Inside: 43 Pretty Peony Tattoo Ideas.

Peony flowers have become really popular in tattoo art, and it’s not hard to understand why! These blooms are just so beautiful that you can’t help but want one on your skin! If you haven’t yet decided on the flower design you want to wear as part of your body art, here are 43 pretty peony tattoo ideas you’ll love!

Peony Tattoos ideas

Peonies are one of the most popular flowers in the world because of their stunning beauty, simplicity, and versatility. Their round shape and easily discernible petals make them the perfect flower to use as inspiration for tattoos of all sizes and in many styles, from traditional Japanese to neo-traditional American and everything in between.

Pretty Peony Tattoos

Peonies are known to be floral symbols of elegance and femininity, which is why they’re often the flower of choice for mothers and bridesmaids alike. But because peonies have such romantic meaning, it’s no surprise that some people decide to get them inked on their skin in ink form.

Peony Designs For Tattoos

The Meaning of  a Peony Tattoo

The peony tattoo’s meaning is about growth, life, and beauty. It can symbolize new beginnings as well as a successful journey of some sort. A lot of people choose to get peony tattoos because they are just so pretty! As far as colors go, red is usually associated with passion and love, whereas pink represents elegance and gracefulness. Black peony flower tattoos are a symbol of grieving and loss. There’s no doubt that a peony tattoo will look amazing on your body no matter what color you choose it in!

Pretty Peony Flower Tattoos

Big and Bold Peony Tattoo Ideas

These big and bold peony tattoo ideas are some of the brightest and prettiest flower designs I have ever seen. They if you are looking for a bold statement then these are perfect for you!

1. Pretty Pop of Peony

2. Bright Bold Bicep

3. Back Shoulder Piece

4. Up the Hip Peony Tattoo

Pretty Peony Tattoos

5. Ankle Peony

6. Long Peony on Back

7. Peony & Bee

Big Tattoos

8. Large Bright Peony Tattoo

9. Outlined Thigh Piece

10. Colorful Peony Bundle

Forearm Peony Tattoo Ideas

I love the placement of a forearm tattoo. There are so many different ways to uniquely show off your pretty ink. Here are a few of our favorite peony forearm tattoo ideas!

11. Boxed in Peony

12. Soft Peony

Forearm Peony Tattoo Ideas

13. Pretty Detailed Forearm Peony

14. Peony Faith

15. Detailed Outline

16. Bundle of Peony Pretties

Peony Tattoo Ideas

17. Bright Pink Peony Tattoo

18. Soft and Pretty

19. Up the Elbow

20. Rich Colored Peony Tattoo

Forearm Tattoos

Small Peony Tattoos

Are you looking for something a little smaller but totally just as pretty? These small peony tattoo ideas a just for you!

21. Peony Progression

22. Peony Petals

23. Bouquet 

Small Peony Tattoos

24. Rib Closed Peony

25. Small Peony Up Ankle

26. Thin Stem Peony

27. Chest Outline

Peony tattoo Ideas

28. Simple Peony Swag

29. Outlined Peony Bundle

30. Dainty Peony Tattoo Idea

Tattoos for Girls

Pretty Peony – So Very Lovely

We just couldn’t get enough of these pretty peony tattoo ideas, so here are a few more of our favorites!

31. Pretty Rib Peony

32. Black Outlined Peony Tattoo

33. Cute Closed Peony

34. Peony Moon

Pretty Peony Tattoo Designs

35. Blooming Peony

36. All Red

37. Vintage Peony Tattoo

Large Flower Tattoos

38. Bundle of Vintage Flowers

39. Detailed Highlights

40. Light Ankle Tattoo

41. Modern Bicep Peony

Flower Tattoo Ideas

42. Multi-Colored Peony Tattoos

43. Big and Bold Thigh Tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

Here are a few more of our favorite tattoo ideas!

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We hope you enjoy these Pretty Peony Tattoo Ideas, let us know in the comments your favorite!

Peony Tattoo Ideas