Inside: Cutest croissant tattoo ideas that you need to see.

This one is for all you foodies out there. Everyone has that one food, the one they would drive across town in the middle of the night for. The one that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. It’s your comfort food, the one you always have space for. This food for me is the Croissant.

So what does a human do to show the world just how much they love something? They get a tattoo of it, of course! Today I have compiled my favorite croissant tattoo ideas, and there are a lot of them.

 Croissant Tattoo Ideas for Food Lovers

Take a look at the list below to see which style, color, and ideas you like the best. These will be the references that you show your tattoo artist, so remember them! Let’s cover some of the basics before we get into the main course.

How Much Does a Croissant Tattoo Cost?

Tattoo cost is a topic that varies widely because the costs themself are never the same. What your tattoo will end up costing you will be the result of several factors, including Where you are, how big your tattoo it, how long it takes, and what tattoo artist you have. All of these things change from case to case, so I cannot give you a specific answer.

What I can tell you is this: The smaller the tattoo, the smaller the bill. Most tattoo artists base their prices on how long it takes them, so the less time they spend, the less you have to pay.

Will It Hurt?

Yes, yes, it will. But depending on your tattoo, it may not be so bad. Things like detailing, size, and placement are the major things that decide how badly your ink is going to hurt. If you choose a place near the bone(like your ribs, hands, etc.), you are going to feel more pain. So avoid those areas!

Croissant Tattoo Ideas

Okay, here comes the fun part: it’s time for croissant tattoo ideas! For this first list, I chose tattoo ideas that vary in style; that way, you can see all of your options before you commit to anything. Take a look.

1. Simple Coffee and Croissant Outline

2. Realistic Mini Croissant

3. Traditional Croissant Ideas

4. Black & White Croissant

5. Dark Traditional Idea

6. Simple Croissant Idea

7. Tiny Snack Tattoo Idea

8. Baker’s Tattoo Ideas

9. Wine & Croissant Idea

10. Geometric Idea

11. Realistic Cute Croissant

12. Black and White Croissant Idea

13. Dainty Little Croissant

14. Croissant with Many Layers

15. Croissant Snail Idea

Cool bakery Tattoo Ideas for Food Lovers

Cool Croissant Tattoo Ideas

These are some of the coolest croissant tattoo ideas that I have ever seen, so naturally, I put them next. Imagine this list like a fine meal, with each course getting better and better as we get further into the night. Are you ready? Tie up your bibs, and let’s go!

16. Red Simple Croissant

17. Strawberry and Croissant Idea

18. Little Mini Croissant

19. Croissant Maze Idea

20. Croissant Idea

21. Small Clean Croissant Idea

22. Clean Lined Little Pastry

23. Pastry Ankle Tattoo

24. Back of Ankle Idea

25. Shadowed Croissant Idea

26. Matching Croissant Idea

27. Red Lined Croissant

28. Grey and White Croissant

29.Sketch Tattoo Croissant Idea

30. Small Tattoo with Good Linework

Unique Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a unique tattoo, then I am happy that you found this list. These are some super unique designs that are just begging to be seen. Remember that you can always work with your artist to change anything you want or need.

31.  New School Croissant Idea

32. Medium Sized Croissant

33. Thick Lined Croissant

34. Croissant Cat Idea

35. Steamy Croissant Idea

36. Dark Realistic Idea

37. Matching Grey Croissant

38. Hilarious Buff Croissant

39. Small Croissant with Pretzel

40. Croissant Dipped in Coffee

41. High Definition Idea

42. Croissant with Smiley

43. Croissant with Green Leaf

44. Chef Knife Idea

45. Croissant Seahorse

Traditional Croissant Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Croissant Tattoo Ideas

For those of you that are new to the tattoo world, hello and welcome! Traditional tattooing is a styling of body art that uses thick linework and bold colors. You will know it when you see it. Take a look!

46. Black Croissant

47. Traditional Croissant in Black and White

48. Heaven on Earth Idea

49. Croissant with Smiley Face

50. Shark Croissant Idea

51. Colorful Traditional Croissant Idea

52. Jam with Croissant

53. Simple Tan Croissant

54. Unique Cartoon Style Idea

55. Croissant with Banner

56. Cat with Croissant Idea

57. Simple Small Idea

58. Traditional Croissant in Heart

59. Croissant with Sprinkles

60. Coffee with Croissant

Lovely Croissant Tattoo Ideas

I wanted to include some lovely ideas as well. You know, you can never really have enough croissant tattoos so if you can’t decide on one, maybe get two or three instead. Am I a bad influence? Probably.

61. Tiny Hyper-realistic Pastry Tattoo

62. Unique Shaped Croissant Idea

63. Sketch Styled Croissant Idea

64. Simple Lined Croissant

65. Croissant with Steam

66. Dotwork Coffee with Croissant

67. Moon Phase with Croissant

68. Abstract One Line Croissant Idea

69. Sharp Thick Lined Croissant

70. Little Food Tattoo Idea

71. Astronaut Moon Idea

72. Yellow Croissant Idea

73. Hand Holding Croissant

74. Abstract Croissant Idea

75. Cat Croissant Hug

Delicious food Tattoos

Delicious Tattoo Ideas

Sounds kind of funny, but these are the most delicious-looking croissant tattoos on this list. Whether it’s the art, the style of ink, or just because they look the best…these really do make your stomach rumble.

76. Traditional French Croissant

77. Croissant with Heart Latte

78. Thin Lined Smiley Pastry

79. Lavender Croissant Idea

80. Half Croissant Ideas

81. Crown with Croissant

82. Lovely Ankle Tattoo Idea

83. Glistening Croissant

84. Croissant with Blue Accents

85. Frosted Croissant Idea

86. French Themed Ideas

87. Pastry Tattoo Idea

88. Croissant Moon Idea

89. Big Swirly Croissant

90. Cute Picnic

Best Croissant Tattoos for Food Lovers

We are almost reaching the end. Here I have put some of my absolute favorite tattoos on this entire list. These ar reserved for food lovers. Be careful getting a tattoo like this though; you’ll get hungry every time you look at it.

91. Interesting Croissant Idea

92. Traditional Croissant with Pink Flowers

93. Cutest Croissant Idea

94. French Croissant Idea

95. Full French Breakfast

96. Scattered Baker Tattoos

97. Little Fancy Idea

98. Black Croissant Idea

99. Croissant Chocolate Idea

100. Leg Tattoo Idea in Black-and-White

101. Rainbow Croissant Ink

102. Dotwork Croissant Design

103. Baker Tattoo Sleeve

Must See Ideas

Okay, to finish us off this is a list of a bunch of mixed styles and ideas. These are the ones I just couldn’t help up include. So take a look, if you haven’t made a strong decision yet, prepare to be swayed!

104. Blue Floral Tattoo Idea

105. Croissant with Smurf

105. Croissant with Water Color

106. Croissant and French Bread Idea

107. Croissant with Arrow

108. Croissant with Cross Section

109. Dotted Tiny Croissant

110. Grey Croissant Solid Idea

111. Strawberry Cherry

112. Traditional Pink & Purple Idea

113. Croissant with Jam

 Croissant Tattoo

Okay, did these make you as hungry as they made me? I need a croissant-like yesterday. I don’t know what it is about art food, but they look better than the real thing a lot of the time.

I hope you loved these croissant tattoo ideas and that you have a good understanding of the style you are going to ask for when you get to your tattoo shop. I think food tattoos are the absolute coolest; whether you are a baker, a chef, or just a food lover, you can never go wrong with a little food ink action.

If you are a level 10 foodie, I think you should check out some of my other favorite food tattoo ideas; there are plenty of them. So check these out, but maybe grab a snack first.

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