Inside: 137+ Behind the Ear Tattoos for Women.

Tattoo placement is one of the most important decisions when it comes to planning your next tat. Placement can hold special meaning, it could be necessary for covering purposes, or just because it’s a cool spot.

Not only can behind-the-ear tattoos be absolutely stunning, but they are also a discreet way to let a little of your personality shine. If you have longer hair, hiding your new tattoo is as easy as letting your hair down. On the other hand, when you’re ready to show off your ink just style your hair accordingly.

While the little area of skin behind your ear might not be the first place that comes to mind, there are some definite perks to this flattering and unusual area. This is likely why behind-the-ear tattoos have been consistently gaining steam amongst the tattoo community in recent years.

Check out some of the coolest behind-the-ear tattoos inspiration.

Behind the ear tattoo inspiration for women

Do Behind-the-Ear Tattoos Hurt?

Like any tattoo, there will be some pain with this type of ink placement. Behind the ear is not an especially painful except when it comes to the vibrations while you are getting the ink done. The machine vibrations will have no fat absorbing them, so you will feel it somewhat in your head and even your skull, which can be a strange sensation and will most likely have you leaving with a headache afterwards.

The good news is that these tattoos are most often very small, so the discomfort will be short lived for a piece of art you’ll value for the rest of your life.

Cute small ideas for ear and neck tattoos

Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas

Here are some of my favorite ideas for these types of tattoos. They are great because the small nature of the tattoo allows it not to be quite so obvious as say a full sleeve and the part of the body means normally your hair could cover it if needed. Also the ear is a fun placement idea because you can do use the curve of your lobe to create fun graphic designs like you’ll see in the butterfly wing tattoo idea below.

1. Moon Phases

2. Flower Tattoo

3. Thin Line Sparkles

4. Stick and Poke Sunset

5. Red Ink Rose Tattoo

6. Thin Line Heart Tattoo Behind Ear

7. Cute Flowers Behind Ear Design

8. Small Music Notes

9. Cute Little Fuzzy Bumblebee Tattoo

10. Fairy Wings Tattoo

11. Flying Birds with Sparkles

12. Black and White Flower Bouquet

13. Paw Prints Tattoos

14. Vibrant Raspberry Tattoo

15. Tinkerbell with Stars

16. Moon & Stars

17. Sun & Moon

18.Cute Leaves

19. Chakra Symbols

20. Red Heart

21. Crying Eye

22. Flower with leaves

23. Semi Colon Tattoo with Wings

24. Realistic Butterfly

25. Purple Mandala

Small Tattoo Ideas Behind Ear

Just because behind the ear tattoos are usually small doesn’t mean they are boring. Here are some of the best pretty tiny tattoos that are unique, stunning, and fit the area behind your ear perfectly.

26. Small Outlined Butterflies

27. Tiny Cresent Moon

28. Dainty Flower Stem

29. Small Galaxy Inspired Design

30. Little Shooting Star Tattoo

31. Small Cross Behind Ear

32. Cute Little Birds Tattoo

33. Little Crown Outline

34. Simple Stars

35. Make a Wish

36. Black Stars

37.333 Angel Number

38. Cute Butterfly

39.  Lavender

40. Smiley Face

41. Rose in Red

42. Zodiac Sign

43. Red Butterflies

44. Birdie in Black & White

45. Fairy Wing

46.Simple Heart in Black

47. Trio of Stars

48. Bumble Bee

49. Leo Symbol

50. Airplane

Small quote tattoos

Small Quote Tattoo Placement Ideas

Getting a word tattoo that has a quote of something you love placed behind your ear can be a great way to show the importance of the phrase throughout your life.

51. Script Font ‘Angel’

52. Free Spirit

53. Gothic Font Year Tattoo

54. ‘Faith’ in Script Font

55. ‘Hope’

56. Be Still with Little Cross

57. Single Number Tattoo

58. Small ‘G’

59. Flower with Date for Stem

60. Cross with ‘Grace’

61. E47 Germany Tattoo

62.Kanji Tattoo

63. C U R S E D

64. 4 4 4

65.N with Flowers

66. P in cursive 

67. Old English

68. September

69. R in Font

70. Fierce

71. Birth Year

72. Patience

73. Patience is Key

74. B L E S S E D

75. Name in Thin Letters

Behind The Ear Designs

Behind your ear is a great spot for a cute and feminine tattoo that symbolizes the important things in your personal life. Whether you like ink with meaning or just want a pretty piece with creative artwork, there are several amazing ear tattoo ideas to discuss with your artist.

76. Edgy Scorpion Tattoo Design

77. Constellation Tattoo

78. Realistic Monarch Butterflies

79.  Howling Woof Profile Design

80. Shaded Snake Tattoo

81. Four-Leaf Clover Tattoo Outline

82. Half of a Mandala Behind the Ear

83. White Ink Whale Tattoo

84. Realistic Hummingbird Tattoo

85. Queen of Hearts Design

86. Mandala

87. Black Tree Design

88. Barbed Wire Design

89. Detailed Roses

90. Music Note

91. Tiny Brain Tattoo

92. Bee with Flower

93. Triple Music Notes

94. Dotted Mandala

95. Simple Leaf Strand

96. Sword Pointing Down

97. Large Flower with Vine Growing Towards Ear

98. Triple Crosses

99. Sea Horse

100. Purple Heart

cute ideas for small tattoos for women

Cute Behind the Ear Tattoos

101. Plant Stem Tattoo

102.  Colorful Flower Stem Tattoo

103. Wheres Waldo!

104. Comet Tattoo

105. Little Trio of Butterflies

106. Little Angel Wing

107. Green Gemstone

108. Soot Sprites

109. Moon with Colored Stars

110. Eye Tattoo

111. Flower Bouquet

112. Red Cardinal Bird

113. Little Piggy Face

114. Bird In Flight

115. Dandelion Seeds

116. Clean Diamond

117. Moon Symbols

118. Mango with a Face

119. WildFlowers

120. Single Wing

121. Butterfly with Honeycomb

123. Hummingbird in B & W

124. Detailed Feather

125. Tiny Red Hummingbird

126. Origami Tattoo

127. Red Simple Scorpion

128. 4 Leaf Clover

129. Realistic Flower

130. Snake in Black & White

131.Harry Potter Golden Snitch

132. Small Cute Star Design

133. Little Sun

134. Mandala Flower

135. Cat with Heart

136. Moon & Constellations

137. Rose with Red Ink

More Cool Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these cute behind the ear tattoos then check out a few more of our favorite tattoo inspiration ideas.

  • Small Tattoo Ideas for Women – If you have been on the fence and are becoming interested in committing to getting inked but don’t want anything big, these small tattoos for women might be the answer. They are all dainty and can be put pretty much anywhere you want. It’s easy to hide these small tattoos when needed and show them off when you want as well. Check out these cute small tattoo design ideas.
  • Our Favorite Freckle Tattoo Ideas – Consider cosmetic tattooing to add permanent eyeliner, faux freckles and give your lips the perfect color. Head out the door without having to spend time adding makeup or worrying about it melting away as the day goes on. While the prices vary, it’s not much more expensive than a typical tattoo. Considering how much money you spend on makeup in a year, you’ll see that it’s worth the upfront costs. Plus, can you imagine heading out the door with flawless makeup every day without all the effort?
  • Peace Tattoo – It’s not necessary to be an old hippy to appreciate the love of a peace sign! These creative peace sign tattoo designs will get you excited and ready to make a commitment. They are a symbol for love, peace, being calm, and loving life. If this sounds like you, then don’t miss out! They look groovy in black and gray as well as colored, so you have to decide which you like the best.

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