Inside: Cutest Snapdragon tattoo ideas + meanings

I am a huge fan of floral tattoos. I think they are such an amazing way to incorporate nature into your ink while also honoring your divine feminity with a soft, powerfulness that is unmatched by other tattoos.

Because of this, I have many flower tattoos. I plan on getting more, my next being a Snapdragon. Snapdragons are such unique and beautiful flowers that I have always connected deeply. I thought today; we could focus on the meaning behind its delicate peddles as well as go over some awesome tattoo ideas and designs.

Snapdragon Tattoo Ideas + Meaning

If this intrigues you, then keep on reading; I have some great information down below. Plus, the tattoo ideas I have included are astounding. I made sure to include quite the variety, so I know you will fall in love with at least one thing on this list. But before that, let’s go over some important basics.

Floral Tattoo Cost

I absolutely love flower tattoos, so I have quite a few of them. I can safely say from experience that the amount of a snapdragon tattoo will vary based on several different factors, such as size, color, and design. Plus, different artists have different rates.

Typically, a tattoo artist will charge you based on hourly work. So the best way to estimate how much your tattoo will cost is to sit down with your artist and fine-tune your design. Then they will be able to give you a ballpark amount that you can expect to pay. Remember that it is also customary to tip your tattoo artist, so save a little extra for that.

Similar to a restaurant, it is generally agreed that a good baseline for a tattoo tip is about 20%. Tattoo artists have to rent out their spot at their shop(at least most do when they don’t own their own place).

So they have to give a portion of their money to the owner.

The extra money from a tip is greatly appreciated and can help you to foster a good relationship with them for the years to come.

Does a Snapdragon Tattoo Hurt?

As someone who has many tattoos in many different places, I have to be blunt with you: Yes…your tattoo will hurt. That is simply the nature of tattoos. But I promise you that it isn’t as terrible as it sounds. In fact, many people find this pain to be therapeutic.

There is a science to back up this idea. According to Dr Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, a lecturer in Women’s Studies at Kings University College, “Getting tattoos has supported her journey with PTSD, depression, and auto-immune disease.” She goes on to say, “In particular, tattooing has offered a positive transition from unhealthy coping mechanisms such as self-harm.”

If you find yourself still worried, you can just avoid some of the more painful areas on your body. These places are anywhere that your bone is closer to the surface(I.e., your ribs, spine, hands). There are more nerve endings in places like this, so it is better to avoid them. Instead, opt for somewhere with some more meat(like your thigh or your forearm.

Snapdragon Tattoo

Snapdragon Tattoo Meaning

The snapdragon flower is known to be able to grow in even the hardest of conditions. They can live in the rockiest terrains and thus are seen as a symbol of strength and defying the odds. If you are someone who doesn’t give up easily and has been through some hard situations and came out the other side, then you might enjoy this tattoo.

Another symbol they are correlated with is deviousness. According to an article that is dedicated to this beautiful flower, “Another meaning of the Antirrhinum snapdragon flower is symbolized deviousness or crookedness.

It shows a charm against falsehood when someone is having a bout of bad luck.” Does this resonate with you?

Cute Snapdragon Tattoo Ideas

I didn’t start getting flower tattoos until my 20th birthday, and once I started, I asked myself, “what the heck was I waiting for?” I haven’t looked back since. They make you feel so beautiful, so feminine. You really can’t go wrong. So take a look at these snapdragon tattoo ideas with a sense of sureness and confidence in the fact that you will love it because you absolutely will.

1. Colorful Snapdragon Pun

2. Yellow Snapdragons Design

3. Eye Ball Snapdragon with Creepy Cuteness

4. Cute Dragon-Shaped Snapdragon

5. Red Sternum Snapdragon

6. Adorable Orange and Pink Flowers

7. Watercolor Snapdragons with Blue Background

8. Red Snapdragons with Cool Details

9. Pink Flowers with Deep Green

10. Elephant with Snapdragons

11. Cute Abstract Bold Tattoo

Black and White flower vine

Black and White Snapdragons

Some people prefer their tattoos to be absent of color and instead lean heavily on black and white to convey the art of the piece. I understand this, seeing as black and white ages better than color. Plus, it goes with more outfits. Take a look at the list below if you fall into this category. Some great options vary in style from traditional to dainty.

12. Skull Snapdragon Ink

13. Black and White “A Thousand Years Between.”

14. Hand Holding Snapdragon

15. Simple Single Snapdragon Tattoo

16. Skull Flowers with Great Linework

17. Black and White Sternum Piece

18. Simple Large Snapdragon

19. Black and White Flowers with White Accents

20. Sweet Realistic Black and White Snapdragon

21. Single Stem of Snapdragon

22. Black and White with Wilty Look

Shoulder snap flower tattoo

Realistic Snapdragon Ideas

To finish up our lists, I wanted to add a section for realistic snapdragon tattoo ideas. I love the look of realistic flowers in tattoo form because it feels like you are getting as close to their raw state as you can. My brain equates this with a more powerful message. Plus, I just love the idea of a realistic photo on my skin. Check these out.

23. Cute Arm Tattoo

24. Snapdragon Bouquet

25. Cute Black and White Flower

26. Yellow Snapdragons with Vibrant Color

27. Little Snapdragons on Shoulder

28. Leg Sleeve in Orange and Bright Green

29.  Cute Skull Flower with Dainty Lines

30. Orange Flowers with Pink Lines

31. Simple Linework with Branches

32. Quarter Sleeve of Snapdragon

33. Skull Growing Snapdragons

After looking through all of these ideas, I am eager to set up my consultation with my tattoo artist. Do you know that powerful feeling you get when you decide on a tattoo? The one that makes you wish you could march down to the shop right away to get the artwork done? Yeah…that is where my head is at. But good things come to those who wait.

I hope you loved this article and these tattoo ideas even more. It’s so cool that such a pretty flower can have a deeper meaning that just stands to enhance its beauty.

If floral tattoos are your thing, you may want to check out some of our other flower tattoo ideas. We have many. The good news is that you have tons of canvas to use over your lifetime, so you don’t have to pick just one.

So take a look through some of the other ideas we have here and decide which ones you might like to add to your collection!