Inside: Smoke tattoo filler ideas that will liven up your tattoo.

We have all been there: You are working on your sleeve, and you start to notice that there are little gaps between your different tattoos. You want your sleeve to be solid but aren’t sure what to do.

Cue smoke tattoo filler!

Smoke tattoo fillers are essentially a way to make up for that empty space that will make your whole arm feel matching and fluid. You can achieve this by adding smoke in between those gaps along the way. When you do this, your end result will be a sleeve that feels put together and thought out.

If you are interested in this, then keep on reading. I have gathered some of the coolest smoke tattoo filler ideas for you to look through.

These should help you figure out what kind of style you like and which will fit your tattoo scheme.

Smoke Tattoo Filler Ideas

But before we jump into that, let’s go over a few things that you have to know before getting a tattoo.

Does Smoke Tattoo Filler Hurt?

I am guessing this is a question you may already have the answer to, but just in case some of my readers are new to the tattooing world and are just doing some research before their first, I thought I would answer it.

Yes, a smoke tattoo filler is going to hurt. Every tattoo hurts; it’s kind of their thing. The pain is very tolerable and will be over sooner than you think.

If you are really worried about it, you can always opt to get your tattoo in one of the least painful places, such as your forearm or thigh.

These places have more muscle and fat content that protect your nerves from feeling pain.

You can also order some numbing cream to apply before your session or some numbing spray. Many tattoo parlors will have these both on hand. Just ask!

How much will a smoke tattoo cost?

The price for this tattoo will vary based on how big you get it, and how detailed. Tattoo artists typically charge by the hour so however long it takes them to do your art will decide how much you pay.

Book a consultation with your tattoo artist beforehand so you can get on the same page about a price. Tattoos can be spendy, but they are so worth every penny in the end.

Background Tattoo Fillers Smoke

For this first list, I wanted to give you some foundational ideas for background smoke tattoos. Keep in mind that you can use these ideas and fit them to your needs. So if you already have a tattoo that has some background space that needs filling, then you can find one of the styles down below to help fill it. Check them out!

1. Smoke Lion Tattoo

2. Bird Tattoo with Smoke

3. Smoke Going Through Hand

4. Smoke Behind Quote

5. Creepy Smoke Skulls

6. Candle Smoke

7. Candle with Eye

8. Clock Sleeve with Smoke

9. Crazy Candle Tattoo

10. Spirit Animal

11.  Griffin Tattoo with Smoke

12. Dragon Tattoo with Swirling Smoke

13. Smoke Leading to Eyeball

14. Smoking Wolf

15. Smoke Leaving Lips

16. Face Profile with Smoke Filler

Negative Space Tattoo Ideas

Negative Space Tattoo Filler Smoke

Negative space tattoos are a type of tattoo that uses the negative space not being drawn on to create the image. You can see this in the first example. This is a beautiful style of tattooing that is perfect for those of you who likes things to be bit bolder. There are so many awesome options down below, so take a look and see what you like.

17. Dark and Bold Tattoo

18. Yin and Yang Made of Smoke

19. Cool Smoke Tattoo

20. Candle Smoke Tattoo

21. Swirling Smoke

22. Smoke Around Rose

23. Stomach and Sternum Tattoo

24. Smoke Arm Sleeve

25. Burning Match Tattoo

26. Rose Made Out of Smoke

27. Dot Work Smoke

28. Smoke Hand Tattoo

29. Smoke Wrist Wrap

30. Simple Smoke Tattoo

31. Vintage Record Player Smoke

Smoke Ink Designs

This list is full of some really unique and awesome smoke tattoos. There are so many different styles and themes through out this that you are bound to find something that you like. Keep in mind that you can use any style for the background filler in your own tattoo.

Sometimes it’s just about finding the right touch.

32. Smoke Tattoo on Arm

33. Face in Smoke

34. Smoke Tattoo Around Back

35. Smoke Flower

36. Hand in Smoke with Cute Nails

37. Witchy Smoke Tattoo

38. Fall Leaf with Half Smoke

39. Smoke Mandala

40. Smooth Arm Tattoo

41. Ghost with Smoke

42. Minimalistic Smoke Tattoos

43. Smoke Wave in Black and White

44. Abstract Smoke with Sun

45. Smoke with Flower

Lion tattoo with smoke filler

Cool Smoke Ink Ideas

Though that title may sound a little redundant because ALL smoke tattoo ideas are cool, these will blow your mind. As you will see, these artists use smoke to add texture and brilliance to already awesome artwork. Take a look at these and consider what kind of tattoo you would think smoke would make a good addition to.

46. Cute Rabbit Piece

47. Smokey Snake

48. New School Photo Tattoo

49. Smoke Photograph

50. Yin and Yang Tattoo with Smoke

51. Witchy Vibes

52. Match Smoke with Skull

53. Anime Smoke Tattoo

54. Black and White Whale Tattoo

55. Abstract Smoke Around Person

56. Skull Dancing In the Smoke

57. Hands with Smoke

58. Sweet Potion with Smoke

59. Fish with a Trail of Smoke

60. Rainbow Smoke with Geometric Shape

61. Beautiful Person Smoking

62. Cute Cat in a Puff of Smoke

63. Bird Flying Through Smoke

Lovely Smoke Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Lovely Smoke Tattoos

And lastly we have a list of lovely smoke tattoos. This is basically an entire list of honorable mentions that I just couldn’t leave out of this article. Smoke seems like such a hard thing to tattoo. You have to have a smooth steady hand, and lots of experience. So make sure you are going to someone who has experience in this theme!

64. Black and White Tulip

65. Flowing Freely Smoke

66. Intense Birds with Smoke

67. Smoke Screen Sleeve

68. Abstract Skull and Smoke

69. Smoke From a Gun

70. Koi Fish

71. Smoke Sleeve

72. Smoke Throat Tattoo

73. Anime Smoke Clouds

74. Black Smoke Forearm Tattoo

75. Red Smoke Tattoo

76. Line Tattoo

77. Delicate Sun with Smoke In Front

And there you have it, over 75 of the coolest smoke tattoo filler ideas that will help to turn your tattoo gaps from boring to beautiful. I hope you loved learning about smoke tattoo fillers and that you found some inspiration for your own.

Creating a sleeve can be hard. Depending on your goal for it, seeing gaps along the way can be very discouraging. You wan’t your tattoo to feel put together and thought out, but you also want to get it over time and not all at once. This is why smoke tattoo filler is such a great idea.

You end up a sleeve that feels put together and whole. Who doesn’t want that. Remember that proper aftercare when getting a tattoo is the most important part of the process.

You want to make sure that your tattoo is happy and healthy while it is healing so that it turns out the way that you want it to. We have so many tips on this subject.