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Believe it or not, at age 8 I would listen to the one and only Run D.M.C on cassette over and over and over and over again. Yes I know, seems odd but it was my jam, and to be honest, I still listen to Run D.M.C just now on Spotify!

But there is nothing like an old-fashioned cassette tape.

It’s a pity that most kids these days will never understand the struggle of rewinding your favorite cassette or dealing with the tragedy that is an unwound and strung-out tape.

Honor your love of the ’80s with these classics, fun, and nostalgic cassette tape tattoo ideas.

Classic Cassette Tape Designs

Cassette Tape Tattoos

These strange objects of the past represent a singular connection to music and the emotions that resonant with it. It is said that those who sport tattoos of these vintage symbols of the heart of the music are rare and experienced in what music has to offer.

Interestingly enough, most cassette tape tattoos are depicted with the tape pulled from the casing, which would suggest a duality of beauty and brokenness.

It may seem like a strange choice to some, but a cassette tape tattoo can be quite beautiful, and it represents a connection to music that most people would envy. Whether you choose to add any creative details or not, one of these tattoos will certainly reflect your musical prowess.

Check out our favorite classic cassette tape tattoo ideas!

What Does a Cassette Tape Tattoo Mean?

A cassette tattoo has many meanings, but the main one is a person’s love for music. Most often, a person who has such a tattoo is of direct relevance to the music industry, most likely he is a musician themselves.

Tattoos with a similar meaning:

  • Music player or tape recorder
  • Music disc
  • Microphone
  • Headphones

In order to make a tattoo even more meaningful, a cassette tattoo is often complemented with memorable dates, names of famous musicians, names of favorite songs, quotations of musicians, or just lines from a song.

The “wheels” on the tape cassette represent the circle of life, which have many inspiring moments.

The cassette and tape recorder are closely related to each other, they have almost the same meaning. They represent the love of music, harmony, confidence. They show that there are no outer limits in life.

Cassette Tape Tattoo Ideas

These fun, retro, colorful, and unique cassette tape designs are a fun way to play on that ’80s or early ’90s vibe. If you’re looking for something bold, fun, and unique then you will love these ideas.

1. Colorful and Glittery Cassette Tape Design

2. Old School Mix Tape Tattoo

3. Sketched Cassette Tape Art

4. Clean and Simple Cassette Tape Outline Idea

5. Strung Out Retro Tape Tatoo

6. Colorful Old School Music Tattoo Design

Music Tattoos

7. Watercolored Inspired Tape Tattoo 

8. Colorful Geometric Cassette Tape Design

9. Fun Cassette Tape Design with Flowers

10. Cartoon Like Cassette Tape Outline

11. 90’s Hits Cassette Tape Inspired Tattoo Art

12. Retro Pink Cassette Tape Idea

Music Tape Tattoo Designs

Was there anything better than a personalized mixtape made by your boyfriend, girlfriend, or BFF? No way! These cassette tape tattoos are perfect to play off those classic mixtapes and honor your love of music.

13. Realistic Mix Tape Tattoo Art

14. My Life is Music Tattoo

15. Unique Music Tape Tattoo Design

16. Black and White Cassette Tape with Flowers

17. Cool Music Tape Realistic Design

18. “Awesome Mix Vol. 1”

Music Tape Tattoo Designs

19. Black and White Mix Tape Tattoo

20. Cassette Tape with Headphones

21. Small Music Tape Ankle Tattoo

22. 3D Realistic Music Tape Art

23. Red and Blue Cassette Tape Tattoo Design

24. Black and White Music Tape Idea

Traditional Cassette Tape Tattoos

Looking for traditional, realistic, or full detailed cassette art? These traditional style designs are a great way to pay respect to the music that raised us.

25. Temporary Classic Tape Tattoo

26. Small Cassette Tape Tattoo Idea

27. Detailed Cassettet Music Tatoo 

28. Dark Shaded Strung Out Cassette Tape

29. Cassette Tape Tattoo Flash

Traditional Cassette Tape Tattoos

30. Extra Realistic Mix Tape Tattoo Design

31. Super Small Music Tape Tattoo Idea

32. Mixtape Tattoo with White Highlights

33. Detailed Outline of Cassette Tape Tattoo Art

34. Traditional Style Tattoo of Cassette Tape

35. Colorful 1980s Tattoos of Cassette Tapes

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these classic cassette tape tattoo ideas then check out a few more of our favorite designs and ideas.

  • Microphone Tattoo Ideas – Since you’re a lover of great music, then chances are you love singing to those tunes. Maybe you’re a signer, artist, or just a fan of a good beat, these microphone tattoo ideas are great ideas for any music lover out there. There are all kinds of microphone tattoos to consider. The technology has been around for a long time, so you have decades worth of models to rifle through.
  • Flirty Lip Tattoos – What’s more rock and roll than a classic kissy lip tattoo? These tattoos will often be found on the neck, the shoulder, or the arm, but it is a tattoo design that can be placed anywhere on the body. These designs are everything flirty, fun, and fierce, if that sounds like something that you like then check out these cool designs.
  • Meaningful Tattoo Quotes – Tattoo quotes are some of our favorite ideas. Words can hold such valuable meaning and chances are if you are a music lover then you have song lyrics that hit your soul. Check out these meaning quote ideas and be inspired for your next ink session.

Keep It Clean

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Cassette Tape Tattoo

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