Inside: 27 You are my Sunshine Tattoo Ideas.

Most people see the You Are My Sunshine tattoo as a great romantic love tattoo, but it can also be an excellent design for anyone looking to get a friendship tattoo. Friends who get these tattoos are saying that the other person brings “sunshine” into their lives no matter what mood they happen to be in.

If you think about it, it almost works just as well as a best friend tattoo as it does a love tattoo.

The You Are My Sunshine tattoo is also a great idea for any mothers and daughters who want to get matching tattoos together. It works so well in this regard because a mother often sings this song to or with their children when they are younger, so it is already a big part of their relationship. Both can get this tattoo to show that they are the most important people in each other’s lives.

You are my Sunshine Tattoo Ideas 

The fact is that you can get a You Are My Sunshine tattoo to show that you love anything or anyone in your life. Heck, you can even get one of these tattoos to represent your love for everything that is special to you. If you do get your tattoo to represent multiple things, you can even combine the lyrics with some other images of the things that are important in your life.

Where Does “You Are My Sunshine” Come From

The You Are My Sunshine tattoo idea comes from the popular 1939 song that has been remade countless times throughout the years. It has been covered by some of the most famous singers around, so it is definitely in the public’s consciousness. That’s why people who get these words inked on their skin will know that just about anyone who sees in anywhere in the world will recognize what the words are from and what they represent.

You are my Sunshine Tattoo Ideas

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… These sweet you are my sunshine tattoo ideas are perfect to share with you and your bff!

1. You are my Sunshine foot tattoo

2. Matching Sunshine Tattoo Idea

3. Sunflower Sunshine Tattoo

You are my Sunshine Tattoo Ideas 

4. Sunshine on side of feet

5. You are my Sunshine Script

You are my Sunshine Tattoo Ideas 

6. Sunshine Script on Ribcage

7. Script down the back

8. Sunshine and Sunflowers

You are my Sunshine Tattoo Ideas 

Sunshine, Sunflowers, and Pretty Script

I love the combo of sunshine, sunflowers, and pretty scripts these “you are my sunshine” tattoo ideas have.

9. Matching Sunflower Finger Tattoos

10. My Only Sunshine

11. Large Sunshine Ribcage Tattoo

12. You are my Sunshine Tattoo

Script Tattoos

13. XOXO Sunshine

14. Small Little Sunshine

15. Sunshine and Sunflowers

16. Matching Sunshine Tattoo Idea

You are my Sunshine Tattoo Ideas 

(You are my) Sunshine Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for something a little more simples, these sun tattoos are perfect for you.

17.  Simply Sunrise

18. Sunshine Outline Tattoo

Sun Ideas

19. Small Sunshine

20. Watercolor Sunshine

21. Sunrise Tattoo Idea

Sunrise Tattoos

22. Simply Sunshine Script

23. Sun Rays

You are my Sunshine Tattoo Ideas 

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Let us know in the comments your favorite you are my sunshine tattoo ideas!