Inside: Best candy heart tattoo ideas that you will fall in love with.

If there is one candy out there that does not get enough credit, it is the candy heart. I don’t say that for their taste because everyone knows they are just alright. Yet, these little beauties have quite the chokehold on this world. Every Valentines Day, they are back on the shelves, and people buy them.

They are known for their cute romantic messages. Most people associate them with their middle school Valentine, but nowadays, a new form of appreciation is growing: The Candy Heart Tattoo!

Top Loveable Candy Heart Tattoo Ideas

Now, of course, these tattoos include the classic messages that this candy is known for, but there are some who have had a little upgrade. The best part about tattoos is you get to make them your own through customizations. The result is some seriously cool and sometimes funny candy heart messages!

Candy Heart Tattoo Cost

If you are thinking about getting a candy heart tattoo, the question of price is probably not far from your mind either. I know tattoos can feel very expensive, but you have to consider the fact that it is something you will have on your body forever. You are going to a licensed professional, and you want it to look good.

I think all of this is worth the price. But just to clarify, a candy heart tattoo can cost anywhere from $50-$500, depending on how big and detailed you get it. It is also important to keep in mind that many shops’ prices will vary, so make sure you have a discussion about pricing and estimations with your artist before you are in that chair. It is customary to tip your tattoo artists!

If you want a cheap tattoo, get something small and simple. Many tattoo artists are paid by time, so the less time it takes, the less will be coming out of your wallet when the session is over.

Will This Tattoo Hurt?

I LOVE THIS QUESTION! Yep, it’s going to hurt. I know that was like a bandaid, but I couldn’t lie to you. I feel like tattoos hurting is like 30% of why they are so cool. Otherwise, everyone would be getting them. There is no sacrifice for that beauty.

Oddly enough, many people find the pain that comes with getting a tattoo to be therapeutic. Yes, I am one of those people. It is a very manageable pain, so if you are worried, don’t be. I know you can do it.

There are a few things you can do to help minimize your pain when you are getting your tattoo done. My favorite thing to have on hand at any tattoo appointment is Numbing Cream. Numbing cream does exactly what it says it does: it numbs! For my bigger tattoos, this comes in handy around hour two. But you can use it for whatever you need!

The second thing you can do is pick a spot on your body that has more meat and less bone. Weird descriptive words for a human body, I know. I just don’t know how else to explain it. Avoid the boney areas as they have more nerve endings and will feel more painful.

If you still want to get a candy heart tattoo(which I am sure you do), keep reading. I have found the best candy heart tattoo ideas to give you inspiration!

Sweetest colorful Heart ink designs

Loveable Candy Heart Tattoo Ideas

This first list is meant to give you the perfect understanding of the wide range you can take this tattoo in. These ideas just scratch the surface of the messages you could include in your little candy heart. While you take a look, pay attention to the styles. This way you learn what you like!

1. Hot Mess Idea

2. Stay Gold Heart Tattoo

3. Funny Get Bent Candy

4. Unique Spooky Heart Candy

5. No, Yes, Fine Candy Idea

6. Mama Candy Heart Idea

7. Personalized Candy Idea

8. Hate You Candy Idea

9. Tattoo Design with Cute Details

10. Riot Funny Heart

Heart Candy Tattoo

Below I have some Heart Candy Tattoo ideas that are absolutely adorable. Regardless of the saying on them, they are cute in my book. Most of them are small enough that they won’t cost you as much as other, larger tattoos. So you have the opportunity to get more! Sorry…I am a little tattoo obsessed; I cannot help it. I want all the tattoos for myself!

11. Nashville Hot Personalized Candy

12. Fade Into You Idea

13. Spooky Scary Idea

14. Nana Idea

15. Spooky Babe Traditional Tattoo

16. Kiss Me in Black and White

17. Cry Baby Idea

18. Simple and Classic Candy Heart

19. Candy With Babe

20. Love You Candy

21. Rebel Rebel Idea

Heart Tattoos with words on them

Sweetheart Candy Tattoo

Do you remember the first time you had candy hearts? I do. It was the first time I ever had a valentine, so of course, I would remember! I think anyone who gets one of these sweetheart candy tattoos must be a very cool person who loves all things that bring nostalgia. Because that’s me, and that’s why I am thinking of getting one!

22. Not You

23. Self Love Heart

24. Hands Off Bright Candy

25. Light Pink Heart

26. I Miss You So Far

27. Your Name Candy

28. Dummy Candy Heart

29. Mom & Dad Idea

30. My Body My Choice Idea

31. Love You Idea

Cute Candy Heart Tattoo Designs

Here we have some super cute candy heart tattoo designs. I think these will be the cherry on top of this candy heart Sunday. If you have yet to find something that is your style, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what is below. Lot’s to look at here, so take your time. There are so many little details that you may enjoy.

32. Matching Name Heart Idea

33. Black and White Candy Idea

34. Mum Candy Idea

35. Stay Spooky Idea

36. Aww You Shouldn’t Have

37. Your Self Idea

38. Head Up Sweetheart

39. GRL PWR Idea

40. Studio Ghibli Idea

41. Candy Girl Idea

Candy Heart Tattoo


I just LOVE love. I think that reason enough for me to get one of these tattoos. If you are thinking of adding to your tattoo collection but are hesitant to get this one because you worry you need a better reason than simply Because it’s your favorite candy, well, here you go: Get it. Because tattoos don’t need a meaning to be justifiable. You like it so you should get it.

Sometimes the best tattoos in life have little to no meaning at all. The only important thing is that you are excited about the design and idea that you are getting. It is your body, after all; what is the point of adhering to others’ opinions when they are not your own?

If you loved these candy tattoos, maybe you would enjoy some of our other food tattoo ideas. Trust me; I have plenty. So if you are a foodie, then I think it is worth taking the time to check some of these out. Just maybe grab a snack first, seeing as by the time you are done with these, you are going to be hungry!