idea

26. 2 Flower Idea

27. Single Flower on Hip

28. Light Purple Flowers

29. Flower Tattoo Idea

30. Triple Flower Tattoo Idea

31. Pink Flowers In Vase

Petunia Tattoo

There you have it. What did I tell you? Petunia tattoos for the win! No, but seriously, this is one of my favorite floral tattoos for a reason. They hold so much meaning and power while being so dainty and feminine. You really can’t beat it.

Whatever gender you are, I think everyone can benefit from a little feminine energy. I hope you loved this list of petunia tattoo ideas and that you found exactly what you are looking for. I know there were a lot of ideas here, and it can be overwhelming to pick just one, but it is worth it in the end when you see your new tattoo.

If you love these flower tattoo ideas and are interested in seeing more, then you are in the right place. I have so many other ideas that I think you are going to love absolutely. There are lots, but I think the best place for you to start is here. Have fun!